An Unusual Night

The other night, I came out of my car feeling a sense of joy. I had returned from somewhere that brought peace and comfort to my soul. I was content with the fact that I was standing outside in the dark alone. I reached for my jacket cause it was really cold and suddenly I was blinded, temporarily by a strong source of light.

I glanced around my surroundings and not a single creature presented itself in the open. Than and there, my eyes were drawn once again to the source of light. I was amazed at the masculinity of this particular creation that I had, indeed seen before, but hardly did I ever grant it my time, let alone my attention.

I froze my sight at its beautiful figure like a man overtaken by the beauty of a foreign woman. As the minutes passed, my eyes grew wider and I bravely fought off the natural sense to blink. I’ve seen beautiful women in my life time and I bought material that carries a sense of satisfaction but I had never in the past felt so ashamed for overlooking a creation of Allah (God) that was full of beauty like I felt at that particular moment.

I stood there with my eyes fixed to the object of attention. I stood there until my body, that had been overworked throughout the day, rebelled against me. I tried to negotiate with my body a contract that would allow me to stand there longer but it refused to compromise. At that particular time, my body requested, more like, demanded that we return to our bed and hit the sheets. So I cleverly started to offer it proposals using deceptive words, hoping it would spark some interest to accept my offer but it reacted to such proposals in an ignorant fashion. I, than closed the doors of communication altogether. It continued to demand it’s request but I ignored it.
How can I not ignore it since I had found my new source of enlightenment. So I sat on my car and opened my mind to thoughts that would flow its way to my heart.

Amazingly, I was overtaken by thoughts of the people who lived before me. Those who walked the earth as we do and I couldn’t but help to ask myself, what was the outcome of such people? Where are they today? Are we an arrogant civilization that places too much value in our current situation or do we think that a super-power such as the United States will send F-16 to defend us against time. Rather, no nation will remain longer than it’s ordained period of time.

As you can tell, reality was hitting me from all directions. But I decided to not close myself off from such thoughts so I sat there and entertained them until the light of the sun appeared to me in the distance.


2 Responses

  1. Enetertaining reality may become very depressing at times and thats why as muslims we live to hope, to fear, and to love. I guess thats our fuel to proceed through this prision called ‘life’

    awesome post!

  2. Faith, welcome to the blog

    You are correct. Life is a prision but inshAllah one day we shall be set free.

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