Entering a New Stage:

It’s from the blessing of Allah that I’ve found my way to compile some of my words and create this blog. 

It is from my habitual practice whenever I embark upon a new path; I look within myself and state a clear intention as to why I wish to enter that particular stage. Needless to say, blogging won’t take me away from my practice and so with the permission of Allah, I make my intentions pure for Him, wishing to please Him alone. 

I was awaken from my sleep earlier today, while the sun was still down, overtaken by a state of reflection. I laid in the comfort of my bed with my heart beat accelerating, pondering over the rights of time. Living in a society that promotes the “take it to go” fast moving lifestyle, has tried to deceive me from understanding the difference between, preserving time through drive thru machines and barakah. 

I laid there in the silence of my room, reminiscing over the text I read from the early Islamic scholars and the barakah of their particular time. I started the compare their barakah to our situation and my body grew with frustration. It seems like the hours of the day are moving at an all-time speed, unknown before to any civilization of history. We’re trapped between “going with the flow” or enjoying the moment and taking the gift of time for granted. 

Have you ever taken a walk in the darkness of a summer night, when the stars openly present themselves and the moon stands strong, seeking the attention of all? I have many times. 

After years of such useful walks, I’ve realized that time is not on our side. Like the generations of the past, as we live today, we shall be overtaken tomorrow. Shamefully many have the mentality that “we only have one life to live, so enjoy it” but they’ll come to realize that the sky that stands strong without pillars and the transition of the night and day and all that is placed in the earth, has not been created for mere play. 

So I continued to lay there in my bed, until I had the courage to get up and face the reality of our situation as a nation. Hours later, I found myself on the computer, surfing the web until I fell on the blog page of a sister and her words encouraged me to start my own.

I will always visit her blog and comment on her posts as a reminder to myself that she was my source of motivation. Any positive reminders that come from the knowledge Allah has granted me, which in result, cause myself or others to implement and earn His good pleasure, she will share with me in the reward.

Perhaps I will never meet the sister but the fruits of her words that encouraged my soul to strive and accomplish good, she will indeed find the reward of her efforts with her Lord.

May Allah have mercy on her     


3 Responses

  1. Bismillah.

    Seems like the begining of a good blog. Look forward to more posts inshaAllah.

  2. It must be a chain effect or something, because I just started a new blog yesterday! I’ve been meaning to start one up for awhile now, but I figured it’s a new year, might as well start one now. Of course, reading yours has helped as well 😉

    Jazakallah khair akh, I’ll definitely be visiting your blog often!

    (btw, I’m the same Safia that’s made a few comments already… they wouldn’t let me use my own name as a username lol)

  3. SubhanAllah, the effect my words have had on you I’m sure are less than the effect your words have had on many others – may Allah have mercy on you as well. It is a blessing that I would be able to share in this reward, through no merit of my own though – for it was your soul that was able to be affected by words that others would perhaps just glance at with cursory thought.

    May Allah subhanaHu wata’ala use you as a tool towards the victory of our Ummah and please you in this life and the next.

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