A Free Life:

Have you ever asked yourself, how would you live your life if Allah promised that He wouldn’t hold us accountable for our action in the life to come?

Or have you taken a step back and observed the society of the West and how their lifestyle is a life of (so called) freedom?

They live their lives without any promise from Allah that He wouldn’t punish them for their actions, yet they would transgress and engage in the most evil of acts, surely they’re a people that don’t understand. 

So take a trip with me for a moment and imagine a life of no accountability.

 If such a life did exist, mankind would be in trouble from the first day it took affect. The number of homicides would increase dramatically, women would be abused and every man would be for himself. The institution of family would be destroyed due to greed, children would be neglected as his father and mother attend to their different needs. Knowledge would decrease and education would become something of the past. Business would be corrupt, hypocrites would no longer exist due to the fact that their hearts wouldnt possess any belief system to protest against. Life would be worthless. The good people and the bad people would be the same. 

 But than again, lets not associate a “free world” with such negative views. Instead, lets be optimistic.

How would life really be? Think about it. Allah wouldn’t hold you accountable so what would you do?

Well for many, they would be with their lover or should I say, lovers and involve themselves in interest until they became rich. Fine, lets say you lived a life of freedom, no accountability, with an unbelievable amount of wealth. Would you be pleased?

As for me, I wouldn’t want to take one breath in such a world. I wouldn’t be pleased if I was given everything in this world, mean time, surrounded by evil. All praises and thanks be to Allah who has saved us from such a world and evil lifestyle. Allah, He who created the heavens and earth and everything in between and all that is under the soil.

With His wisdom and knowledge, He has placed restrictions and boundaries in this life. He who is able to control his desires and show obedience to the Creator, will have a life of true freedom in Junnah.

The difference between a life of freedom with no accountability in this world and a life of freedom in Paradise is true satisfaction. Mankind has been created to never become satisfied. If Allah grants wealth to mankind, they want more. If a man marries the most beautiful woman known to the pages of history, after several years he wouldn’t treat her like the princess she is. With time, everything parishes. Beauty transforms into wrinkles and the strong body that defended the soldier from his enemies becomes weak. If Allah was to grant mankind everything known to be good, time would come and snatch it away.

Whereas the life of Paradise is full of satisfaction. Allah who created mankind, has promised to grant their souls satisfaction. Time that has been created by Allah, would be destroyed and life would become eternal. The glitters of Junnah would never parish and beauty would forever remain.

 That is true success. That is a life of freedom.


One Response

  1. Assalamualaikum Ameen Akhee.

    Mashallah what an inspiring n thought provoking post.

    Indeed this tiny world has everything for man’s need but nothing for man’s greed.

    The value of this whole wide world is not even equal to that of the left wing of mosqito in Allah’s sight.

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