How I Came to Know Poetic Justice


     For a period of many months, I would leave my house in the darkness of the night with the intention to reflect and contemplate over the creation. I would depart into the night until I reached a quiet sector of a park within my neighborhood and find a seat while allowing my thoughts to flow in order to hold myself accountable for my daily actions. Among my goals for such a journey into the night was to re-evaluate my status in the sight of Allah and to establish some realistic goals, both short and long term.

     Such trips to the park started as an exercise for the body and soul, but quickly after, became a habitual practise. It’s during these walks at night, while looking into the moon and the sky that stands solid without pillars that I would reach for my pen and connect it to the paper. Such a connection created Poetic Justice.

     I could remember the days when I was nine years old and I started to develop a passion to write poetry but shyfully I concealed such a gift from those around me, not desiring them to know of it. Years later I could reflect over my foolishness and the injustice of a gift that I had received from Allah, the Majestic and Most High.

     A few months back, I was over taken by a great feeling that overpowered me like a strong army. I was in my sitting position, in a state of reflection, ignoring the feeling that was ever so fresh to my soul. Until words of poetry became visible to me such as the shine that reflects from the sun. It is through these poetic words and the mercy of Allah that allow my soul to release tensions caused through strong feelings and earn my freedom from painful emotions (Yes, I am a man and I do have emotions). So I searched through my pockets, looking desperately for a pen. To my surprise, I didn’t have one. But the words of poetry and the means to earn my relief were so visible and accessible, I found myself in awkward situation. Poetry was my medicine to release myself from unwanted feelings, so I couldn’t allow the moment to escape me.

     I quickly sat there and reviewed my options at that particular moment. Ignoring such words was not an option, therefore I had no choice but to sit there until I had completed another page in my Poetic Justice.

     Once I had completed my poetry, I memorized it until I could make my entrance into the safe sanctity of my home. Upon my entrance, I revealed the words I had discovered on my journey to the blank piece of paper that awaited my arrival.

     These are the words I had compiled during that chilly night.

Reminiscing on the feeling
The feeling of joy mixed with misery
Confusion with an ounce of delusion
I was overtaken by the feeling spoken by many before me

I was a victim to endless thoughts,
Like an inmate,
I was forced to meditate on the feeling that overpowered me like a great army

I was a solider with a strong sword but with no shield
Going up against an army that was full of men who were ready to fight until the end
But my sword could only defend me from so many
And without a shield, how could I survive and so I was overtaken by the feeling

I was down and out
Like a boxer in the third round of a heavy weight fight
So now I reach for the pen and I write

I’m a natural born solider,
Created to never say, “I don’t care”
Unless I’m standing in front of the enemy and yet I was conquered by the feeling

The feeling that has left me with one everlasting memory
The memory of the days of joy
But now those days have passed and finally I’m free from the disease that entrapped me

Entrapped me within my own body,
Within my own mind
In particular,
Within thoughts that this feeling would last forever
However that was foolish

Foolish of me to think the feeling could last forever
Knowing the existence of the creation would come to an end
So I sat down with my soul and we made amends in addition to a treaty

The treaty stated my principles to exist
The treaty stated we will never be conquered
We will never appear weak nor will we fail
Therefore we will never taste defeat
With the condition that we believe

Belief in the unseen
Belief in the lord of all the Worlds
Belief in the decree


9 Responses

  1. You’ve a beautiful blog! mashallah, i loved reading all of your posts. Keep it up.

  2. Assalam Ya Fatima.

    If you liked those posts than inshAllah I intend to write more on sensitive issues.

    Today inshAllah, I will write one called, “Marriage: A fear or a Delusion”

    Check it out when I post it later

  3. Amazing! keep it up

  4. I couldnt help but to reread this poem, i feel that it has some depth to it.
    Many conflicts and contradictions arise in it which makes it captivating. You can tell you were in heat of the moment when you wrote it.

    It’s not like one of those poems where you sit and think of the words but rather its that poem which consists of words just flowing from your heart.

    It keeps you pondering over what this overwhelming feeling can be?

    Overall, very touching….

  5. You still dont know what “feeling” Im describing?

    I can tell you if you want.

    But than again, revealing such a secret would be a crime in the Valley of Poets.

  6. any hints? fear, hope, love…etc?

  7. er… the feeling as in your passion to write?

  8. But then…. if it’s our passion to write then what about the treaty? hummm
    -great poem to analyze.

  9. Unknown, let the poem speak for itself, it’s the beauty of it 🙂

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