My Letter to The Angel of Death:

Another night, another nightmare. I stood there facing my fear in a dimension unknown. I am not afraid of death, but I worry that I wont fully develop into my potential of becoming one of the greatest slaves to worship Allah. That is my goal, to worship Him in times of prosperity and in times of adversity. I really don’t care too much about the gold and treasures of this world, I’d rather arm myself with the weapons I can use to defend myself against the angel of death. From day to day, he scopes over me and checks for my name on his list but in the days of the past, he would return to his original place of departure without seizing my soul.

But surely the day awaits when he shall find my name on his list and I worry about such a moment. Will I be prepared enough to meet my Lord or will I be among those  left without a helper, doomed for destruction?

I refuse to fail. I will never give up. Therefore how can a man who strives with consistency experience failure? It’s within my practise that every time I fall, I quickly get up and regroup. I am a man on the road to success and along this path, I seek Allah’s help.

Such thoughts about the angel of death and my situation has allowed me to compile some words of poetry.

Another page from my Poetic Justice.

When we meet, let’s meet in a good location
In the open fields that have been soaked with tears.
The tears of those who were left behind
As the souls of the mujahadeen departed to the sky

And if you speak to me, than greet me with peace
And rush me to my lord who awaits my arrival
I hope to meet Him while He is pleased with me

O’Messenger who took the souls of my forefathers,
Know I am among the men who love to meet you
A love that has been created through pure aqeedah and tawheed
While I have known of men who struggle within to remove you from their minds
And if they win the fight within,
Will they then be spared death?

 Little do they reflect over the appointment you have with them

When the time comes that you shall request my soul to come forth
You shall find it to listen and be among the obedient
And If I remain truthful to my covenant,
Than remove my soul gently, with ease
And if I fall short due to my limitless sins,
Ya’Allah save me, for You alone is my Wali


4 Responses

  1. Mashallah, You are talented. May Allah bless your talent. Keep’em coming!

  2. Ameen to your dou’aa.

    And inshAllah I’ll try my best to keep them coming..

  3. Assalamualaikum Akhee Ameen.

    Allahhuakber this poem has made me cry within my mind,heart,soul….without tears.

    I hope Allah azza wajal has read your letter to the angel of death hazrath israeal alyis-salam.

    I hope Allah has accepted his servants letter and will fullfil his request Inshallah.

    Aah! Death surrounds adam offspring’s neck just like a necklace surrounds the woman’s neck.

  4. Ya’Hamid, my necklace is ever so tightening on my neck, make dou’aa for your brother in Islam.

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