Courage: Something of the Past

Glad tidings be to the believers who stand firm during the hardships of the life of this world.

Glad tidings be to the men who defend life with dignity and don’t lend an ear to the blame of the blamers.

Would it be fair for me to ask, what happened to courage? Has it become something of the past? Has it disappeared into the pages of history?

Don’t we contemplate over the events of people of the past, in particular, Musa’s encounter with Bani Israel?

Remember when the Children of Israel, along with Musa, stood outside the gates of the holy land and Musa encouraged his people to fight with a promise of victory from Allah.

Allah, the Majestic and Most High, mentions the conversation between the two parties.

Allah reveals Musa’s command to his people when he said, “O my people! enter the holy land which Allah has prescribed for you and turn not on your backs for then you will turn back losers”

Keep in mind that Bani Israel requested from Musa that he invoke his Lord and seek permission to fight but when the order came down from Allah, how did they respond to Musa’s command?

Allah says, “They said: O Musa! surely there is a strong race in it, and we will on no account enter it until they go out from it, so if they go out from it, then surely we will enter”

SubhanAllah. Look at their response. They requested permission to fight. It was not only granted to them but it became a command from Allah, but their lack of courage distroyed that nation.

Not only did they refuse to fight, they said to Musa, “O Musa! we shall never enter it so long as they are in it; go therefore you and your Lord, then fight you both while we sit here (and watch)”

May Allah have mercy on Musa for indeed the Children of Israel caused him much pain. With such foolish responses from his people, Musa raised his hands towards the heaven and made a supplication against them. Musa said, “”O my Lord! I have power only over myself and my brother: so separate us from this rebellious people!”

Allah answered the dou’aa of Musa and as a punishment, Bani Israel wonder blindly in the land for 40 years. During this span, Huran (as) passed away. Musa granted permission to the angel of death to take his soul and therefore died outside the holy land without ever getting a chance to enter it with his people. Not to mention, that generation of people who refused to fight had become conquered by death and a new generation took their place.

Allah stands in no need of mankind and due to their lack of courage, they became replaced. A new generation took their place that were stronger, more obedient and possed courage.

As the scholar stated, “every event from last night will repeat itself tomorrow”. History but works in a circle.

Similarly, many men from my time, make supplications that seek their death to come while they’re in a state of sleep. They are cowards exposed through lack of silence. Surely death shall visit each and everyone of us, whether we reside in the East or in the West. While in the darkness of the night or in the open fields covered by the day light. None of us can escape such an event so why then would any seek to find death in their sleep except for the cowards. It would be more suitable for a believer in Allah to seek death while embarking upon the path of the great men of history.

Men like, AbduAllah Ibn Az-Zubair, Az-Zubair Ibn Awaam, Sa’d Ibn Mu’aadh, Mus’ab Ibn Umair, Khalid Ibn Waleed, Jabiir Ibn Abdullah, Khaalid Ibn Sa’iid, Urwah Ibn Amr, Abdullah ibn Jahash and the list can continue for pages. All of these men were firm believers of Allah and processed courage nor did they seek to find death in their sleep.

I am a follower of these men. I embark upon the same path and seek the same reward. Death has been prescribed at an appointed term, therefore courage doesn’t decreases life nor can cowardice extend it.

I’ve dedicated a page from my Poetic Justice on this subject.

It’s apparent,I’m surrounded from every corner by cowards
Who love the glitter of this world they hide behind walls of emotion
Who accept the deceptions of Western media and take upon false notion
While our people fight to survive another day
Our women getting rapped and married off to the occupiers of our Fore Father’s land

While we live with satisfaction
Despite the fact, our brothers and sisters getting killed
Our hearts feel no pain
While on the other side,
Mothers grieve over the bodies of their innocent dead children

Its time I stand and fulfill the covenant I took
The covenant of Tawheed and standing to defend dignity

While you sleep with peace
My heart can’t recall the last moment it fell asleep with such ease
I’m over-taken by dreams of battlefield scenes
Some fights victory is granted,
While other times,
Patience is most befitting for those who believe

My destiny got me joining gunfights in a mountain like scenery
And my heart bleeds for peace across Somalia and the Middle East



5 Responses

  1. Masha Allah!! That was beautiful. I see you reppin Somalia, you must be somalian. I enjoy reading your blogs, keep it up.

  2. Yes, Im Somali walhamdulilah.

    Im glad you’re enjoying the Blog and inshAllah I’ll try to keep them coming.

  3. Salam Alaikoum huno, just one question:
    What about the courage of apologizing to people u have wronged??? Won’t Allah ask his slave about those actions??

  4. We shall be questioned about many things and I apologize for the wrong that Ive done.

    May Allah forgive me and you and all the believers

  5. Amiiin!

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