Lessons Through Pain

I rushed through the hallways of my house, reaching for my uniform while glancing at the clock. I was running late for work and I couldn’t afford to waste any more time. I quickly dodged my family members as I rushed to the front door, ignoring their requests for my attention. Surely, that was the beginning to what would become a painful night. 

I arrived in the entrance section of my house as I stood over my shoes. I noticed a moving motion from the corner of my eyes and my paranoia led me to look up. My gaze fell on my beautiful baby niece and I smiled with joy. I wanted to hug and kiss her but I was running late so instead I blew her a kiss, while saying “Peace out baby girl, catch you on the next turn”. I was gone. I rushed into the dark night like an Arabian fighter racing through the desert heat.

I reached the elevator and signaled for it to come. That is when my second mistake occurred. Shaitan caused me to occupy myself with my watch and therefore I forgot to seek Allah’s assistance in making it to work safely and on time.

I finally reached the ground floor of my building and again, I accelerated through the front doors, ignoring the greeting of a neighbour. Needless to say, which was another mistake.

It was a cold winter night. Throughout the day, we had been experiencing freezing rain. The conditions to walk were awful, let alone the drive to work. But at that particular moment, there was only one-thing on my mind; I got to make it to work on time. So I flew through the front doors at the speed of a wild African hawk, ignorantly ignoring the poor conditions.

I jumped over the first set of stairs reminding myself of the strength which Allah had placed into my young strong body. I was gaining confidence in my abilities to make it to my car safely which was another mistake. Until the moment of truth came. Until Allah corrected me for all those mistakes I had committed. 

See what happened was, while moving at a high speed, I reached the second set of stairs and like the first, I set myself to jump over them. As I took my last step and entered the motion to jump, I realized my footing had landed on black ice. My feet flew into the dark sky. My back straightened, I found myself in a vulnerable position. I was literally flying through the air. My feet were positioned high while my head low, I couldn’t but help to ponder over methods to lessen the pain of the impact. Flashes of memories ran through my mind. I could recall the incident with my niece, when I blew her a kiss and some how, I wished I could have just walked up to her and given her a proper goodbye while making dou’aa for her sake. Instead, I was flying through the air and I felt  myself frozen between the sky and the earth. 

But shortly after, reality introduced itself. The concept of what goes up must come down, became known to me. The impact was painful.

For the next 20-30 seconds, I could only see darkness.

After my senses returned to me, I found myself laying on my back overtaken by pain. The same body that was flourishing with strength couldn’t move. So I looked around for an individual who witnessed the collision, but the streets were empty.

I was in no shape to rush my body, so I took a few moments to regroup. I remained there looking into the sky, recalling verses from the Book of Allah, the Majestic and Most High. I was amazed at His creation, in particular, the strength coming from the Moon.

I knew that such pain was a result of some wrong that I had done. Although my head, back and just about every part of my body, was in a state of pain, I managed to recall my actions. I remember the wrong I done to my family members. I also recalled, my crime of not returning the greeting of a neighbour. But most of all, I forgot to say inshAllah.

I was in a state of pain and the lessons became known to me. How foolish would I be, if my only means to learn was through pain.

They’re people from mankind, who remember Allah only when adversity touches them. But when He removes such problems and pain from their hearts, look! these same people, walk on the earth as if nothing had happened. By Allah, I will do anything to aviod joining the ranks of such people. I seek refuge with You, my Lord.

Lessons I gained through my experience of pain. 

1)Remember Allah in times of prosperity and He will remember you in your times of adversity.

2)Offer your assistance to your brothers and sisters who are need and Allah, the Majestic and Great, will grant you His help on the Day you shall need it most.


One Response

  1. Agreed!

    Alhamdulilah that Allah swt restored your health. Alhamdulilah that he granted you the towfeeq 🙂

    I can totally relate to your situation.


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