“Sorry, I Dont Have Cash”

In order to follow along with me, I request one thing from you. I need you to release yourself from all thoughts while I bring to light and expose a tactic used by Shaitan.

I’ll give you a few seconds to free yourself from becoming trapped within thoughts. Have you succeeded in gaining your freedom yet? I hope so, therefore let us continue.

Have you ever found yourself walking on a busy street, in the midst of many people and Allah presents you with a great opportunity to earn financial security. I mean, out of no where, an older less fortunate woman presents herself to you seeking a donation. That is the ultimate opportunity to earn a good deed. Just think about it. You were minding your own business, going about your daily duties, attending to some need but Allah wished good for you.  

Through His wisdom and mercy, He selected to present to you the opportunity of freeing yourself from loving the worldly wealth and taking a step closer to His love. At that moment, such freedom is gained through sadaqah.

Perhaps you believe with certainty the words of our beloved Messenger, when he (saw) stated that charity doesn’t decrease wealth. In fact, what if Allah had installed within your character the love to give sadaqah but there was always one problem stopping you from fulfilling that goal. You’re probably thinking the problem is Shaitan right? In a way, he has his share of blame in everything wrong we do BUT pointing the finger at him will not be acceptable.

Remember the words of Allah when He, the Majestic and Most-High, says “And Shaitan will say when the matter has been decided: “Verily Allah promised you a promise of truth and I too promised you. But I betrayed you. I had no authority over you except that I called you and you responded to me. So blame me not but yourselves…”

Needless to say, Shaitan is to us an open enemy so lets abandon the mentality of blaming others for our wrong doings.

The problem doesn’t lie in shaitan but in our lack of preparation. More often than not, Allah has blessed us with the wealth to give for His sake but we become heedless in fulfilling the baby steps to accomplishing such goals.

Can you recall a moment where you wanted to give sadaqah whether at the masjid or outside but you didn’t have any cash on you? You were so willing to give and earn reward that you searched eagerly through your pockets but the only means of wealth you found were debt cards? That right there, is the result of Shaitans efforts.

Over the years we’ve developed the mentality that carrying cash is not good but with such a mentality, we’ve actually lost more than we’ve gained. All of those opportunities to give sadaqah, gone. All those potential good deeds, gone. A financial security guarantee from Allah, also gone. We, as Muslims, have been deceived. 

If only we took a path to better prepare ourselves, perhaps success would’ve become the talk of our generation. But its never too late to change for the better. We need to learn from our mistakes.

Allah states the solution to such a problem and also the punishment if we don’t change our way of life. All of this is mentioned in the blessed Quran.

Allah mentions the criteria to over coming such problems and they are, “If they had intended…”, which re-enforces the importance of making a good intention, “they would have made some preparation for it..” therefore let us become those who hear the words of Allah and obey.    

In addition to the solution, Allah also warns us about the punishment if we shall incline towards such a life style.

He, the Majestic and Great, says “He will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you by another people”

Never forget, Allah stands in no need of any of us. If you find yourself ignoring the duties of Allah, you may also find yourself on the outside looking inward. Therefore let us strive for strength, that is to say. individually and as a nation.

May Allah protect us (Aameen)


One Response

  1. Ameen.

    Jazaka Allah khare for your motivating words. I never thought of a person asking me for something as a blessing from Allah. I have a new outlook to the less fortunate than I did before. May Allah guide us to implement that which we learn for his sake and make it the light of our lives.

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