Coming Soon

Topic soon to be discussed inshAllah:

The topic below was a request from a few brothers. Although I created the title and you shall soon understand how I came to that conclusion , the post will bring to light the issue regarding “our sisters making it difficult for our brothers” to approach their families and seal the deal. Im still working as a reporter collecting all the data from the brothers who requested I bring to the table such a topic.

Warning: This topic may come off a little bias due to the fact I’m a brother and I’m on the side of the fence. But I will inshAllah try to grant the sisters a voice in their absence even though some brothers may think, they’re case to be “weak”.

“I Want To Marry You But Its

 Your Fault”




One Response

  1. Hmmm I want to marry you but its your fault!!!

    I cant wait to read this, but I already know how it will go!

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