Lady’s Man Turned Religious (In Loving Memory)

     We spent our childhood together. Our families shared a tribal bond with one another. We were from the same country, the same tribe and our blood line was twice as old as the oldest woman alive. We were homies throughout life. He was known as the son of Umar.

     This brother was created with qualities that I have yet to come across. He was handsome, smart and had an amazing ability to play with words. Sometimes his words would get him into trouble…until Allah caused him to mature. It is with his maturity that he developed positive traits. He was not the perfect man but his character consisted a little bit of every positive known.

     In high school, he was the ultimate ladies man. His looks drew the eyes of women and his words captured their hearts. They loved everything about him. The other men in the school grew angry with him as he became the center of attention. I stood on the sidelines and I laughed. My laughter grew louder as I witnessed the eyes of men grow with envy. They were enraged with hatred but their coward souls fought to conceal their shame.

     Instead he paid those cowards no attention and kept adding to their flame. He would call me to share his spotlight but I was too occupied trying to develop the perfect stoke on my jump shot. It was not only the women at school who were fond of him, but it was just about any women who crossed his path. His words were deceptive but he claimed innocence. 

     In a free world, he would of been the Man from amongst the men. But we were living in dunya and Allah was its owner. They’re rules from Allah that we knew and must be obeyed. We were young but had no excuse to disobey Him.  

     In our senior year, he attended a different school than I did but we remained close. In one of our meeting, he confessed about a dream. He told me, he was standing in an open area, fearing for his life. He looked to his right and found all that he desired to be there and near while on his left, he saw a dark, thick, smoke presenting itself in the distance. So he quickly ran to his right but a caller stopped him. He remained in his standing position, fearing that the caller would tell him to enter hell…which was translated by him to be the dark smoke. Instead, the caller informed that it wasn’t open and inshAllah one day it will be and perhaps he shall enter it. He woke up from his sleep and grew in love and fear of Allah. He repented for all those evils things he use to do and say, and vowed to never return to that lifestyle.

     He informed me of all of this in our meeting and my brotherly love for him grew stronger. We helped each other in trying to do good while holding one another accountable for any wrong doings. He called me to good and I protected him from evil. The issue of women became forgotten, although they were still seeking to seduce him.

     Once he informed me of an incident regarding a sister. She lured him into picking some items from her house and dropping them off at the masjid. When he came to pick the materials up, she trapped him. He told me, he remembered the story of Yusuff but unlike Yusuff, his soul wasn’t inclining to commit zina with this sister. She insisted and demanded that J-J (his nick name) co-operate with her but he didn’t even bother to consider her offer and started to make his way to the exit. She grabbed him and he pushed her away. That is when she struck him hard with her hands across his chest. At that moment, he didnt experience any pain from her hands and so he walked right through her and into safety (may Allah be pleased with him and may Allah forgive the sister Aameen).

     He told me the most interesting part about the story was how…hours later, he was sitting in his living room and out of no where…he started to feel some pain in his chest. He took off his shirt and saw a bruise. He made a dou’aa to Allah seeking to make the bruise as a sign of His love on the Day of Judgment (may Allah accept his dou’aa).

     In 2005, when I went to visit Djibouti, I saw him there. He told me how he made hijrah and was never intending to go back. He started working with his uncle, who owned an importing/exporting business. I was so happy to see him cause I hadnt seen him for such a long time. I remember I spent four months in Djibouti during that summer and for the whole term, I spent it with him. We did everything a tourist can do but most of all, we prayed and remembered Allah together.

     When I returned to Canada, I got occupied with my life. School, work and family was taking up too much of my time. In late 2005, my mother requested for my presence. I walked into her room and I saw her crying. I asked..and I asked…what happened? And she looked at me with bad news trapped on her tongue. I was afraid to hear the news.

     She told me, my friend, the son of Umar and some other brothers got into a car accident and they’re dead. 

     My heart dropped. My mind blank. My eyes full of tears. My soul cried for my friend. That was the worse news and it caused me so much pain. News till this day that causes me nightmares.

     I remember his last words to me. When he stood outside my house in Djibouti and wished me a happy flight. He told me that we would see each other soon inshAllah. He told me that Allah is with us even if we are far apart.

     O’ how I miss my friend. My brother.. my companion…..the man who stood to my side in salah.  


11 Responses

  1. Innalillahi Wa Inaillaihi Rajioon

    May Allah forgive his sins, accept his taubah and admit him into Jannah.

    Subhanallah, those kind of 180 turn-arounds are rare
    and when they happen to someone close to you, you tend to reflect deeply.
    May Allah reward you for your efforts

  2. That breaks my heart. But it must be comforting to know that he died in a state of Islam. It’s always difficult to lose a loved one, but the pain lessens when you hear they died with the shahadah on their lips, or you know that they had iman firmly in their heart.

    I was just thinking about it today when I turned on the news to hear that Benazir Bhutto was killed. The last thing she did was vow to fight the “Islamists” in her country, and she supported the senseless slaughters of students of knowledge at the Red Mosque. Sort of in line with the ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly conclusion’ stories we talked about at BOC.

    It just really hit me, only Allah knows when our deaths are written, and you can only pray that we die in our highest state of iman and with the shahadah on our lips. Inshallah…

  3. Inna-lillahi wa’inna ilayhi raji’un. That was sad to read, May Allah forgive him and unite you together in al-firdos.

  4. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Al-Hamdu lillah, what a moving hadith. Sounds like the fitna of my Jahiliyyah life story to this present time. Masha Allah in your creative wirtting and may Allah (s.w.t.) forgive that brother, all of us and grant him Firdaws with all of us insha’Allah.
    Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji’oon

  5. Safia, thats breaking news to me! She was killed? May Allah improve the state of those Muslims (Aameen) *turns on television and verifies the information*

    Ayah, You’re right about my reflection and it will always be apart of me. I normally dont speak about his situation fearing to bring back my raw feelings of his situation. I dont think they’re is a day that goes by that he doesn’t cross my mind. So I dedicate my Poetic Justice to him and all those believers who lost their lives in a state of Islam (may Allah forgive them and us)

    AkheeAB, welcome to the blog and Aameen to your dou’aa.

    Hidaaya, saddeness is an emotion of life. Some release themselves of that feeling through a sinful act, while others worship to come closer to Allah. Dealing with such a feeling is a test within itself…so I seek Allah’s help as I deal with mine.

  6. Ina lilah wainaa ilihi raji3oon.

    Allah swt chose a better life for him.

    InshAllah ta’ala you two are an example of those who will be shaded under His shade on the day there will be no shade. Two friends who came together for the sake of Allah and seperated in that state.

    Allahuma inna nas’aluka husna’al khatima.

    Live as you will for you must certainly die; love whom you will since you must certainly leave him.

    [Reported by Imam At-Tabarani and Al-Hakem from Sahl ibn Aa’d, hadeeth hassan]

    Just some advice for all of us to put an end to this story.

  8. It really is a blessing to have people like that in one’s life.

    May Allah have Mercy on him , grant him entry into the highest of heavens. May you be reunited in each others company in Janatul Firdawse..Ameeen.

  9. May Allah grant him Jannah Ameen! I am so grateful that Allah gave me the chance to repent. I am so thankful ya Allah that i have changed my ways. May Allah forgive us all walalo…Ameen.

  10. Inna-lillahi wa’inna ilayhi raji’un.
    Truly allah swt is wrothy of all praising and we praise him even though he needs not our praise. This account of one brother life– a brother who my eyes has never seen nor my ears ever heard the sound of his voice but truly my heart is not at rest since hearing how allah swt blesses some of his servants. How allah swt bless this brother with hidiyah then allowed him to make hijrah and die in the lands of the muslims.

    Subhnallah How merciful is Al-rahman – May allah swt elevates this brothers may janatul firdows be his final abode amiin.
    What state would we met allah in?

  11. I cannot say anything else other than ‘To Allah we belong and to him we will return’.
    Find comfort in the fact that he had changed for good before this had happened because Allah grants faith and iman to those who he loves.

    Salam alaykum, this is lie a year on. But, I had to comment.

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