The Day I Met My Wife In Junnah

My guide directed me to the location of a huge palace. I stood outside starring in amazement awaiting his announcement as to whose residence we had approached. He looked in my direction and said, “this is your place in Junnah, you shall dwell therein forever”. My jaw dropped. My eyes starring at the solid, beautiful structure of the building, I was overtaken by a state of shock. My heart almost fell from its place of creation. 

I looked around at the property and it was huge. I didn’t deserve anything I saw and I thought to myself, Allah has indeed been kind to me. I walked away from my guide searching for fruits although I wasn’t hungry. I read in so many pages while in dunya, the delicious taste of such fruits and I desired to experience that pleasure for myself. 

However, upon the moment I was granted entrance into Junnah, there was one question on my mind that I could no longer hold myself back from asking. I looked back at my guide and I said, “Where is my wife? Where is the woman Allah has wed me to?” My guide responded so quickly as if he expected me ask such a question, he said, “She’s inside awaiting your arrival. Go inside and meet her…” I grew nervous. I had never experienced such a feeling that shook my heart during my duration in dunya but now all of a sudden, I was nervous to meet the woman I would spend eternity with?

I temporarily shook off those thoughts as I made my way towards the entrance of the palace. I couldn’t help the fact that with each step I took, the feeling grew within me. I stopped to take a moment to regroup. I re-gathered my composure with a deep breath. I looked back at my guide to find support while desperately trying to conceal the nervous feeling within me.

He smiled and granted me some words of comfort. He said, “proceed forward, she’s been waiting for you…” I thought to myself, if only he knew how much I’ve been waiting for her. If only he knew how much I’ve been thinking about her, he would be shy to say such words.  

As I came closer to the gate, my attention got redirected to the bricks of gold and silver that had captured my gaze. I rushed to get a closer view. It was real gold and silver. It was so so shinny. I looked back at my guide and said, “Look, my house is bling bling”. I started to count the bricks and there was so many of them, I had to take a break. It was during my break that my guide reminded me of my wife. He said, “Haneefah is inside waiting for your arrival”. I looked at him with confusion and said, “Who is Haneefah?” He said, “She is your wife”. I thought to myself, damn…that is a beautiful name. But I looked back at him and I had to get something off my chest so I said, “do you see these bricks? This is crazy! Who can you bring the issue of a woman to my attention when my house is made of gold and silver bricks? You crazy so crazy”

I returned my attention to counting the bricks when all of a sudden, I heard some noise. I looked far to my right and I saw a beautiful woman working in the field. I rushed back to my guide and I said, “who is that? Is that Haneefah? Better yet, I’ll go meet her myself”. So I walked until I approached the beautiful young woman working in the field and I said, “Assalam alaikum”. She said, “wa alaikum assalam”. I continued the conversation and I asked, “who does this palace belong too?” I knew the answer to such a question but my desire was to talk to her so I asked her the first question that came to mind. She said, “It is yours, O’Master”. “And are you Haneefah?”, I asked. “No, my name is Safeeyaah and I am your maid”. I thought to myself, she is my maid? She is too beautiful to be a maid. If only my homeboys can see this maid of mine so I looked at her and said, “If your my servant, I set you free. Today is a great day so go and enjoy your freedom. Perhaps we shall meet, another time” She looked at me with mercy pouring from her eyes and said, “O’Master, Allah has created me to serve you. I gain pleasure from serving you. Go and meet Haneefah. She is inside”. I responded back and said, “Safeeyah, from now on, don’t call me Master. Only Allah has the right to be called a Master. Call me by the name my parents named me”. She agreed and I walked away from her.

I returned to my guide and I said, “Hey, that woman working over there is too too FINE. I know many brothers from dunya that would sell their souls to marry such a woman and she works for me? Why don’t you go over there and tell her to relax and take the day off. I’m in such a good mood, give all the workers the day off with pay, you hear me homie”. My guide smiled and before he could respond, I said to him, “I know what your going to say, I already know. Haneefah is waiting for me inside right? I’m going, I’m going, I tell you but don’t rush a brotha cause today is a big day for me.”

So I reached the entrance of the palace and I walked through the gate. I reached inside and I almost fell from the shock of the beauty coming from within the palace. I looked around and I saw more women working inside. I looked back for my guide but he was out of sight. So I said to the women working, “Assalam alaikum, today is a wonderful day. You women should go and relax for the day. Stop working, go outside and enjoy yourselves”. The women immediately stopped working and departed from the palace. It was a tactic I wanted to use since I didn’t know who Haneefah was and by giving the workers the break, I would find the only woman inside to be my wife. 

I continued my walk inside but the palace was huge. I wanted to find her but my attention got redirected to a silver drinking cup I saw. I grabbed it and took a better, closer look. It was so bright that it started to hurt my eyes. I kissed it as I proclaimed, “you are mine”. I spent so much time just looking at that cup, had I translated the time I spent to dunya time, it would probably be a few years in length. I loved my new cup and I held it tight in my hands.

 Soon afterwards, I heard some steps coming from behind me and I knew it was Haneefah. I heard her voice as she said, “Assalam alaikum my husband, I am Haneefah, your wife in Junnah”. I kept my back to her fearing the results of looking at her beauty. She continued, “I am the promise Allah has made you. I will remain with you for eternity. My beauty will never vanish and my love for you will never decrease. I desire you and only you”

I held the cup up to my eyes trying to use the reflection to get a glance at her. I saw the reflection of a beautiful woman and I thought the cup was trying to deceive me so I put the cup back in its original place. Haneefah said, “My husband, turn around and look at me.” So I reminded myself that my death in dunya came on the battlefield. I reminded myself that I was a soldier and I had no fears while in dunya. I participated in gun fights under streets lights, so where is this fear of looking at my wife coming from? I knew the feeling I was experiencing within me was new. I didn’t know how to deal with it, other than, taking it slow. But than I was like, forget this, I’m a man. Yes, I AM A MAN. So I rushed to turn around and looked at her.  Upon seeing her beauty, I fell down unconscious.    


7 Responses

  1. Aww mashAllah, very touching. Oh and let me guess, after you fell unconscious, she tried to greet you with the greetings of Jannah. Asalamu Alekum she said and it took you forty years to regain your conscious and respond back? 🙂

  2. SAY *Imam Anwar ‘ lets take a tour in Jannah* lool. your jks ameen. keep your head up insha’Allah that shall happen even better than you imagine one day.

  3. Faith, As to how I responded back to her when I gained back my consciousness, well all I can tell you is “I went all out in Junnah” and we had mad fun lol.

    Hidaaya, we both know I got the idea to write this post from Imam Anwar’s dont bait me out to everyone. It’s my version of my tour of Junnah but the real party began when I recovered from my faint lol.

    But thats probably a page in my Poetic Justice that I would conceal from the public.

  4. Salamunlaik! Ya akhee ameen….Hope everything is going due fine by the mercy n grace of our Rabb…Inshallah.

    Me too sailing the boat of life with ups n downs here n there alhumdulillahi rabbil alameen.

    I would like to correct your word ‘junnah’ to jannah-which basically means garden.

    It seems to me that u had a dream of jannah n u gave words to ur dream poetically,beautifully n creatively..Mashallah-tabarakallah.(though u have said that the idea came after Imam anwars lecture)

  5. ^^^You’re a correct and the word is Jannah.

    Thanks for correcting me and may Allah reward you.

    The idea came from Imam Anwar but I do dream about such meetings that I will have in Jannah inshAllah.

    Im counting down the days till I meet my Lord and inshAllah He, The Most Mercuiful, will grant me enterance into Jannah so I can finally meet Haneefah, my wife-to-be *wink*.

  6. This is not a dream…is it?
    Very well written

  7. ^^^It will become reality inshAllah and perhaps my wife’s name will actually be Haneefah.

    And Allah knows best

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