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The Book of Allah
January 28, 2008

I stood on the platform of the subway station awaiting for the arrival of the train. I grew frustrated because I was running late for work and I didn’t have access to my own car. The door opened and I rushed to find a seat. I wanted nothing more than to drowned myself with thoughts. Quickly upon entering the train, my gaze fell on a set of open seats and I rushed to claim it as my own.

I patiently sat in my seat while entertaining myself with magical thoughts. Some beneficial, while most led me to a dead end. Soon afterwards, a Muslimah entered the train and took the seat in front of me. Naturally, my gaze that was patrolling the train had fallen to the ground like a U.S Marine in Iraq. After some time, my neck became stiff and I raised my head to stretch the muscles and I noticed the sister was reading a book. I looked closer at the book and it probably contained 600+ pages. I was interested to know the topic of her reading but I dare not present her with such a question so I remained silent and I looked away. Moments later, shaitan triggered me to look back at the book and I focused my gaze on the cover page, where I noticed she was reading a science fiction book. I became confused. My facial gesture momentarily changed and new thoughts presented themselves to me. I started to ask myself why she would spend so much precious dunya time reading a book that brings no benefit? Then I started to answer those questions myself. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and I said to myself, maybe she’s studying the author’s style of writing for one of her classes? Or maybe, it was from her desires to read such books? Either way, I didn’t know the exact answer therefore it would be more suitable for me to give her the benefit of doubt.

Not knowingly, I had been starring into the cover of her book for an extended period of time while entertaining myself with thoughts about her choice of reading. She caught my gaze looking at her book. She remained silent. But I was never a person who could hide feelings from appearing on their face and my facial gesture kept changing as new questions represented themselves and so she spoke. She uttered some words but my mind was embarked upon a different road while my gaze was fixed on her book. Her words escaped my conscious state of mind. I think she repeated herself but again, nothing changed from my side. I was deeply entertaining some thoughts and I didnt catch a word she released. She closed her book with attitude and my conscious returned to my body. I noticed I was starring at her direction and so I turned my head away from her and again, she spoke. “Are you ok?” she asked. Thinking that perhaps she caught me starring into her book, I answered her question shyly. I said, “sorry about that..I’m fine”. “You were starring at my book..something wrong?” she responded. “No.”, I quickly stated. She didn’t buy my answer but I didn’t feel a need to continue the conversation. Instead I released myself to day dream but I found it difficult to escape questions about her topic of reading. So I asked her a question before the moment left. I said, “Just one question, if you don’t mind…?”. She agreed and I continued saying, “I don’t mean to be misunderstood but are you reading that science fiction book for school?”. She responded in the negative and I was overtaken by confusion. I was confused as to why she would spend so much time reading a book that brings no benefit. Not to mention, the book was at least 600 pages deep which I assumed would take much of her near future time. Maybe I wasn’t being fair in my assumtions but I guess I just wanted the sister to spend such percious time reading books on the great Women of Islam instead of some mar-shin named Bogus who landed on earth from the planet Mars.

Than I started to think to myself, what is the greatest book present in our time that requires the most attention? The answer would be, the Quran. Now seriously, how much time do we spend in reading and reflecting over the words in the book of Allah? I’ll bet for most people, the answer wouldn’t make them feel too proud. What prevents us from putting aside some time during our day to read the book of Allah? The excuses used as answers to such a question can fill all the oceans of the world, however to sum it up, shaitan has employed us with ideas that have kept us busy with useless things. It is from my testimony that I must admit, I’ve been guilty of not paying more attention to the words of the Quran. I’m shamed because the book of Allah is truly beautiful. It’s the only book known to mankind that relates the events of the past, discusses the issues of the present and mentions what will happen in the future. It leaves nothing untouched. I mean everything from the time of Adam (as) to the moment when the people of the fire will enter the fire and the people of Jannah will enter Jannah is mentioned in the Book that will forever remain. The Quran is truly a unique book.

Unfortunately for many Muslims of our time, they only share an intimate relationship with the Quran for 30 days. Sometimes that relationship lasts for only 29 days and such days are known to us as Ramadan. It’s disgraceful if you really think about it. I feel more than shamed to mention it in my Poetic Justice but it’s an important topic which must be addressed.

Now think about this, on the Day of Judgment, when you and I and every historical figure known to the pages of history will be present, the Quran will either be a witness for or against the individual. Through the Quran, this Ummah would be granted the status to witness against the people of the past. When the people of Nouh (As) claim that he didn’t deliver the massage of Islam to them and Allah asks Nouh about the claim of his people, Nouh will state that he fulfilled his duty. Nouh would state that his people were the wrong doers and they refused to accept the massage of tawheed. In that case, it would be Nouh’s word against his people’s word and although Allah is sufficient as a witness, on the Day of Judgment, the truth of the matter shall be brought forward. Who would testify against the people of Nouh and be a means of support for Nouh? It will be the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) and although we haven’t seen with our own eyes the people of Nouh refuse their messenger and the massage of Islam but we have been given the Quran which serves as a witness against the people of the past because the Quran are the words of Allah and He revealed their story and situation to us.  

We are from the best of Nations because we have been given the best of mankind to guide us and the best of the books. The one and only. The beautiful Quran. We should never forget the Quran is a guide and even more, a trust. With each and every trust comes accountability so be prepared to answer for your relationship or lack their of with the Quran. 

Now the question of the day which must be asked. For today the question is, have we done enough to gain the endorsement of the Quran? Or can we claim a place among the foolish? Only time will tell and at the pace in which time is moving, the answer shall be known sooner than later. May Allah protect us.

When I ponder over the different between the companions of the Messenger of Allah (saw) and the Muslims of our present time, I think about the difference between the day and night. A part of the day that is filled with light which presents everything to be seen and another part of the day which covers every living being with darkness. Now let me ask, which of those two parts, would be easier to start and complete a journey? Would it be during the day light or in the darkness of the night? The obvious answer, during the day light. Therefore, when we start our lives and chose to embark upon the path of obedience then we must follow the path of those who have seen the light and have tasted the sweetness of iman. Such people are known to us as the companions of the Messenger of Allah (saw).

For example, while we continue to ignore the beauty that shines from the words of Allah, Uthmaan Bin Affaan (may Allah have mercy on him) lived the words of the Quran.

I asked a companion of mine named Abdullah, “Yo, where is your Quran…?” He responded, “I don’t know. I think it’s somewhere in my house…but if I look for it, I can find it…”

Uthman Bin Affan said about the Quran, “If our hearts were pure, we would never have our fill of the words of Allah”                                        

I asked another companion named Ahmed, “Tell me three things you love from the world…” He said, “I love rolo ice cream, women and the last ten nights of Ramadan..”

Uthmaan Bin Affaan said, “Three worldly things have been made dear to me; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and reading (the) Quran”

I asked a companion named Musa, “tell me one thing that you can not abstain from daily…?” He said, “I can not go a day without taking a shower…”

Uthmaan Bin Affan said, “I would not like the day to come when I do not look in the Covenant of Allah (ie, The Quran)

Maybe the comparison of my companions to Uthmaan wouldn’t be fair since Uthmaan is from the best of mankind while my companions are fighting like the rest of us, to survive another day with imam in their hearts. However, the purpose of the comparison was to illustrate that success lies in following and not in innovating (may Allah protect us).

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight. The Quran has been around before you and I came into existence and surely it will remain protected far after you and I have departed from dunya. Corruption will never and I mean, NEVER touch nor meet the words of Allah. That is a deep point so I’ll give you a few seconds to let it sink into your mind and heart. By the way, I MEAN NEVER. That is a known fact.

Many times we are reminded of the importance of establishing a good relationship with our neighbours and family members but how many times are we reminded that establishing a strong relationship with the Quran will determine whether we are admitted into the gardens of paradise or left to be of those unprotected from the fire. I remind myself first and I remind you that our success as an Ummah and as individuals, lies heavily with our relationship with the book of Allah. Let’s embark upon the path that includes a life with Quran and not just a moment of recitation and no reflections.

And Allah knows best


Foreign Beauty
January 19, 2008

A restricted soul

Forced to keep the gaze low

Trapped my desires in a cube and its temperature, cold

I walked into the classroom alert as a soldier in battlefield mode

Taking a seat on the opposite side of a woman whose beauty drew the attention of my soul

I summoned my desires and locked it with a foreign code. 

I lowered my gaze and embarked my mind on the day dream road

I fantasied about meeting popular figures from the people of old

I felt a sense of comfort while trapping myself within my own mind

I discovered lessons and felt a rush in my body like that of a free fall ride

For writers, write

Politicians lie

Cowards hide

Hypocrites are the lowest in ranks from mankind

And I’m just a man who takes countless trips through his own mind

That’s the reality of my situation and the present time.

I heard a pen drop and my mind returned to find my soul seated in the room across the exit doors

I look around seeking to find the source of noise

Instead I found the beauty a woman who is unknown

She spoke out aloud and my mind rushed to free itself from useless thoughts and listened with care

The fight within began when shaitan challenged me to a game of truth and dare

I sat patiently and started to plot plans to become the city’s next mayor

I entertained myself until shaitan offered me a question of truth and not an action of dare

He asked, whether I assumed the woman with foreign beauty was from Arabia 

Or maybe she was a product of Persia

I quickly glanced over, failed the test but discovered that she was probably from Asia

Or maybe remote parts of Pakistan or even from India

But her beauty seemed to be a collection of different cultures conplied within one figure

Had I not known of the stories of men who had seen beautiful women only to sell their souls 

In order to fulfill their desires and add to their evil scrolls

I probably would’ve become a victim to shaitan’s plots and only Allah truly knows

But knowledge served as a protection

It kept me firm in the right direction

As I became guilty of letting loose my imagination

A few weeks into the semester, the professor assigned us into random groups

I found myself at a table, grouped with four men, three women

One woman possessed the beauty of an ancient Egyptian Queen

Otherwise known as “the most beautiful woman”

I sat across the table, fixed my gaze on a blank piece of paper and started to write poetry using the ink from my soul 

I zoned out into my own little world.

I created art using invisable words

Such words became a highly classified page in my Poetic Justice

I returned my attention to the group members who were in the process of introducing themselves

First name, last name and country of birth.

I paid great attention and awaited patiently for her announcement.

I grew curious over her country of birth.

I wanted to know whether Allah who created her with beauty had also granted her Islam

Then she spoke and I focused my attention

But my knowledge of the situation caused my mind to over fill with unusual thoughts

Shaitan rushed to the scene and provided assistance in removing such thoughts

But her voice was drowning from my conscious mind

My body grew with frustration as Shaitan arose fake feelings

My soul understood the situation and called for contentment

I sat back and supervised the debate between shaitan and my soul within

Somewhere between the heated exchanges, I over heard the foreign woman state she was from Kashmir

I became flooded with images of Kashmir’s mountain like scenery

A land that harboured brave fighters

A land where the poet’s words came into existence

A land that produced fresh air even in the midst of gun fights

A fight whose importance extends outside the borders of India and Pakistan

Thoughts of such a land, freed my soul from the beauty of the foreign woman

Back to the Basics
January 16, 2008

Last night, I felt a struggle within myself that I haven’t felt in some time. Unlike previous struggles with my soul, I actually had some idea as to what was causing the struggle. I fought within myself, a battle of words and not swords. I tried to convince my soul, the purpose of my blog was not necessarily to entertain but to bring to light some issues that may be facing the Ummah. I recall the first day I sat in front of my computer and as I was about to write the very first sentence in my blog, I made myself a promise. I promised myself I wouldn’t make this blog all about me. I would try to offer it’s readers something different. A chance to learn our Islamic history and the personalities within. A chance to use our imagination and enter periods of time that seem foreign to us. Instead I feel somewhat ashamed to admit that I spent way too much time entertaining my readers on topics such as marriage. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with talking about marriage and it could even be entertaining if the writer could find the words and speak about situations that are relevant to the people of that period of time. However…life is greater than spending a large period of time on one topic.

Life is about learning. It is about making decisions and again, learning. Through this learning process we would be able to improve ourselves in becoming better servants and slaves to Allah.

Remember the ayaat in Surah Al-Hashr, where Allah, the Majestic and Great mentions if we forget Him (for even a moment), He will cause us to forget our own souls. And If we forget ourselves in the process of forgetting Allah, we will indeed be doomed. We will have no protectors. We will have no intercessors. We will fail and join the ranks of the wrong doers. It’s a heavy price to pay with our souls if we forget Allah so therefore let us work together in taking the steps that will prevent us from entering into such an evil state (Allah forbid).

So I’ve made a decision. I never wanted my blog to be about myself. Being a Muslim man, I’m apart of the Muslim body. Depending on your status before Allah and your level of iman, you may find yourself taking a position within that body that is close to the heart. While other Muslims amongst us who are too occupied with the matters of this worldly life, may find their position within the body near the nail that is connected to the toe. Regardless of your position within the body, the mere fact that you have occupied a space within, is a blessing from Allah.

More often then not, we forget since the Messenger of Allah (saw) stated this Ummah constitutes one body, we are not only responsible for our own selves but for the situation and well being of every single Muslim within that body.

It is a well known fact that knowledge leads to the increase of iman and iman is a product of good manners and good manners is half of knowledge. They’re all connected and one can not shine bright with out it’s fellow brothers standing to it’s side.

Therefore for myself, I need to get back to the basics. I want my blog to be a means of proof for me of the Day I will need the most assistance. I want it to be a means of good pleasure from Allah and not a path in which I will earn His anger.

Now my proposal. We help each other learn. We learn about anything and everything regarding Islam. Each and everyone of us is unique and we hold passions that are different within the fold of Islam. If we can direct that passion to a channel that will better prepare ourselves for the day we shall meet Allah, than we have taken one of a million steps to earning Allah’s protection. On the other hand, we should be able to discuss real concrete issues that are facing us as believers of Allah. So I just want to make it clear to the readers that this blog is not mine but it is ours. You can be a guest writer if you so wish. You can bring your style of writing and knowledge to share with the Internet world because I would rather stop writing if it’s just gonna be me entertaining you. I want it to be more than that.

As for my part, inshAllah I’m going to take a path which will allow me to research and share stories about the men (and women) who lived righteous lives before us. In our period of time, we are desperately lacking role models for the youth and by inquiring the knowledge of such righteous men, we will be able to use their lives as bright lamps on the dark road to meet Allah, the Majestic and Most-High.

Random Thoughts
January 14, 2008

1) Since the war in Iraq began in 2002, almost 1,000,000 Iraqis have been killed. The majority of them being children. I wonder who is next on the list of those to be killed, perhaps maybe even you and I.

2) I think my neighbor is a drama-Queen. She’s a short, elderly lady who sits outside her apartment and awaits to be entertained by other people’s problems. I catch her on many night when I arrive home late. I greet her and then ask, “so how is your night?” and she responds in a disappointed tone, “It’s been boring around here. Can you believe it, nothing has happened..”. I walk away thinking, “mann, this lady is a drama queen”.

3) If I enter the Fire, its probably not going to be for the crimes I’ve commited against myself but for the wrong I’ve done to others. I can imagine on the Day of judgment when all of mankind will be pointing the finger at one another, how many people would be looking for me? Many, I assume. Even with all the complaints against me, I will not stand there with an innocent look to my face, instead…I’m going to raise my hand really high and say, “Yes, Ya Rabb…he is correct”. Therefore, I forgive everyone for all the wrong they’ve done to me. In fact, there is NOTHING that mankind can do to me that will make up for all the wrong that I’ve caused to them. So on the Day of Judgment when the people stand to complain about how I’ve done this and that to them, I wont return the complaints against them. I will not because I have freed them from my blame, therefore if I enter the Fire, let the books of history show, I use to wrong the people and I was worthy of such a punishment.

4) Right now, I see some poetic words popping up in my mind. Do you think maybe that’s a sign that I should write some more poetry? Maybe I’m on to something…just maybe.

5) I hate tuna, dont you? Just the thought alone of eating it causes me to wanna….

6) I think if you collected all the good qualities and sincere deeds from myself, Talha, Mohamed Kay and Abdi, it could resemble the deeds of a young Bedouin boy from the time of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (saw). But than again, I still think he’s better than us in status and deeds.

7) I have this weird ability to determine when a woman is on her menses. Some say it’s just a lucky guess and maybe it is…but I’ve been very lucky recently.

8) What happens if you mix blue and purple, do you get orange?

9) Something tells me, I’m going to end up with a woman who fights like a boxer is her sleep. The first few nights, I’ll probably wake up with two black eyes and a soar throat which would cause my co-workers to think I’ve been a victim to domestic violence. My boss would probably call me into his office to inquire about my situation at home and I would most likely say, “I know what you’re thinking but I assure you, I’m not having domestic problems at home. It’s just, I’ve married a woman who falls asleep quickly only to enter into her fight mode. Sir, she has a mean left hook.”

10) I want to sponsor an orphan and I want to do it now.

11)  I can’t believe some couples talk about their marriage problems so openly. I over heard a woman complaining that she married a man who has “mashAllah” knowledge but what surprises her the most is, how this same man commits one major sin after another. Hello sister! maybe you agreed to marry him without doing the “background eman check” first? The least the sister should of done is goggle him right? Maybe she would have found some information to indicate that he is a sinner. Or maybe she should called the RCMP and received a criminal check.

12) Throughout history, the Jews living under the Islamic governments found safe haven. They were treated as citizens of the state and were even given the same rights as the Muslims. They were not oppressed. However, now with the creation of Israel they suddenly forgot all about the good treatment they received from the Muslims. The poor Palestinian people have been suffering for over 50 years. The saddest part about the whole situation is how the majority of the young brothers and sisters living in the West care more about graduating from University of Toronto or York than they do about their brothers and sisters suffering in Palestine. Hey PEOPLE! Reality check and sorry to come off rude but get over yourselves! Dont y’all realize we got bigger issues facing us as an Ummah and you should worry less about getting an “A” on your economics exam and more about the situation of the believers. I’m sorry to tell you but Allah wont even ask you about your university classes so less, “hey, you wanna an all-nighter studying for our exam on Blah Blah” and more, “we need to figure out a way to help the Muslims in our communities and around the world”.  

13) I don’t know why I feel the need to have two cell phones with two different lines. Maybe I’m…..

14) The thought alone of losing my father at this stage in my life hurts me beyond words. If I was to lose him right now…I would be overtaken by all the pains suffered from the beginning of time until the Last Day. “Ya Allah, you know my state and you know he is my love…please spare me such pain”

15) Oh yeah…I remember there was this brother who would limit his dawah to “only” attractive women. We asked him, “Yo, why you doin that..?” He said, “I’m gonna get the best of both worlds. I’m gonna invite a fine woman to accept Islam and when she does, I’m gonna be right there to marry her”. Some of us laughed at his response. One day, he gave dawah to a Japanese woman and after a few days, she accepted Islam. Shortly afterwards, they got married. He returned to us and said, “So, how come y’all aint laughing no more?”. So one of my homeboys who was present said, “You know what. I’m gonna start giving dawah to Hali Berry look a likes. If she accepts Islam, I’m gonna marry her.” We were about to laugh at his comment when we recalled what had happened previously. Instead, we said, “look, we want laugh but we’re embarrassed about what happened last time. So do your thang but don’t have too much fun, U heard!”.

16) There was this brother from the masjid who had been married for less than two years. We became friends alhamdulilah and one Saturday after maghrib salah, he came up to me and asked whether I had decided if I was going to sleep over at the masjid for the night. I was like, “Is there a program happening tonight?”. He said, “I don’t think so..” so I was confused by his question. When we sat down, he confessed to me that he was no longer attracted to his wife. He told me, he doesn’t hate his wife or anything but it’s just that, he can not stand to look at her. Wow, that news caught me off guard that I had to fight myself so hard in preventing my jaw from dropping. He continued freeing himself from the burden that was on his chest and said, “I don’t want to divorce her cause I have a child with her. I promised her I would not leave her and I would not make her a co-wife. But I’m a man and I have desires. I can not imagine myself fulfilling those desires with her.” Damn, I feel for the brother (and the sister).

17) When my daughter turns 18, inshAllah I’m going to make it so easy for her to get married. No fatherly high standards from my side, just love and protection for her.

18) I love spending a winter storm in my bed. I love looking outside and thinking, “alhamdulilah” while play fighting with my blanket to see who will wear down and how fast. Over the years, my blanket is winning the game by a margin of 14 to 0. I think it’s time to change my strategy and better prepare myself during the summer months in order for me to full out my first victory.

19) I think I’m gonna be a excellent father and perhaps a C- husband.

20) The first day I get married, I know what I’m going to do. I’m gonna call a family meeting. My wife is going to take a seat at the dinning room table and I’m going to hand her a blank piece of paper with a line down the middle. On one side of the paper, it’s going to say, “I want you to…” and on the other half, it’s going to say, “I would rather you don’t do…”. Then I’m going to ask her to fill both sides of the paper. She’s probably going to look at me and say, “but I need like, at least..three more pages..” so I’m gonna hand her the pages she requested and give her some time. When she’s done, I’m going to ask her to read her list. When she’s done that…she’s probably gonna ask, so where is your list? “Check your email”, I would reply. A few hours later, she would return to me and say, “your list has 674 more points than mine” and I would reply back by saying, “Really? And I was actually trying to be really nice when I was making that list..”   

30 Things About Myself
January 13, 2008

1) In high school, I spent way too much time on my jump shot rather than my academics

2) I’m the eldest of seven children

3) I’m very picky with my food. I don’t like to try dishes I can not pronounce.

4) My favourite Islamic topic is Seerah.

5) I developed my ability to write by reading the Quran. I can’t explain it but its the truth.

6) I’m worried about the Day of Judgment. Sometimes I feel I’m destined to fail but I can not lose hope.

7) This past summer, I saw a woman in need of help. I rushed to help her, only to find that it was decreed she would die in my hands. She looked at me and pleaded for help. I tried to give her dawah but I felt a strong force push me away. Her eyes appeared to me that she was suffering great pain. I tried very hard to save her but I failed. Moments later, I saw her eyes follow the exist of her soul. I almost cried cause I knew she was a disbeliever and destined for the Fire.

8 ) My mother loves me beyond imaginable. I love my father more than anything in the world.

9) I got my first job when I was 12. I was a newspaper boy for the Toronto Star. I hated that job but I wanted to grow up so fast, I held on to it for as long as I could.

10) My favourite Qari is Shuraim.

11) My favourite surah is Al-Baqarah and I love the stories of Musa and Bani Israel.

12) I’ve been to Djibouti three different times. I love it there and I plan to go back there this coming summer inshAllah.

13) A few days ago, I was at a McDonald’s getting breakfast and it was 9 o’clock in the morning. I sat down in the food court and it was empty. Suddenly, a woman who appeared to be in her late thirties ordered some food and decided to sit in the chair at my table. I looked up and then I looked around at all the empty seats and than I looked back at her and said, “You got to be kidding me. Are you serious?”. She appeared to be shocked by my response. I wanted to laugh because it was so awkward.

14) My younger sister looks exactly like me.

15) I’m determined to write a book for my grand children and their children (inshAllah). In the book, I will speak nothing but the truth. I will expose the realities of my time even if it causes them to cry out of fear for my final abode.

16) I love Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (saw). I don’t show my love for him by writing songs or poetry but instead, I want to follow his every move.

17) I’m 6’0 tall and I’m athletic.

18) I’ve grown frustrated with the Almaghrib forums. I will not visit nor post on their forums because I feel like I’m the prisoner and their the CO.

 19) I’m amazed with the words from the Quran. How it doesn’t mention dates or places but just full of lessons and meanings. I wish my children will love the Quran as much as I do or even more.

20) My father is a successful businessman in Djibouti and Dubai. He wishes for me to move down there and continue what he started but I can not leave my mother while she is still in this country.

21) I wish I lived in a different period of time. Perhaps during the time of Khalid bin Waleed, where I could of been a soldier from his army.

22) I have this mentality that marriage is difficult. Maybe it is or maybe it isn’t. Why do I care so much? I don’t know.

23) By Allah, if there is one thing I love from dunya, it would be giving sadaqah to the poor man. It is not something I developed but rather something Allah has created me with.

24) I buried my friend and Muslim brother just over a year ago. I remember standing over his grave thinking to myself, I’m afraid to meet my Lord while I’m in this state. There was a man present and he started to recite the first few ayaats from Al-Baqarah. Now I hear those same verses and I could recall the memory of standing over my friend’s grave. I remember, I can not meet my Lord while I’m in my current state.

25) Polygamy would be interesting. I believe I can be fair and just. However, the majority of the women from my time are too (whats the word…ummm) needy. Therefore it’s not something I’m intending to do. Let’s be honest, it would be very difficult trying to attend to the spiritual, emotional, financial and social needs of more than one woman at the same time. I don’t want to be a man pushed by my desires to commit the crime of injustice.

26) I write a lot about marriage but for some reaon, I’m losing the interest of actually getting married. I can’t explain why but I think it’s a means of punishment from Allah. Ya’ Rabb, please forgive me for my sins.

27) I’m arrogant on the basketball court. Sometimes I lack discipline. But now before every game I make the same dou’aa and I have more control over my emotions.

28) I want to have a big family (inshAllah). I want to have five to ten children and train them all to become the leaders of the next generation.

29) I came to this country when I was four years old. Although deep down inside, I don’t consider it to be my home.

30) Not too long ago, I almost got married. I met her parents and everything on the surface seemed to be fine. I was nervous but I was content. Until the day I asked her an important question and her answer caused me to take my case to Allah and eventually walk away.  

Hey Homie, Im Getting Married
January 12, 2008

My paranoia catches the the movement of foreign hands reaching to open my bedroom door. I awake quickly to notice my companion Talha standing tall in my room with a smile to his face. I glanced at my alarm clock and it was 8:20 am. I was surprised to see his presence in such an early part of the morning. I freed my body from the feeling of paranoia and threw my heavy blanket over my head. I tried to dose off into a deep sleep but my body was in a state of pain, perhaps recovering from the aftermaths of the battles I’ve been fighting in my nightmares. Soon afterwards I heard his voice…

Talha: Yo you’re a light sleeper. I didn’t even touch the door and you’re already up and looking at my direction. Man, you need to go see a doctor about that paranoia thing…and don’t tell me that you were born with it.

(I didn’t respond to his statement. I continued to lay there in silence)

Talha: Listen, I got some good news and I got some bad news…which do you want to hear first?

Ameen: What I really wanna hear is the sound of your head hitting the pillow. Yo, I promise I’ll listen to anything you want to tell me but right now, I need you to join my sleep party. Can you? Rumour has it, if you fall asleep fast enough, Khalid Ibn Waleed will be guest staring in your dream. So less talking and more sleeping homie….

Talha: I just woke up from my eight hours sleep. I cant sleep no more. Besides, why you so tired? What were you doing last night? Were you on the phone? On the computer? On the Almaghrib Forums? Listening to a lecture? What were you doing? Anyways, forget that. As I was saying, I got some really really BIG NEWS and some bad news. Which do you wanna hear first?

Ameen: Good news? Bad News? First of all, how did you get into my apartment? No one lives here but me and my..

Talha: Oh I used a spare key…but Yo, which do you wanna hear first?

Ameen: Where did you get a spare key…? I’m interested to know.

Talha: From your sister. I asked her and she gave it to me…but anyways, I CANT HOLD BACK anymore, good news or bad news..?

Ameen: Iight..this must be some big news eh? Tell me the bad news first then inshAllah

Talha: Bad news? Well the bad news wont make no sense unless you hear the good news first..

Ameen: Fine. Tell me the good news…and tell me fast cause I need to get a few more hours of shut eye before my day begins. I got a lot of things to do today inshAllah

Talha: Well, if you really wanna know the bad news first I could tell you but it just wouldn’t make any sense…you feel me?

Ameen: Talha, homie..just tell me the news…

Talha: Okay. Fine. I’ll tell you the good news. Are you ready…?

Ameen: More then ever…just spill the news?

Talha: Homie, I’m getting married. And Im getting married next Saturday. Can you believe it…?

Ameen: Say What? HUH? Married? I mean like…Where? When? Who…? What?

Talha: I know, great news right? And it was so easy…

Ameen: But when did this happen? I mean, I haven’t seen you in like a week and you’re telling me that you found someone and met her Wali and set a date all in like one week?

Talha: Yeah, isn’t that amazing? Well, its actually been ten days since I last saw you but I was introduce to this sister from school and then I set an appointment to meet with her father and next thing I knew, Im Getting Married! It was easy…

Ameen: Thats crazy! Very Nice, crazy. But you weren’t interested in getting married. Or at least, thats what you’ve been telling me for a minute (a while).

Talha: I know..but I realized that I NEED to get married.

Ameen: When did you realize this…? And why didn’t you tell me…?

Talha: After the RIS, I realized I cant meet my Lord by myself. Shiek Yasir Qadhi’s lecture motivated me to find Ms. Right and alhamdulilah I think I may have found her. I just told myself I got to do it and I was scared as heck in meeting her father, by the way…her father was like 6’3, 300 lbs and his hands were like the size of the paws of a Grizzly Bear. The guy was huge. He was a monster but mashAllah he’s was so nice.

Ameen: I’m surprised you didn’t faint.

Talha: I was about too but lucky for me, my uncle came with me and he gave me support.

Ameen: That’s the best news I could hear…man, I’m so happy for you mashAllah. So whats the bad news…

Talha: Oh yeah, the bad news. Dont get mad but my nikkah is on the same day as our basketball playoff game. I know that sucks but trust me, Im trying really hard to re-schedule the date but I’m having a hard time in doing so. Just be patient with me homie cause it might take some time, even though…there is less then a week left. Besides, how can they expect me to focus on getting married if I have a huge playoff basketball game on the same day?

Ameen: Are you serious? Forget the basketball game! Did I actually say that…I mean, lets consider your options here. You can get married and complete half your deen and look forward to many beautiful years inshAllah or you can focus on getting the enjoyment of putting a ball into a basket and see where that takes you. Which one will it be? I say you get married.

Talha: I’m gonna get married but I don’t understand why my wife, can I even call her that yet? Well, I don’t understand why she chose that day? Can you believe, out of all the days in the calendar, my luck has it that she would select the same day as my big playoff game.

Ameen: Did you tell her..that date is kinda important to you in some werid way.

Talha: No.

Ameen: Then I guess, next Saturday inshAllah, you will join the ranks of the married men of history. *starts laughing*

Talha: Why you laughing? Cant you see, I’m in a dilemma. I need to find a way to tell her that I can not miss my playoff game.

Ameen: Yo, we’re on the same team and I’m not getting married but I’m more than willing to miss the game…So you need to forget about it. Just let it go cause its GONE.

Talha: Damn. I’m really gonna miss my game.

Ameen: I think this has nothing to do with the actual game but something to do with the fact that you’re scared of getting married. 

Talha: Scared? Come on man. Me, scared? I dont think so. But let me ask you something, is it normal for me to feel nervous about getting married? I mean, I’m really nervous. My hands can’t stop shaking.

Ameen: I don’t know. I guess its normal. I once heard a married brother talk about how he felt his chest was about to explode just before he got married so I guess your shaking hands is actually a bargain. But homie, don’t worry about it..everything will be cool inshAllah.

Talha: You don’t understand. The reason Im nervous is her father is HUGE. He looks like a WWE wrestler. I went to sleep last night and I had a dream that he was…I don’t even wanna say.

Ameen: You’re trippin. Get your composure right. Everything will be fine. You heard me? Everything is chilling..

Talha: Yeah everything will be fine inshAllah. Can you believe it…Me, I, Talha, is getting married. Ameen, you’re such a loser. If you were serious about getting married, you probably could get married.

Ameen: First of all, Im serious and Allah knows best. Secondly, lets not talk about me. Today is your day so lets celebrate.

Talha: I thought you wanted to get a few more hours of shut eye. I mean, didnt you want to go to sleep?

Ameen: Shut what? The only thing I’m shutting is all your hotmail accounts. No more MSN, no more SOL, no more anything.

Talha: Nothing?

Ameen: Just you and your wife. Focus on the new family.  But anyways, let me get ready cause I got to go shopping for something clean cause my homeboy is getting Hitched.

Talha: I’m not getting hitched. I’m just entering into a contract that will probably keep me committed until death. Oh my gosh, I’m getting hitched. Look my hands are shaking…

Ameen: (Laughing) I don’t mean to laugh but you’re over re-acting. Just chill cause everything will be alright inshAllah. I’m here with you.

A World Free From Women
January 11, 2008

Caught between two positions

Living life righteous or causing mischief

Receiving reward or getting punished

Making the right choice or being foolish

I’m a young soul trying desperately to mold into my roll

As a leader from amongst the men in this cold world

Will I succeed in my mission

Only Allah truly knows

I embark upon the road to meet my Lord entertaining new thoughts

Pondering over a world with no women, just swords and rocks

A world where the strong survive and weak souls thrown into cages and locked

A world with no women, no children, no trips to enjoy the view at the docks

A world free from pretty boys and their chucks

No pick up lines directed at women trying to fulfill a lust

A world where dress shirts have been exchanged for armor that covers the chest

Where the pens and papers for poets have been buried and put to rest

A world where the men are standing in straight lines

Facing each other while engaged in acts of war and crimes

A life free from the presence of men who speak lies

No women encouraging their men as they stand to the side

Just blood shed during the day and some parts of the night

A world where death meets a man at the price of a sword

Not at the voice of a woman who continues to nag until he becomes old

A world where fulfilling a desires doesn’t mean spending a night with your wife

But sharpening your sword and training your horse so you can fight into the night

A world where the fighters from the same team meet at the edge of a known lake

Where the mentality of such men is make or break

Where death is just as real as life and life is no better then death

A life where every man is a soldier

Whether that man is courageous or a known coward

For The Love of the Game
January 7, 2008

The common misunderstanding between a sport loving husband and the attention seeking wife can occur at any given moment. But since its the NFL playoff season, I had an extra few married homeboys, call to inquire whether they could “come over” because (as they like to say…) “you know, you know…”. I decided since it seems to me that they want to come over to my “wife-less” environment, in order to watch the big game in peace, I would share an episode of a situation that is relevant to theirs. An episode from the life of a sport-fanatic husband and the “I need you right NOW” wife.

The wife returns home from visiting a friend and she can not wait until she arrives home, to inform her husband about the new “community project” her and some sisters have decided to pursue. 

Lets pick up the screen from the wife walking into the house while her husband is watching the fourth quarter of a 17-17 NFL playoff game. 

Wife:Assalam alaikum…(no response back, she repeats herself and says)Assalam alaikum, is anyone home? (as she takes off her shoes and hangs her coat)

(Still no response. She decides to walk further into their apartment and she spots her husband sitting two feet away from the television, with his eyes glued to the screen)

Wife:Baby, didn’t you hear me saying Assalam alaikum..?

 (Husband hears some unusual noise, glances over to his left and notices his wife standing in their living room)

Husband: Hey you, when did you get home? I thought you were out visiting some friends? (his words reaching her ears as his eyes are still focued on the television screen)

Wife:I’ve been saying assalam alaikum ever since I got home. Didn’t you hear me…?

Husband:Wa alaikum assalam. I didn’t hear you come in. I just looked over at your direction and saw you standing there. But baby come here and look at this…(he points to the television screen) its 17-17 with 5:36 seconds left in the game and my favourite team, The New York Giants are on the 11 yard line and their about to score a HUGE touchdown. Can you smell that…? Can you..?

Wife: Smell what?

Husband: That’s the smell of a win…a playoff WIN.

Wife: Oh. Listen baby, I have some good news. Me and some sister, we’ve decided that…

Husband: That’s great. I’m so happy for you and the sisters. (He obviously didn’t hear a word she said…)

(So the wife trying to get his attention walks closer to the television until she finds herself standing next to the screen. She tries again, to deliever her good news)

Wife: As I was saying before you cut me off, some sisters and I, we’ve decided to start a new community project. We are gonna start a Feed The Homeless project, isnt that great? And the best apart is…you can help.

Husband:OH NOOOO! NOOOOOOO! I cant believe it.

Wife: Huh? No? Why…I thought you liked stuff like that…

Husband: For the love of the game! Can you believe this…?

Wife: Believe what? What are you talking about…? Don’t tell me that your talking about your game?

Husband:Its not a game. Its a historical playoff moment. By watching this game, I’m joining the ranks of history. Can you imagine our son asking about this exact play, 15 years from now? And just imagine how devastated he would be if I were to answer his question with silence. But look baby, the running back or should I say, Mr. Butter-Fingers, fumbled the ball on the two yard line. I feel like a part of Jannah has just fallen on me.

(The telephone starts to ring…)

Husband:Baby, can you get that. I’m afraid if I get up, I’m gonna miss a huge play and evenually, our son will lose out.

(Wife walks towards the telephone. Picks up the phone and says..)

Wife:Assalam alaikum

Ahmed:Wa alaikum assalam sister, is Mohamed home?

Wife:Yes, just one second inshAllah…

(Her husband screaming in the background about a bad call, she kindly takes the phone to him and says)

Wife: Mohamed, Ahmed is on the phone for you.

Husband: Thanks. (Puts the phone to his ear)Assalam alaikum, State your name and the purpose of this call.

Ahmed: Yo, did you just see how Butter-Finger Jacobs couldn’t even hold on to the ball. He fumbled it. (he starts laughing…) The man is like 6’4, 250 pounds and he cant even hold on to a ball. The Giants suck…

Husband: I know..I know…I almost fainted when the ball fell from his hands.

Ahmed: I told you. The Giants are gonna lose this game.

(The wife standing over her husband, awaiting her chance to reveal some more information about the good news. She says..)

Wife: Mohamed (and gives him a “I’m growing frustrated with you” look)

(Her husband glances over at her and he notices the “look. She normally demonstrates this type of look on her face when she is growing upset with him. Trying to avoid further problems, he says…)

Husband: Yo Ahmed, all your negativity about the Giants isn’t helping my situation at the moment so I’m gonna let you go. I got a meeting with the boss-lady and I cant afford to be late.

Ahmed:Alright homie, boss-lady is gonna kill you if you don’t hang up the ma’salaam

(Husband hangs up the phone and notices his wife standing in front of the television)

Husband: Baby, you had a long day..why don’t you come sit right here on the couch. It would really make me feel nice to have you beside me…

Wife: No thank you.

(husband re-adjusts his positioning to get a better view of the game…but experiences little success)

Husband: Baby, for the sake of Allah can you just move three inches to your right. There is less than two minutes left in the game…

Wife: I’ve rushed home to share some news with you but ever since I got home…you’ve paid little to no attention to me. I’m not moving until you give me five minutes of your time.

(The husband realizes he’s in a tight situation. There is about 1:43 seconds left in the game and his wife is asking for five minutes of his time. The husband starts to do the math [Five minutes minus 1:43 seconds would mean that their conversation would continue for three minutes and fifty seven seconds after the game was complete] The math wasn’t looking too good but than again, he was never good in math. So he says,)

Husband: Five minutes? (trying to get her to move away from the television screen and closer to him, he recalls the solution he had used in the past, to solve such standoffs with his wife. He continues saying…) You only want five minutes of my time? How can that be when I have given you all my life and heart, on the day I married you? You are half my soul and I dont feel complete without you..(he notices movement from her body and he glances behind her. His words were causing her to move with joy and he could actually see the events of the game. He continues…) You are my better half. You are my come to me.

(The wife, comforted through his words, starts to move closer to him. The husband can now see the scoreboard and the clock says less than one minute to play. But before his wife can reach him, she stops. She recalls pervious experiences when ever there would be a big game, he would find the means to walk away from the issue and become a free man. She was determined not to fall victim to the sweetness of his words on this occasion.)

Wife: Baby, you claim you love me right? We both know everyone claims something…so do you truly love me?

(The husband feels a sense of success for his plotting, he turns his body towards her and grants her his undivided attention. Afterall, it was a commercial break.  He says)

Husband: Baby, how can you ask such a question? You know I love you.

Wife: Do you really love me?

Husband: (trying desperately to end the conversation on a positive note before the return of the game, he says…) My mind loves you. My body loves you….(than the voice of the commentator reaches his attention and he starts to stutter. His focus gets redirected towards the game) and my…my…loves you. I love you…(looking at the screen) Look, the Giants are about to score baby. Look…

Wife: Words are cheap. I need some reassurance that you love me…

Husband: Look, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. As soon as the game is over, I’ll go outside and buy you the sweetest little card. One that has a fuzzy teddy bear on the cover and some pink roses. I know how much you love roses.

Wife: No. I have something else in mind. If you really love me than you will turn the television off and listen to me.

(His heart almost STOPS. He starts to realize the sensitivity of his situation. He finds himself entertaining some problem solving methods and solutions. Its like words will no longer do the trick. This time he needs something greater.  He thinks to himself, what would the Messenger of Allah (saw) do at this moment?)

Husband: If I really love you…? What does that mean..(trying to present more questions that would occupy his wife until the conclusion of the game)

Wife: Make a decision. And don’t try to distract me with all your questions. If you love me, turn off the television..if not then..well…

Husband: Well…what? I guess, I’ll have to sleep on the couch right?

(The husband reviews his options and decides he better make a good long-term decision. He gets up and starts to walk towards the television. He reaches the television and stretches his hand forward, in order to turn off the digital box right? Wrong. Instead of pressing the off button, he presses the “record” button and turns the television off. His game is still recording and the wife can get her wish.)

Husband: Baby, I would do anything for you. I would turn off the television during the Super Bowl, if you asked. And I would do that and more, for you. Only you.

Wife: Really? Than turn off the digital box.

(Husband shocked that she is aware of his slick move to record the rest of the game, he says…)

Husband: Baby, why do you have to hurt me soo much…WHY? You know how much I love this game…

A Confession to Poetic Justice
January 5, 2008

O’ Poetic Justice, today I’ve come to you with a saddening state of emotions and a heart that has been torn apart. I am a man from among the creation of males and I’ve come to give my confession. You’ve been my companion from the very beginning and in my previous confession, I’ve split the news to you about my first love. If we were to flip the pages further back, you would recall our sessions where I drew out my goals and mapped out a life plan.

You’ve kept my words a secret and my trust for you has grown to become great, especially at this present moment. I do not think you would betray me and reveal my secrets about our sessions to any from mankind. But I have betrayed you. I have taken pages from our work and shared them with the great public. It was only my intention to mean good. Some have benefited from your pages and others revisit from time to time. I do not think you are upset with me, or else I would have found a rebellious behaviour from you on my return to write some more. So forgive me if I’ve done you wrong. Now, let us move on.

Today I’ve come to share the revealation of words unknown to any man. Such a confession would expose my new and only promise to Allah. I warn you, such a confession may cause the literature written on your pages, to fall from its place of rest. I’ve come to update you on my quest to find the leaders of my time. The leaders that would guide us to the sweet taste of victory that will continue throughtout every stage in life.

Victory that has no limits. Victory that has no boarders. Victory that will never end. 

Now allow me to stop myself from these foolish assumption that victory could be granted to the believers on every occasion. Almost laughable. But go ahead and laugh at me because such thoughts have caused the exposure of my ignorance, which I desperately try to conceal from the eyes of mankind.

Had the case been that every time a group of believers stood to fight on the battlefield, victory would be theirs, then the ranks of the believers would be occiped with hypocrites. But the Sunnah of Allah has it that one day victory shall be ours, only to be followed by defeat, which awaits us on the very next day. Such a sunnah is full of Great Wisdom and mercy.

It exposes the secret that every individual wants to associate with the winning side, even if that individual is a liar and untrue to his covenant. But let it be known that warriors emerge through the harshest of events and sometimes they are the products of a defeated army. 

It is those moments when the heart reaches the throat and breathing seems impossible, that a male grows from a boy to a man. Its those moments when fear takes control of all the affairs of the body that would cause a man to look towards the heavens and proudly say, “I have sold myself to You, my Lord. Have mercy on me for my feet remain firm and my weak body is preoccupied with fear”. At that moment, the leaders I’ve been searching for, are born.  

So where are the great men who stand for the truth and fear not the blame of the blamers. Where are the men who have taken the path of the great ones who came before us? Where are the men who have sold their souls to Allah?  

Unfortunately, many of them are in their graves buried six feet under our self-fish souls.

Many nights, my soul cries in their remembrance. At times, my mind recreates the events that took place before their death and I quickly wake up from such a dream, while my body is under amens heat. The heat causes my soul to feel ashamed and I hold my hand high towards the sky and start my guilty confessions of the crimes I’ve committed throughout life. It is that moment that I humble myself before Allah in the most private of all my rooms.

The very next morning, I occupy myself with thoughts that cause me to forget the events from the previous night. When the moment of departure from my house arrives, I leave with positive thoughts towards the world only to witness the presence of the cowards who pose on every street corner. Men that hide behind fake words and claims. Men that have placed a high price tag for their weak and useless souls. If I could, I would line them all up and throw sand into their faces before I spit on them.  But I’ve been forbidden from doing such an act.

Instead I remain optimistic towards a bright future. A future where the next generation of leaders are created under my responsibilty and care. And that O’Poetic Justice, is my promise to Allah.

I promised Allah that I would remain committed to my parenting so the next generation of leaders can be a product of my house hold. Such a promise to Allah can not be made without fear entering the soul. I fear that I will not remain true to my promise and I will be doomed. But now since my words have gone forth and the angels have recorded my statement, there is no going back. I accept the challenge. I accept it while I supplicate to Allah asking Him to simplify my task. I ask Him to grant me children who are righteous so they can stand bravely for His cause. When all of us who walk the earth today will be engaged with the events of the grave, they will remain as the next generation of leaders for the Muslim nation. I will raise them inshAllah. I will teach them the tools to obtain success. I will make them understand that success can only be found with Allah.

O’Allah, I ask from You that which is good for me because I do not know and You know best. Grant me offsprings that will lead the next generations of Muslims to prosperity and place them and us under Your mercy.

The Influence of Women
January 3, 2008

We’ve all heard the foolish comments from those who are ignorant and claim that Islam oppresses women. We’ve all participated in the hijab debate at one point or another, as we tried  to simplify the ruling of Allah to those who’ve exposed the evils that exists within their thoughts and hearts. Needless to say, Islam honours women and over 14,000 years ago when the world granted animals more rights than women, Islam came and lifted the status and spirits of women.

It’s not my objective to fast forward to our present day and start bashing the Western lifestyle for treating women like sex objects but since it’s an important issue to discuss, why don’t I just spend a few more sentences explaining the differences between the democratic Western life for women and the Islamic way of life.

 When the message of the Islam came to Arabia, it automatically raised the status of the women living at that particular time. They went from being treated as a low class citizens to having a strong voice in their communities. Islam granted women the right to be respected even in situations such as divorce. Their blood became valued and they were given rights to collect a share of the inheritance. Their beauty and physical futures were’nt promoted, therefore they weren’t used as sexual beings for all of society to enjoy.

Hijab came as a means of honor and not as a degradation for women. The ruling that women should cover themselves came from Allah, who is well aware that women have been created with some unique qualities.

For one, my sister reminds me from time to time that women mature at a much faster pace then men. Women also (in her extreme opinion) have been created with qualities that allow them to pick up on knowledge at a rapid speed and the list can continue for several more pages. I don’t deny any of these points that she makes because I haven’t dedicated time in looking up her facts but all I can say is, generally speaking, she may be right, however, it must be based on a case to case basis. Often times I tell her, slow down hijabi…I think someone has been emailing you facts that haven’t been confirmed (of course I say this with a smile and with the utmost respect 🙂 ).

Nonetheless, I’ve come to realize that women are the source of attraction and influence. Unfortunately, many individuals have yet to come to terms with this point.

When I was younger, I read an article and the author described the influence women have over men. He gave the example that one hundred men can not influence one single woman to follow them unless she willingly agrees, however, one woman can influence one hundred men to do just about whatever she wants them to do. When I first read his example, I laughed to myself and said, “this man has no idea what he’s talking about”but over the years, I’ve witnessed his words come to life. I was surprised when the reality of his words became known to me.

Than I thought to myself, perhaps there is deeper reason as to why Allah ordered the believing women not to talk in a soft manner. Or perhaps there is also a deeper reason as to why Allah ordered the women to talk behind a veil or screen. Soon after pondering over such thoughts, I came to the realization that Allah created women with abilities and qualities that maybe too much for the average Ahmed to overcome, therefore Allah ordered laws to be obeyed and set boundaries. After all, Allah is the Creator of everything and only He has the right to legislate.

However, there will always be men (even from the Muslims) who will continue to reject the ruling of Hijab; these men are following desires, so dont pay too much attention to their useless words and claims.

Now compare the honour Islam afforded women to the present day humiliation women receive.

In our time, the democratic way of life offers women the right to make a choice. It seems fair right? It’s their life, so let them choose the best road for them? However its a little more complicated then the surface would cause you to believe. Looking past all of the politics and evil desires involved, you’ll realize that women are slaves to society. Their handed a can of coke to advertise, but before she can hold the can high, the director informs her that she needs to reveal her beauty for the shot to be perfect. That sounds foolish right? She’s only promoting a can of coke so why does she have to wear a swimsuit again? Well, the answer is because sex sells right? Right! So sex sells at the price of a woman’s dignity? All this sounds foolish to me. What’s really happening is the same point I was mentioning earlier regarding how “women are the source of attraction and influences” but somewhere along the line, that understanding started to get implemented for all the wrong reasons. 

We’re living in a period of time where a woman’s body is being used to sell material, which in reality, degrades her to the level of the object; at times, she may be worse than the object she was intending to promote. So one may ask, why aren’t the women coming together and protesting the humiliation that society has caused them? The answer is really complicated and I don’t even know if I can produce it.

Than again, for women to receive honor and respect, they must accept Islam as a way of life. It’s really difficult for women to survive our period of time without Islam as their means of protection. Don’t get me wrong, in the end, both men and women who don’t accept Islam will be doomed. Its just a man without Islam is like an animal (or even worse) but a woman is created a little different. The difference between a man and a woman is, she’s more centered with her emotions and all a man wants to do is fulfill all his desires. Sometimes his desires comes at the price of her emotions but that’s life without Islam. That’s an example of our society and the state of women who are not protected by the legislation of Islam.

I’m not trying to say, women are more in need of Islam than men because that is far from the truth. The point I was trying to get across is, women are like pearls hidden in the case of Islam and Islam protects them from being touched by foreign hands. Now imagine this, a world where every women refused to talk to a man unless he approached her for marriage. Would such a world be a better place? It’s kind of hard to say when the ratio of women to men stands at 8:1 (last time I checked) but it sort of reminds me of the society of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

In their society, no woman was left without a man; whether she was divorced or widowed, decided to marry late or she was young and never touched, every woman from that time had a man.

For example, in the battle of Uhud there was a man named Handhala. This man had recently gotten married to a woman named Jamila bint Abdullah. It was the starting stage of their marriage and any married man would know how attached the heart becomes to dunya in the beginning days of his marriage. However, it was a critical moment for the Muslim community and the army had been summoned to fight the pagans of Mecca. Hamadhala spent the night before the battle with his wife and after enjoying her company, he rushed out the next morning to join the army. During the battle, we attempted to go after Abu Sufyan but in the process, got killed. Jamila, his wife, who spent the night and morning with her husband and after his death, she found out that she was pregnant with her late husband’s son. She was so proud of her new knowledge that she called witnesses to testify on her behalf.

Jamila was now a woman who had been married and with a child under her care so who would marry such a woman right? Wrong. A man named Talha, who was one of the ten to be guaranteed Jannah, married her and placed her son Mohammad ibn Hamadala under his care. Hardly do we hear of situations where a sister who has been divorced or widowed, getting remarried to a man, let alone, a great man. In the case of a sister getting remarried, than perhaps she would agree to the marriage a man who she may not be content with and Allah knows best. She may think to herself, its better to be married to a man who may not help my status with Allah rather than dealing with the worlds problems by myself. But that is the difference between our society and the society of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

If we wish to taste success as a nation then we must take the path of those who came before us. If we choose not to take their path, than Allah stands in no need of us and we shall fail. In the end, history will record our page and declare our generation was a generation that failed. So let’s assist each other in coming closer to Allah. No more criticism that brothers cant do this or that nor should the brothers think negatively of their sisters because in the end of all those talks, we only have each other. We’re all one body connected and if one of us becomes weak, than we’re all victims to that same weakness.