A Confession to Poetic Justice

O’ Poetic Justice, today I’ve come to you with a saddening state of emotions and a heart that has been torn apart. I am a man from among the creation of males and I’ve come to give my confession. You’ve been my companion from the very beginning and in my previous confession, I’ve split the news to you about my first love. If we were to flip the pages further back, you would recall our sessions where I drew out my goals and mapped out a life plan.

You’ve kept my words a secret and my trust for you has grown to become great, especially at this present moment. I do not think you would betray me and reveal my secrets about our sessions to any from mankind. But I have betrayed you. I have taken pages from our work and shared them with the great public. It was only my intention to mean good. Some have benefited from your pages and others revisit from time to time. I do not think you are upset with me, or else I would have found a rebellious behaviour from you on my return to write some more. So forgive me if I’ve done you wrong. Now, let us move on.

Today I’ve come to share the revealation of words unknown to any man. Such a confession would expose my new and only promise to Allah. I warn you, such a confession may cause the literature written on your pages, to fall from its place of rest. I’ve come to update you on my quest to find the leaders of my time. The leaders that would guide us to the sweet taste of victory that will continue throughtout every stage in life.

Victory that has no limits. Victory that has no boarders. Victory that will never end. 

Now allow me to stop myself from these foolish assumption that victory could be granted to the believers on every occasion. Almost laughable. But go ahead and laugh at me because such thoughts have caused the exposure of my ignorance, which I desperately try to conceal from the eyes of mankind.

Had the case been that every time a group of believers stood to fight on the battlefield, victory would be theirs, then the ranks of the believers would be occiped with hypocrites. But the Sunnah of Allah has it that one day victory shall be ours, only to be followed by defeat, which awaits us on the very next day. Such a sunnah is full of Great Wisdom and mercy.

It exposes the secret that every individual wants to associate with the winning side, even if that individual is a liar and untrue to his covenant. But let it be known that warriors emerge through the harshest of events and sometimes they are the products of a defeated army. 

It is those moments when the heart reaches the throat and breathing seems impossible, that a male grows from a boy to a man. Its those moments when fear takes control of all the affairs of the body that would cause a man to look towards the heavens and proudly say, “I have sold myself to You, my Lord. Have mercy on me for my feet remain firm and my weak body is preoccupied with fear”. At that moment, the leaders I’ve been searching for, are born.  

So where are the great men who stand for the truth and fear not the blame of the blamers. Where are the men who have taken the path of the great ones who came before us? Where are the men who have sold their souls to Allah?  

Unfortunately, many of them are in their graves buried six feet under our self-fish souls.

Many nights, my soul cries in their remembrance. At times, my mind recreates the events that took place before their death and I quickly wake up from such a dream, while my body is under amens heat. The heat causes my soul to feel ashamed and I hold my hand high towards the sky and start my guilty confessions of the crimes I’ve committed throughout life. It is that moment that I humble myself before Allah in the most private of all my rooms.

The very next morning, I occupy myself with thoughts that cause me to forget the events from the previous night. When the moment of departure from my house arrives, I leave with positive thoughts towards the world only to witness the presence of the cowards who pose on every street corner. Men that hide behind fake words and claims. Men that have placed a high price tag for their weak and useless souls. If I could, I would line them all up and throw sand into their faces before I spit on them.  But I’ve been forbidden from doing such an act.

Instead I remain optimistic towards a bright future. A future where the next generation of leaders are created under my responsibilty and care. And that O’Poetic Justice, is my promise to Allah.

I promised Allah that I would remain committed to my parenting so the next generation of leaders can be a product of my house hold. Such a promise to Allah can not be made without fear entering the soul. I fear that I will not remain true to my promise and I will be doomed. But now since my words have gone forth and the angels have recorded my statement, there is no going back. I accept the challenge. I accept it while I supplicate to Allah asking Him to simplify my task. I ask Him to grant me children who are righteous so they can stand bravely for His cause. When all of us who walk the earth today will be engaged with the events of the grave, they will remain as the next generation of leaders for the Muslim nation. I will raise them inshAllah. I will teach them the tools to obtain success. I will make them understand that success can only be found with Allah.

O’Allah, I ask from You that which is good for me because I do not know and You know best. Grant me offsprings that will lead the next generations of Muslims to prosperity and place them and us under Your mercy.


4 Responses

  1. Amiiiiiiin may allah swt accept this from you and may he swt make this easy for you.
    When looking at the lives of our ulama of the past like Iman Ahmed ibn hanbal and Iman bukhari its was their mothers who worked hard day and night in order for their sons to study the deen. Imaan Ahmed ibn Hanbal mother would wake up hours before her son to heat the water in order for her son to do his wudu, then in the cold nights of Baghdad she would walk her son to the masjid for fajr earlier then everybody else just so that her son can pray in the first row and then have the best seat during the classes. She will wait until her son finishes his study then she would walk him back home. When he became old enough she packed for him some food and money and told him to go leave and study feesibillah. Subhnallah the stories are many yet how heedless are we that we do not benefit from them.

    Anwar al awlaki say in one of his lec that allah swt is preparing his ummah for victory yes in our time that these are the golden years. Where the rewards are many yet only a few blessed ones are able to appreciate it.

    Again a beautiful entry keep them coming bro
    assalamu alikum

  2. May Allah grant that to you with ease, Ameen to your dua’

    It is not an easy task, but Allah subhanaHu wata’ala is able to make it easy, so may He make it easy for those striving to please Him in this respect. May Allah please you in regards to your children, and may your children be pleased in regards to you.

  3. Assalamualaikum Akhee Ameen.

    Hope n pray you to be good in health,better in wealth(of knowledge &wisdom) and best in E’maan Inshallah tabaraka wa-ta’la.Also that May the best of the organiser of our affairs&the best programmer of our life enable you to achieve n accomplish your targets,goals aims etc.-a’meen ya rabbal a’lameen.

  4. May Allah(swt) keep you firm and steadfast in this commitment insha’Allah, Aameen.

    Many of us are too shy to mention such a thing or are too afraid to make such a promise out loud for fear of failing. Yet we all do yearn for the same aspirations in the end. May Allah(swt) grant it to those of us who have similar goals and make it a means for our ultimate success! Allahumma ameen.

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