A World Free From Women

Caught between two positions

Living life righteous or causing mischief

Receiving reward or getting punished

Making the right choice or being foolish

I’m a young soul trying desperately to mold into my roll

As a leader from amongst the men in this cold world

Will I succeed in my mission

Only Allah truly knows

I embark upon the road to meet my Lord entertaining new thoughts

Pondering over a world with no women, just swords and rocks

A world where the strong survive and weak souls thrown into cages and locked

A world with no women, no children, no trips to enjoy the view at the docks

A world free from pretty boys and their chucks

No pick up lines directed at women trying to fulfill a lust

A world where dress shirts have been exchanged for armor that covers the chest

Where the pens and papers for poets have been buried and put to rest

A world where the men are standing in straight lines

Facing each other while engaged in acts of war and crimes

A life free from the presence of men who speak lies

No women encouraging their men as they stand to the side

Just blood shed during the day and some parts of the night

A world where death meets a man at the price of a sword

Not at the voice of a woman who continues to nag until he becomes old

A world where fulfilling a desires doesn’t mean spending a night with your wife

But sharpening your sword and training your horse so you can fight into the night

A world where the fighters from the same team meet at the edge of a known lake

Where the mentality of such men is make or break

Where death is just as real as life and life is no better then death

A life where every man is a soldier

Whether that man is courageous or a known coward


7 Responses

  1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Akhee…the above sounds like something, someone would write after they woke up. (ie; from sleep, day dreaming, analyzing etc)…..beautiful reflection….ps: where will these men be created from if there would no women? If these men are that are going out to fight and some are being sent to the TOMB, then their must be a WOMB?…right? anyhow..keep them coming!

  2. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Akhee…the above sounds like something, someone would write right after they woke up. (ie; from sleep, day dreaming, analyzing etc)anyhow…..beautiful reflection….ps: from whom and where were these men created from if there would be no women? + If these are the men that are that going out to battles, that means some are being sent to the TOMB, then their must be a WOMB?…right? anyhow..keep them coming…!

  3. It was rather interesting that you chose women as a sight of both pleasure and pain. The poem has remenants of sadness and great triumph. Of desire and destruction. Of love and hate.May you find peace in your verses.

  4. AkheeAb, Its interesting how you’re looking greater into the world I speak about. A world where men exist but no women lol. Of course we need our women so they can bring such strong men into existence and therefore the world I speak about will never come to existence.

    Jamilah, welcome to the blog.
    Why am I not surprised that you would find the meanings behind my words. You catch on to the themes I speak about faster then rain drops fall from the sky. I guess next time I will be required to do a better job in concealing the messages hidden in my words. But even with such efforts, my messages would probably expose themselves to you.

  5. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Or we can look it at the (mujahidin) who are looked up behind bars and have to bare with patience from the outside of the prison walls who are not physically in society. They could be the ones who are living in a society where there is ‘no women’, especially the innocent brothers who are handed life sentences.

  6. ^^^Excellent observation and an amazing point you make. If such men were released then prehaps they would be a reflection of the men I describe in my writing.

    May Allah have mercy on them and us

  7. Akhee…I found this in the almaghrib form…thougt I might add it with your reflection.

    Ibn Katheer says something really interesting to explain this verse:

    Tafsir of Surah al-Rum [30] : 21

    If Allah had made all of Adam’s progeny male, and created the females from another kind, such as from Jinn or animals, there would never have been harmony between them and their spouses. There would have been revulsion if the spouses had been from a different kind. Out of Allah’s perfect mercy He made their wives from their own kind, and created love and kindness between them. For a man stays with a woman because he loves her, or because he feels compassion towards her if they have a child together, or because she needs him to take care of her, etc.

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