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Facts About Myself
February 1, 2008

1) I hate attention. That didn’t come out right. Let me try to rephrase the sentence, I meant to say, I dislike too much attention. That still doesn’t describe me. Hummm let me try one more time, I mean to say, I can do without attention. Exactly. I can live without people’s attention.

2) Whenever I walk into a local grocery store, I walk straight past the produce department and into the yummy, apparently unhealthy section and I feel no regret about the decision to ignore the fruits and vegetables.

3) One afternoon during my childhood, my younger brother decided he was going to provoke our neighbour’s pit bull, who had been chained to a tree on their property. My brothers and I followed the younger one outside and watched him go about his mission. In a matter of minutes, he was successful in provoking the dog and as a result, the pit bull broke the chain and started coming in our direction. My brothers and I ran for our lives and I thought to myself since everyone is running, why don’t I just stop because the dog will probably chase those that run right? So I pressed the brakes and the dog flew passed me like a wild beast pursuing a pray. I felt relief. I smiled but I kept my eyes on the wild beast. To my surprise, the dog suddenly stopped. It turned around and looked in my direction. My smile became worry and shortly afterwards, I TOOK OFF running in the opposite direction. I looked back and the dog was gaining ground on me so I started to scream, “Yo, it wasn’t me…it was a little short kid. Just chill…I’m sure we can work this out…” Next thing I knew, the dog declined my offer and sacked me like a quarterback. I fell down but I tried to jump right back up but the monster of a dog, over powered me and the result of the situation caused my mother and I to spend half a day in the local hospital.

4) I buy a fresh pack of socks every week. I can’t imagine going to the masjid while my socks are…You know! Not so clean…

5) I can’t cook but I love to eat. When those that are able to cook are away from home, I feed myself with the junk known as fast food.

6) I actually enjoy listening to what people have to say. It’s interesting how our experiences in life can cause different reactions to perhaps the same situation. It’s just when people start repeat the same old things that causes frustration to appear on my side. 

7) A few summers ago, I was at a local park with some friends and we saw some young boys playing with a soccer ball. Suddenly, they redirected their attention to a loose dog that was walking about freely in the public park. A young boy from amongst them, decided he was gonna have some fun so started barking at the dog until the dog rewarded his barking with attention. The young boy then decided he would take off running in order to provoke the dog so the scruffy, medium built dog accepted his offer and started to pursue the young boys. It brought back memories of my incident with that wild, out-of-trouble, crazy beast that almost ate my left arm. I started to pursue the dog that was chasing the young boys and I finally managed to get the attention of the dog. It glanced back at me and refocused its attention. It gave me a look of ” So you’re trying to be a hero eh?” and it quickly started pursuing me and I stood there frozen. I had the option of running but I was like, “You know, I haven’t been to the hospital in a while so why not take one for the team..”. I continued to stand there and awaited the brutal outcome of such a connection. Luckily for me and unfortunately for the beast, its owner had come close enough to call the dog back. It obeyed its owner and I avoided a chance to visit the emergency room.

8 ) I think cats are creepy. I have this theory that their up to no good but I’m lacking the proof to support such a theory.

9) I hate milk but I force myself to drink it because the Prophet (saw) loved it and I also want to learn to love it.

10) For the last three years, there was one particular ayaat in the Quran that captured my attention. I’ve been repeating it to myself and I was confused why my soul was so stuck on such a short ayaat. I’ve spent so much time analyzing and reflecting but every time I took two steps forward in better understanding the ayaat and how it affects my daily life, I found myself back at the starting line of such thoughts. SubhanAllah just yesterday, Allah, the Majestic and All-Knower, granted me success in my attempts to figure why my soul selected such an ayaat. I’ve discovered great lessons in my long journey. I intend with His permission to share the ayaat and the results of why my soul kept repeating to me the same words for over 36 months. Although at the present, I’m awaiting the arrival of words that can properly describe my new realization.

11) You will never catch me drinking cranberry juice. It’s disgusting. In fact, question three of my five questions I would ask a potential wife would be, “how do you feel about cranberry juice?”. The answer better be a negative or I’m running…

12) During a summer vacation to Ethiopia, my cousin took me to a petting zoo. We walked into the zoo and I looked around trying to observe the different animals that were available to the public. My cousin assumed since I was from Canada, I would be more interested in the controversial animals and so he guided me to a crowed section of the zoo. When I got close enough to see the animal, I looked at him and said, “Ummm yeah, that kinda looks like a wild hyeina that the people are petting. Whats up with that?” My cousin looked at me with confusion and said, “You guys don’t have hyenas? Their perfectly safe animals. Come and let me show you?”. “Show me what? That their wild and out of control animals? By the way yo, we have hyenas but their normally locked in cages and away from the hands of the public for obvious reasons. But show me if you got to show me…” I replied. So my cousin walks up to the animal and stretches his hand forward and the animal watched him with peace has he started petting it. Than it was my turn, do you think I actually touched the beast? Ehhh…NO.

13) I just realized an important point and I have to write it down so give me a second. That’s what I do when I discover things, I rush to write them down.

14) Sometime ago during one of my night shifts at work, I went out on my break to get a coffee from the donut shop that was open. It was late at night and no one was on the streets except those who were up to no good and the police that always seem to be on a break. So I plugged the MP3 player into my ears, lowered my head as I started walking. After a little while I saw a Muslim woman on the streets. It was weird cause it was late at night and the picture of this sister walking on the streets didn’t seem right. She was dragging her feet and hanging her head. She looked like she was depressed. I picked up the pace and when I was close enough to talk to her, I said, “Assalam alaikum”. She looked at me with sad eyes and didn’t respond. “Are you ok?…” I asked and again, nothing. So I thought to myself, maybe she’s crazy so just leave her alone but I wasn’t certain so I tried again. “Listen, are you okay cause it’s late and I don’t know why you’re on the streets”. She looked at me with rage and said, “leave me alone”. I was like “Whoa”. Shaitan jumped into the conversation and insisted I leave her alone but something wasn’t right and I was like, “I’m not trying to bother you but you’re a Muslim woman walking the streets at this time and something must be wrong?”. “You don’t even know me so leave me alone…”. ” I know I dont know you but you’re a Muslim woman and I’m responsible for you”. As soon as I said those words, she started crying. She said words that I remember like I remember the night over powering the day and day overcoming the night. She said, “my husband beats me every night and my children don’t respect me. My iman is low and I believe I am from the people of the fire”. Tears started to form in my eyes. I felt her pain and I wanted to cry but I had to remain strong for her. She continued and said, “I left my house tonight in order to kill myself so leave me alone…”. At that particluar moment, there was NOTHING in the world that would cause me to walk away from my sister in Islam. I mean, nothing. Except of course if Allah decreed to take my soul and in that case, I have no say in the matter but I didn’t entertain the thought of letting her do what she got to do. I understood it was by the will of Allah that our paths crossed that night and I knew Allah with His wisdom, guided me to meet her cause He knew I would never leave her side. And how could I leave her side when she informed me of such an evil plan? So I remained with her and Allah knows best as to the outcome of that situation. May Allah have mercy on her…

15) In my final semester of college, I decided I wanted to take a creative writing class. I walked into my classroom and I didn’t really know what to expect. I sat there in class and when my instructor walked in, her presence contained energy. It was like this weird type of energy and I can’t really explain it. We went around the class and we each had an opportunity to talk about our writing history but it didn’t take me long to realize half the people in my class can’t even speak English. Can you believe it? You’re trying to write and not just write but write with creativity and yet you can’t speak the language. How does that work…? I don’t know but stay tuned cause I didn’t drop the class and I’ve experienced much in that class already.