Question Session with Ameen

In my recent sit down with Wolf Blitzer of the Situation Room (ok ok..Im just joking) I was thrown a few questions covering different topics. I think overall…I answered the questions quite well…but who am I too judge 🙂

Question: Are you officially back as an active member of the Almaghrib forums?

Answer: Well..not really. I don’t have anything against Almaghrib but their forums arent as productive as I hoped it would become. However,  last week I dropped by their forums to show my respects.

Question: In recent times, there has been a louder voice coming from you calling for the closure of the Somali Student Association, why is that?

Answer: I just think we’re stronger with unity rather than having all these small groups scattered all over the place. However, I dont want people to misunderstand my vision and try to limit the closure of these small groups to just the SSA because I’ve also spoken out against the Pakistani Student Association and also the Afghani Student Association. I would rather see these groups unite under one banner and perhaps the most appropriate banner would be the Muslim Student Association.

Question: We’ve come to realize that you’re a huge Toronto Raptors fan. In all honestly, how far do you think they will go in this year’s playoffs?

Answer: Shout. I dont know. I hope they could win the NBA championship but maybe thats asking too much. I just hope they can somehow win a game or two against their first round opponents, the Ceveland Cavs.

Question: A reader sent in this question through the net..perhaps you can shed some light on it. “Some of your readers have noticed that you’ve been suffering from The Fever, observations that have been faced with sharp criticisms and outright denial on your part. How else do you explain your symptoms, namely your recent visits to the forums and numerous posts on the topic? And is it possible that you may indeed have a serious case, but fail to notice it as your observant fans have?”

Answer: Wow. Now this question is tough. *reviews the talking points for the day and realizes those points to be of little use* So to answer the reader’s question, I would have to keep it simple and just say, Yes…perhaps in some weird, unknown way…I’m slightly suffering from something. Perhaps even something that can be labeled a “cold” (which is different from the fever which needs to be properly diagnosed by a legal Canadian doctor) But again, dont get it twisted. I said “slightly”. Whatever the case, Im a man and I will admit that I focus alot on the topic of marriage and aforetime, I had even spent much time commenting and throwing around my two cents in such folders as Love Notes and Fiqh of Love. (*coughs*Which is now being used as evidence against me)

Question: You spend alot of time watching programs and interviews on CNN when you know, such programs are not factully reliable. Why do choose to do that?

Answer: Because I enjoy listening to what you have to say Wolf.

Question: What does poetry mean to you?

Answer: Honestly, it means alot. Its the channel I use to release tension. Its my escape button from a world of misfortune. And all and all…its my connection to the secrets of my subconscious.

Question: Do you believe you will be successful in this world?

Answer: Yes (inshAllah). How can a man who doesn’t give up not drink from the cup of success? Success to me comes through dedication and commitment which I have submitted to.

Question: How do you feel about those woman who consider themselves to be feminists?

Answer: I dont know. How do the Jews feel about Hitler?

Question: Are you planning to attend the next Almaghrib course?

Answer: Heck Yeah..I mean, InshAllah. But yo seriously, I sincerely ask Allah to make me among those who attend this course cause I missed the last class and I can not miss this one (inshAllah).

Question: If you were given a daughter, what would you like to name her?

Answer: Aqsa (and dont try to steal that name cause its mine…all mine…)

Question: As Muslims, you believe in the hereafter. Do you think you’ll be successful in the life to come and obtain the Paradise ordained for the believers?

Answer: Well that my friend is the question that keeps me up at night. Seriously speaking, inshAllah I really do hope I will succeed because I can not afford anything less. I just hope I don’t waste my youth when I can use this period of time to do so much for the religion and for my own status before Allah.

Question: Are you following the Democratic race taking place in U.S. politics? Who do you think will come out on top?

Answer: Whats that lady’s name? The lady with the evil face? The one who lies, time after time and treats everyone around her as if their children? Well…whatever her name is..I hope she doesn’t take it. In fact, she’s down in the overall popular vote and has lost more states than Mr. Obama so I don’t see her winning unless homeboy gives her the win. And if he does that…what can I say, he was meant to lose this race from the very beginning.

Question: What do the following things have in common; a woman, Lance Armstrong, the letter “C” and fresh water?

Answer: Either they’re a cure for cancer, can be used to spell the word cancer or have at some point, experienced it. Well..actually, a woman can cure alot of things but Im not too sure she can cure cancer just as of yet. Hmmm…I’ll get back to you on this one.

Question: What do you think about women who propose to men or approach them with the interest of marriage?

Answer: Well, thats cool. In my period of Time, a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do. Im just saying, if the men were awake than the women wouldn’t need to take matters into their own hands right? Right. So I say..”Do you hijabi and may Allah forgive us”

Question: Finish the following sentences.

What goes up must…..

(Ameen) come down.

What turns right….

(Ameen) cant possible go left?

If its not moving….

(Ameen) than its probably standing still

If it overpowers you and you cant see it, what is it?

(Ameen) Thats what I call…love.

Question: Do you think Americans are dumb people?

Answer: I want to say yes but lets give them until November and if they vote (Bush Jr, otherwise known as) John McCain into office than I guess the answer will be known to us all. The answer in that case would be, “Ahh YES!, they are…how can we ever doubt this after they have voted in Mr. Lets Stay in Iraq for another 100 years” How dumb can one group of people be…

Question: Why talk about marriage so much in your blog? Are you trying to hint on something?

Answer: Are you trying to cause me to stumble over my answer. *thinks twice before continuing*. Why not talk about marriage? Is there something wrong with that?

Question: Why are you answering my question with questions of your own?

Answer: Oh sorry, didn’t mean to play your role. To answer your previous question, marriage is an important issue. It dominates many of the conversations young people have (more in the past than in the present) so I just thought I would share my own views on the subject. Didn’t mean to cause trouble…just thought I’d play around with a few words and see what I can create.

Question: What do you get when you combine a hijabi and a well trained horse?

Answer: That’s easy. You got yourself a fearless, modest warrior.


16 Responses

  1. What school’s SSA are you referring to? I see your point, but at the same time I understand why minority communities need to organize themselves and band together for support. It helps them to grow and advance together in this society… what Somalis need, since we’re pretty behind. I do think it’s just as important to be involved in the MSA for those same exact reasons, in addition to being around other Muslims and participating in their many activities.

    … and I think you’re a closet feminist. Don’t hate lol

  2. Me? Feminist? HAAAA

    The parable that would decribe how I feel about feminism is one Jewish man locked in a room with four members of Hamas, with nowhere to go. Think about it. The Jewish man presents feminism while the men from Hamas represent my feelings towards feminism. So in that case, who do you think would come out of the room alive and kickin? The Jewish man? I DONT THINK SOOOO…*runs away laughing all the way to his Poetic Justice, writes down a few more words and returns to the screen*

    So yeah, enough about what or who is a feminist lover or hater.

    Moving on, there are some arguements people can make for having an SSA but its only my belief that unity brings strength and not the creation of small, scattered groups by minorities during a period which division has distroyed just about every foreign community that causes me to speak out against such groups as the SSA. But what do I know right?

  3. Yeah… what do you know? 😉

  4. Hi walaal, I’m a straggler from SOL who saw mention of your blog and decided to read it for myself.. just wanted to comment on the following:
    “Question: What do you think about women who propose to men or approach them with the interest of marriage?” I must say your answer to this is so the total opposite of what we’re taught to be believe in this “he’s just not that into you” world we live in…

    Awesome blog btw..

  5. Nada welcome to the blog and thanks for the kind comment.

    Sometimes what we’re being taught is different from the reality of whats actully going on. But you know this whole, “he’s just not into you” mentality is foolish in my view. How would they know he’s not into you? I think, when it really comes down to it, people are just afraid of rejection. A woman might see a man she finds suitable for marriage but hesistates to drop the first clue that shes interested in him because maybe she’s shy or afraid of rejection. Shyness is acceptable but there is a price that comes with it. Sometimes when a person is shy, it pervents them from accomplishing what they intend to do. For example, a brother wants to give dawah but since he’s a shy guy, the chances of him actually approaching random people and calling them to Islam is slim and Allah knows best.
    If the problem is fear of rejection then we need to look within ourselves and realize the matter has already been decided. So dont stress it. Just make a decision and follow through with it inshAllah.

  6. Hmmm, you have a point…this would make an interesting thread in SOL, don’t you think… since you’re such an great writer, you should totally write something on the subject ..(no peer pressure intended)

  7. Hmmm Interesting post indeed! lol Mashallah. hmmm. Are Americans dumb….hmmm. lol

    Lool @ Nada! I’m inclined to agree with you. Ameen what do you say eh.

  8. Nada and Ibtisam, do y’all really want me to write about “A women’s fear to APproach the “potential” brother of her dreams?”

    You know, if I start to write about it…Im no longer accountable for what becomes revealed on my Poetic Justice right? If thats cool with y’all then allow me to write.

    Ibtisam, I got the idea from Safia’s blog and I didnt know you wanted to summit a question or two to ask? Hmmmm..maybe next time.

  9. Ameen, I’m totally cool with you starting a thread..but maybe we should work on the title, “A woman’s fear to approach…” lacks a certain…how you say…je ne sais quoi….what i was saying was that society tells us that a woman should never do the approaching b/c men are the proverbial hunters, they live for the thrill of the chase, etc etc blah blah, if a woman should do the approaching it means she’s desperate, easy, etc etc blah blah…and more recently we’re told that if you’re in the company of a man (let’s say you’re good friends/co-workers/classmates) and he doesn’t ask you out, it means he’s just not into you in that way..
    my argument is, its not an unwarranted fear if a sistah is gonna be labeled desperate and/or easy…and don’t even get me started on what somalis would be saying b/c you know everyone and they mama will be talking about how she practically dragged him down the aisle…
    pathetic indeed, but it’s the world we live in…there’s nothing else to do but pray Ilahay inu kugu beego qof wanaagsan…

  10. Salamu alaikum

    Nada Wallal I don’t think its only Somalis that have a prob with women proposing. i don’t even think the issue is with the proposal , its the entire “getting to know each other” process that People so often use to justify extensive talking and intermixing with the opposite gender.
    I think if a sister was sincerely interested in a brother and approached the situation maturely and in accordance with the Sunnah, we wouldn’t have any problems nor would anybody be talking, plus she would have nothing to fear because she’s not committing any sins.
    However the truth is that , this is not the matter in which it normally happens . The sad reality is that females are trowing themselves left and right trying to please guys that they barely know. And this is what I have a problem with , its like some sisters don’t even recognize the ‘Iza that Allah subhannah wa ta ala granted them just by virtue of being a muslimah . So I mean if it wasn’t for Islam we wouldn’t be any different then the non Muslims but we need to really internalize Islam until everything we do is governed by it. thats it for now
    Fi Aminillah

    *** Qmajd***

  11. Both Nada and Bint AdbulQadir make good points.

    But subhanAllah, I just realized how differently men and women process almost the same situation. Although yes, everything should be done in accordance to Islam and the Sunnah, the reality is…we lack the foundation to carrying out each and every action. We lack to place our trust (I mean, with our hearts and not with words) in Allah.

    Ok. Check this. In my point of view, if a sister is interested in a brother and the interest is sincerely for marriage reasons, I say do what you have to do BUT BUT BUT follow the rules. The rules set for the match and that is to say, Islamic rules and not cultural or rules generated by pride. Sometimes, brothers feel an overwhelming need to take their time with issues such as marriage and other major components to their lives. Honestly, we acknowledge that marriage is important and it IS something that awaits us (inshAllah) but most of the time, its the “U know, I got plenty of time inshAllah…so I dont need to rush” mentality that leads to the growing frustration and calls of “where are all the decent brothers?” by our sisters. When in reality and contrary to our beliefs, this is not the best time for a brother to think “I got until 30 inshAllah”, when the evils of society are shinning brighter than ever before. But try telling that to a brother. So whats the solution? Hmmmmm. Honestly, I dont know the any of you?

  12. Assalamu Alaykum, Akhee wa Akhtee. Sorry to get into your guys’ debate, but if you don’t mind, to my knowledge, there are brothers and sisters out there that brothers/sisters of all sort of eeman approach a sister/brother they think is eligible to marry in their eyes just from what they see and like (because they think they are ready) (ie, demeanor, behavious, character, personality, looks, eeman, piety, righteousness and reputation etc) and not worrying about what others will say because it’s something that they sincerely or desire to get into to fulfill their deen with Allah tabrak taala or they think they are ready and need to have their opposite partner in life. Being a brother in Islam, I’ve personally come across sisters that are just ready to get married, mainly because it’s in their nature and Allah knows best why else , but almost wherever I would go I would see this in them, and there are the ones who sincerely need to do it for Allah tabarak taala and to try and complete their deen. I personally think that there are way too many sisters out there, on top of that many of them are ready to get married, but to my experience, there are not many brothers out there and on top of that not much are practicing brothers and are visible to them, so to me its seems that they might take the chance with the one brother they see the mariage tag on him. Allah knows best why, but I’ve been in situations where a sister would just ask me, ‘do you want to get married’ at a public even and it makes me sad that there are not many brothers out there that these sisters can fulfill their deen with. May Allah taabarak taala give us all the strength we need to pratice patience becuase everything comes from you, ya As Sabr and may he forgive us for our shortcomings and anything that we’ve written which caused him to be displeased with us and the peace and blessings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family and compantions.

  13. Wa salamu Alaikum Wa rahamtulahi Wa barakatu

    I wouldn’t exactly call it a debate but join in Akhee…….
    Marriage is a BIG DEAL, and people do need to think things over, and take their time with it, at the same time we live in times where we’re surrounded by vices and so we need to protect ourselves. It’s true that some brothers have the “I got until 30” mentality which adds to the problem, but the opposite is also true – sisters hiding behind the “I have to finish my school first” excuse. Now I’m not against this, I’m just saying it doesn’t help the situation. But I would say the major factor is people being SO stuck on the idea of finding the “perfect” brother or sister, that they often reject or overlook other potential candidates. This issue seems to be more complicated then I first thought so I will leave it at that for now.

    Wasalamu alaykum

  14. Assalam alaikum

    The issue is VERY complicated and in some ways, its our responsibilites as youth, to work towards bringing the important aspect to the table. Ok fine, I understand not everyone is interested in getting married but that doesnt mean we should just ignore the situation. I agree with Bint AbdulQadir that many of us are sitting back, drinking our cup of tea, awaiting for the arrival of the PERFECT spouse…but catch the joke, there is NO such person. Like one loveable shiek said to me, “if you find a woman and she fulfills 80% of the qualities you seek in a potential wife than marry her and place your trust in Allah”…at the time, I was like…”OOOOOOKKKKKKKK, awkward Ya’Shiek…moving on the another topic 🙂 ” but now I fully understand what he meant. I think another issue that needs to be addressed while it is more important for the sisters to find the “perfect” brother, I think on the brothers side….they always seem be to waiting for that “hijabi model” type of sister. You know, the one that has unbelievable beauty and every man will acknowledge that she is just too too fine. Yeah, I think for most…they need to come back down to reality. Another issue can be, “hey, I cant really understand these Muslim women from West nowadays so I think Im just gonna marry a nice Muslimah from back home” and not only does that type of brother follow through with his words, but he goes around and encourages more brothers to follow his foot steps. The result, more young men flying back home, finding it quite easy to be paired up with a woman they find suitable and as more and more brothers take such a path, I could only wonder…who will marry our sisters here in the West?

  15. Wow big debate. lol. Too bad, i’m short of time.

    Ameen, please post the thread. lol and a new title is required, the fear etc.. is far too long. Get to work. 🙂

    I got to study, so inshallah will see you soon. Take care and keep writing. Inshallah the best Iman and health


  16. Ibtisam, I know you wont read this comment of mine for a few days but I still got to say it 🙂

    Its not like me to start threads, but I do contribute in them 😉

    Anyways, keep studying hard (which reminds me, ALHAMDUILAH Im done with mine and I feel like a whole lot of burden has been lifted off of me) but stay focused on yours and may Allah have mercy on you

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