OPPS! What Did We Just DO…

His phone rang. He placed his hand into his pocket and raised the phone towards his head. It said, “Amina calling” and he rushed to answer the phone. Amina was his younger sister and he loved her much. He answered the phone, only to receive a request from her. “Hey Jameel, are you at the mall?” she asked.

“Yeah, you need something?”, replied Jameel.

“Can you stop off at H and M and PLEASE get me one of those scarfs? You know, the ones that look like a hijab that I can wear underneath? Do you know what Im talking about?”

“H and M right? I think I know what you’re talking about. But which color should I get?”

“Get me a bright pink or a green and if they dont have that, than just call me and let me know what they have in stock ok? And the best sadaqah is the sadaqah given to your family and Yo, Im your sister so hook it up bro..” She reminded him.

Jameel smiled to himself and set off for the opposite side of the mall, where H and M  was located.  Upon finding the store, he walks in and lacks to notice the large amount of female shoppers in the store. He continues to walk around the store searching for the scarf in which his sister requested but his search was leading to a growing feeling of frustration within his heart. Jameel loved to be organized so his inability to find what he was searching for had exposed his lack of patience. He became agitated with the situation but his love for his sister caused him to continue walking up and down the store until the decree had finally reached him. She introduced herself. She said, “hi my name is Kay, is there anything I can help you with?”. He turned around and her beauty shinned bright into his eyes. Quickly, he lowered his gaze. “Are you ok?” she asked. “Im fine. Im just looking for a scarf or something of that nature for my sister. Can you tell where I can find that…?”. Normally, Jameel wasn’t the over-religious type of brother, although he prayed, fasted and tried to keep his duties to Allah, his lack of good companions had taken a real heavy toll on his overall faith level but on this occasion, he kept reminding himself, “fear Allah, fear Allah and fear Allah”.

“I can show you if you want? Just follow me…” Kay stated as she walked towards a different area of the store. “So your sister wants a scarf you say? We have different sizes, do you know what size or material she’s looking for?”. “Well Im not sure what material she’s wants but I think the size needs to be large enough to go around her head like a hijab? I mean, the traditional Muslim women headgear.” “I know what a hijab is..I think its beautiful that Muslim women cover themselves and demand to be respected for their minds and not their bodies” she responded. Jameel, who had been trying to look away from her, looked towards her direction and noticed a different type of beauty from her. A beauty that reflected from her figure like the light of the sun but unlike the sun, her beauty refused to fade into the night. A beauty that could be heard from her voice even by those whom Allah had taken away their ability to see. He looked up and it was automatic. An attraction had built in his heart. Moreover, her lack of ignorance towards what seemed to be in interest for the religion of Allah, had caused her to become more appealing to him. He wanted her. He wanted her not just for the moment but for eternity. 

“Are you Muslim?” he asked. “Muslim, no…well at least not yet” she responded. “So here are the scrafs we have available. Any particular color…?”. “I think she wanted a pink one or something…Im not too sure” Jameel informed the young beautiful woman as he tried to get the conversation back on the track of talking Islam rather than focusing on a scraf. “Not yet, you said? But are you interested in Islam?” He asked. “Well…Im just searching for something and I dont know what it is…I feel like their is a God but Im not doing my part in finding Him, do you know what I mean..? She asked. “Yeah, I know what you mean” Jameel comforted her. He started to recall some study points from a class he took called, “how to call towards Islam” . “Are you Muslim” she asked seeking to get a confirmation for his part. “Yes, I am” Jameel stated. “Wow, you said that with confidence…but let me ask you, in Islam…you guys believe in One God right? And I heard that when everyone dies that you guys believe in like a resurrection or something. Like a Judgment Day right?” she inquired. “Right, we do. We also believe that whatever good or bad thing you do..it will be recorded in your life book and that book will be brought out on the Day of Judgment and be a witness for or against you..”. “Wow, thats deep” Kay replied. “You know, Islam is a very easy religion to understand and its nothing like what the media portrays it to be…” He responded. “I know..I’ve been looking into it and its nothing like what I thought it was..” she responded smiling shyly away from him as she recalls her previous wrongful perception of the religion. “I would love to meet up with you on another occasion and discuss Islam, if thats ok with you..? Maybe you can make clear to me some of these other misconceptions I have about your religion like a woman’s role in Islam or what is paradise and who is going to hell..? Stuff like that…” She asked with a drowning voice.

Jameel found himself in an awkward position. Not taking into consideration the seriousness of the situation, perhaps even blinded by the woman’s curiosity and beauty, he agreed to later meet up and discuss Islamic related issues. They exchanged information and he went about his ways. Not to mention, he forgot to buy his sister the scarf she wanted and Kay did little to help him remember.

A few days later, they met up at Starbucks and started to discuss Islam. One thing led to another and Islam became more appealing to Kay as she now started to develop feelings for Jameel. To the defense of Jameel, he used Islam to justify the meetings, reminding a handful of brothers that knew about Kay, “Im just trying to call her to Islam” but he lacked to realize the words he proclaimed and the feelings he harbored, both were known to Allah and Allah wanted to test Jameel through Kay, who made it known to Jameel that the love of Islam had reached her heart. But before she would accept Islam, she wanted him to help her break some of the figures of worship her and her family have been worshipping. So on one quiet, warm evening, Kay and Jameel removed some (and not all) of the idols from her home, took it to a bridge and threw it down with force from the top. The impact caused a smashing sound and the idols were no longer worthy of worship. They returned to his car and their desires got the best of them. Right there and then, on that very evening, they had unlawful sex. It was only after Jameel had fulfilled his desires that he realized the evilness of his actions. A man who worshiped Allah throughout the day and some parts of the night, had so quickly fallen to shame. The strong feeling of desire for her had transformed into regret. He looked at her and said, “you know, I wanted you more than anything in the world but now I feel like, the price of being with you has cost me everything I have, including my relationship with Allah”. His words brought pain to her. She started to fight to conceal her tears of pain. “Im sorry”, he said. “I didnt mean it like that. I just feel so shamed with myself and not you. Please dont hold me accountable for my words…”

“Take me home”, Kay requested. “And for whatever its worth, earlier today, I visited the masjid and I took my declaration of faith. If you’re upset with yourself, the least you can do is respect me. I am a Muslim and together we made this mistake”.

Moved by her words, Jameel remained silent and took her home. A few days later, she called him and made it known to him that she was pregnant. She was pregnant with his baby. Jameel fell silent. Overtaken by mixed emotion, he refused to respond to his new knowledge. He grew in confusion. His eyes poured out a sense of worry and his breathing grew with shorter strides. She said, “talk to me…”. He continued to remain silent. “By Allah, talk to me…?” Kay insisted. Again, no response from his side. “I swear by Allah, if you dont respond, I will take my case to Him and complain about you”, she demaned with a deeper tone of voice. “Give me some time to think..” he responded. “Time to think about what..? Im pregnant and we need to figure out something to do..”. “Kay, give me one hour to allow this information to sink in, than I will call you back. By Allah, I will call you back…” he requested from her. “Fine, one hour God willing” she replied.


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  1. Assalamu Alayaka, AKhee, what a read. It reminds me of the story of Basrisa from the Bani Isreal time who was a known as a true righteous and pious slave of Allah tabarak taala until he died in kufr, and not only dying in kufr but the worst way of kufr, by prostrating to shaitan al Rajim, after he convinced him of taking care of a female which was requested by a group of Mujahids who were going fee sabili Allahi. I’m pretty sure you know the story.

    Anyhow, I’m not sure if the Muslims out there know about this, but try to stay away from Starbucks and all the other companies that are being boycotted by us Muslims because of their support to Israel who are taking many countless lives of Muslims. Below is the link to the site, and whoever is reading this by Allah tabarak taala I ask you to print the pdf format of the companies and distribute them amongst your family, friends and community so that it is well known and in sha Allah taala our creator, Allah tabarak taala may he be glorified be pleased with us and reward us with our effort of support to our Muslims nation.


    (Ramathan poster of the companies in pdf format)


  2. woah. May Allah protect us all.

  3. Assalamu Alayka, ‘Baresa’ was a devoted Abdu Allah (slave of Allah taabrak taala). A very righteous and pieous man who lived during the time of Bani Isreal. A Trio of brothers wanted to go fee saa beeliAllah and they needed to have this sister taken care of because they had no one they can trust with her, so they only person that came to mind of all three of them was ‘Basresa’. They asked him to take this task, he declined by saying this is not a fitnah that I want to take care of.

    So the first trick Shaitan Al Rajeem trapped him with, was the thought of ‘oh, what if some fasiq or bad person ends up taking care of her’, so he felt guility by the trick of the cursed devil.

    So he agreed to take care of this female for the trio of brothers while they take care of their business for Allah taabrak taala, not knowing Shaitan Al Rajeem tricked him into the first step of the ladder. So he puts the girl in a little house, near his place of residence to keep a gaurd on her and delivers food on a daily basis by just leaving it on the floor of her front step, knocking the door and running back to his place of worshp to Allah taabrak taala on a constant basis and would do this for a while up until the cursed devil plans the second the trick on him.

    ‘Basrisa’ is now telling himself that ‘this female needs company, because she is a human being and we all need companionship to speak with, and this would be wrong of him plus it’s not right’ so Shaitan Al Rajeem tricked him into climing the second ladder by making him think to talk to the girl outside of her doorstep while she is in the inside so he does not cross the boundries of Allah tabarak taala and this was happening for a while right up until the cursed devil plotted the next trick.

    The next trick is by whispering to the righteous and pieous slave of Allah tabrak taala ‘Basrisa’ by telling him that he will not do anything wrong if he goes inside to speak to the girl, he will just ‘lower his gaze’ to protect himself, but not knowing that was the next step on the ladder to fitnah so he ended up following the whispers of Shaitan Al Rajeem and went into the house and started to speak to this female in the same room, thinking he will be safe if he just lowers his gaze while he is in there.

    Next thinkg you know, ‘Basrisa’ climbed another step to the trick of the cursed devil, he was in the room all along with girl and the obvious fornication occured, but that was not it, Shaitan Al Rajeem did not win yet. ‘Basrisa’ finds out the female got pregnant, so the cursed devil told him to kill the baby otherwise the tri of brothers will find out, and your repuation will be reuined, so he went and killed the baby that was delivered after a while of arguing with the female.

    The cursed devil came back to him and wanted him to keep climbing the ladder of tricks by him so he told him ‘you don’t think the female will tell this story to her brothers, you must get rid of her too, to be safe.’ So, ‘Basrisa’ ended up taking the life of the female thinking Shaitan Al Rajeem is helping him in this situation, when all he is doing is just climbing this ladder of tricks that most people in the world don’t even realize they are climbing, May Allah tabarak talla protect us from this. So, ‘Basrisa’ ended up burrying the baby and the female in one grave, the trio of brothers came back and Shaitan Al Rajeem toldh im to tell them that her time was up, so being Abdu Allahi they belived him.

    But that was not it, Shaitan Al Rajeem had another plan, the dream of the trio’s sister being killed came to all the brothers in the same night. They came together the next day and told each other their scary dream because the cursed devil also showed them where the body was in the dream. They all went to the grave, dug it up, took out the baby and their sister. They took “Basris’ to their local Sharia court of law to find justice in the law of Allah taabrak taala which is the only law that is allowed to be enforced by mankind any where on the Earth. So he was sentenced to be killed, but just before this Shaitan Al Rajeem came to him and told him I got you this far, and I an get you of this, (not knowing that Shaitain Al Rajeem was waiting for his last action, which is the end of the ladder for ‘Basrisa”. He told him, just before you get killed, make SUEJUD {position of prostrate on the ground just like in the prayer} to me. So, having to follwed the whispers of the cursed devil all along, he went and listened to this cursed devil and prostrated (audio biAllah) to him and was killed on the spot and died as a KAFIR. Not only did he die a kafir, but he died in the worst way of kufr, which is the prostration to the Shaitan Al Rajeem. Look at that, the most righteous and pieous slave of Allah tabarak taala ended up dying as non beliver of Islam.

    The moral of this sotry is too not fall for the traps of Shaitan Al Rajeem, and not to belittle minor sins and not to fall into traps of the cursed devil and not to even cross the boundraies of Allah taabrak taal. (ie: if the person in your story Ameen, knew that store is full of females and there is no sign of any males or even male products in there, he should know to not fall into the a step of the cursed devils ladder of going into the store and Allah taabrak taala would have made a way for the both of them because whoever gives up something for the sake of Allah taabrak taaala, he the Al Mighty will return something even better to his slave. Let’s not forget the plot that this cursed devil has for us every second of our lives. May Allah taabrak taala protect us from all kinds of evil, and evil acts and may he forgive us all for our shortcomings and if I have wrote anything that has caused him to be displeaed with me ya Rab Al Alameen wa salatu wa salam ala Rasolol Allahi..

  4. ASalamu alaikum

    i Agree, what a read….listen to Sh. Kamal AlMakki’s lecture on forbidden love, it relates a similar story and it really puts everything into perspective

    Jazakallah khair bro for posting the Boycott info

    Wasalamu Alaykum

  5. Muslimah, I know…like seriously “WHOA!” and Aameen to the dou’aa.

    Brother AB, thanks for the reminders and inshAllah I will look through the list and try to get the word out.

    Bint AbdulQadir, Forbidden Love is such an amazing lacture from the little points I could recall since Ive abandoned all “marriage” and “love” related lectures for the time being. But inshAllah, I try to read more on Ibn Hazm’s book “The Ring of the Dove” and see if he has written about this aspect of life.

    May Allah have mercy on us (Aameen)

  6. Asalamu Alekum,

    This story reminds me of my close friend that is the in the same situation. She is inlove with a non muslim that knows much about islam yet is not muslim. She on the other hand believes that if she stays with him she will indeed influence him to become muslim then marry him.

    Sometimes i wonder, does she not remember that hidaya is only in the hands of Allah swt?

    I tried everything to convince her otherwise but nothing seems to work. 😦

    May Allah swt give her that which is khayre for her. May Allah swt forgive us and guide us to his path. Ameen.

    So Ameen, what happens next?

  7. This made me cry, it reminds me of so many similar things and people I know or use to know.

    I hope inshallah that your friend did not add to his sins by killing a innocent child. 😦

  8. brother,

    this is a story is somewhat unbelieveable. I feel that it is unnessecery.
    Also, I know these kind of things happen but this perticular story is pretty far-fetched. Also, whenever you writing a story finish the whole thing.

  9. Far-fetched? With all due respect bro, I only recite stories as I know them or as they were delievered to me. Besides, the mere fact that I didnt finish the story would indicate that I wasnt intending for my readers to focus on the actual story but rather, the morals within them. Hence, the reason why I didnt finish the story my brother.

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