Frozen in Time

Frozen in time
Overtaken by flashes of previous crimes
Have I paid the price
Or will I do the time
Only Allah knows and I continue to live life

Taking journeys through my mind
I’ve visited the people of Thamud and watched them as they commited crimes
While they uttered lies against themselves for one more night
And when morning came, destroyed is what they became
Not one remained to offer me advice

Overwhelmed by hunger, I visited their stores
Recalling their cries of pain from the night before
I witnessed their dead bodies lying on the floor
That was the price they paid for committing endless crimes

Lying on my bed in the darkest of nights
I look towards the sky and sense Im in trouble cause I didnt do whats right
I lift the blanket in shame and place it over my head
Recalling the verses of punishment from the Quran that I read
But Im living this life to win the prize,
Stay consistent,
Show resistance,
And be persistent,
I remind myself in order to remain firm on faith and hold on to its light



2 Responses

  1. Hey Salamu Alaykum
    Im curious as to what inspired you to write this piece. What is like an ayat from the qur’an or ……
    Also can you actually say ” I’ve visited the people of Thamud and watched them rejoice …..” when in reality you didnt — unless ofcourse you dreamt of it and your simply recalling your dream.
    let me know inshallah. Wa salamu alaykum

  2. Assalam alaikum
    What inspired me to write this? I actually, from time to time, pay great attention to the ignorance of those around me and it reminds me of the stories and incidences that occurred before my time. And I guess, when I was writing this, I must have been overtaken by a high level of frustration caused by someone who completely surprised me with their lack of patience. Somehow, I connected that information to the inability of the People of Thamud to show obedience towards the simple commands of Saleh (their Messenger). But obviously, there is always more to the story in which I fight to conceal within myself  . Do excuse me….

    When I said, “I’ve visited the people of Thamud…” the answer to your question is the very line before the above mentioned statement. The answer is found in my words, “taking journeys through my mind…” and through such journeys, I open my imagination and mix that part of my mind with the knowledge I’ve obtained about such people (in this case, Thamud) and create interesting trips through different periods of history. I can do all that by closing my eyes and asking Allah to show me. And just because I’m living in the year 1428 (or 2008) what is preventing me from using the knowledge of the Quran to re-create the events of what took place WAAAAAAAAY before I was ever admitted to this placed called Dunya (earth).

    I hope I answered your question(s) and feel free to keep them coming…


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