Im suffocated, I just cant seem to breath

Mixed emotions got me thinking its time for me to leave

She spots me in my car and says, “we need to sit and talk”

I tell her just wait

Matter fact, STOP!

I got a lot of things on my mind so don’t push me off the line


She looks me with fiercefull eyes and says “boy, its due or die”

“Make a decision, do you wanna be mine?”

I tell her, I need a woman who will help me find paradise

She said, “I know you hesitant cause I don’t wear hijab but I can change if you’re patient enough”

I said, its not about that

Rather, I need you to take some time and wrap your heart around Allah

After that, I’ll always be here and we can talk

“But I love you”,

And I love Allah so love who I love and we will be alright

That was six months ago and I broke her heart

I’ve been suffocating ever since cause my organs had rebelled

I seek Your mercy dear Lord grant me some help


I hadn’t seen her since so I wondered is she alright

But just the other night, I spotted her while I was in the ride

Her beautiful educated mind had been wrapped with the scarf of life

Although it was dark, her face shined with faithful light

I whispered to myself, “O’Allah, forgive her and admit her into Your paradise”


39 Responses

  1. Salam,
    I swear you should really go do something with this talent of yours…….

    Ameen to your du’a

  2. But Im doing what I love to do most which is “just writing”. But thanks for the encouragement in any case, and I pray I use anything positive that I have to improve the situation of the Ummah.


  3. Asalamu alaykum
    I think that was a compliment br Ameem, but i gotta say although im not a big fan of this type of poetry (boy-girl love poetry), this one’s REALLY good….
    As for utilizing your talent to benefit the ummah, have you considered writing for your local Majid newsletter, or starting something along those lines, or even better teaching young brothers/sisters how to improve their writing skills?

  4. Bint AbdulQadir, I took the sisters words as a compliment inshAllah and if my words came off differently, then I need to do a better job in selecting my words with better care inshAllah. You know, to tell you the truth…I use to be extremely shy in sharing poetry (or other styles of writing) covering this topic but than I realized that many scholars such as Ibn Hazm and some others have taken the time to express their views on this topic of love or attraction between a man and a woman. Although for the record, they were better in their overall delieverance of the message in which they wanted the vast majority of people to understand, I for my part, lack their skill and knowledge, hence why I try to stay away from this topic. But a man can only keep away from sharing his views for so LONG 😦
    But in the end, I think such encounters between the two genders occurs and it would be foolish of me to deny it, however, its our job as believers to protect ourselves inshAllah.

    As for writing in my local masjid’s newletter, ummm…You tell me, does Abu Hurarira run a newletter? Interested to know. And if I was to ever run a session for young brothers on how to improve their overall writing skills, I would encourage them to do what I did before I developed confidence in my abilities to bring words together which is, read the QURAN. I said it before and I will say it again and again, I developed my ability to write by reading the Quran and the more I read, the better my writing became. I cant explain it but thats what happened and now Im trying to use that ability to bring improvement to our situation as Muslims.

  5. By the way, I didnt mean to assume that you know Masjid Abu Hurarira in Scarborough but just in case you do, than let me know and if you’re not involved with that masjid, disregard.

    I didnt mean to jump to a conclusion…so my bad.

  6. “She wanted to consult your heart
    In matters that you chose to be chained
    She sought the key to its freedom
    But you ignored this aim to be complete
    Excuses and ambiguity were your operation
    To avoid such heartfelt matters”

    Jusst Breatheee….

  7. Yes obviously I meant it as a compliment, and I also was trying to encourage the brother to go out and use his talent as not many others are blessed with it, let alone use it to benefit the Ummah like was said.
    Maybe you should become a freelance writer or something….speak your views 🙂

    Recall: the poets at the time of the Prophet sal Allahu ‘alayhi wasallam used to write poetry to incite the warriors and motivate them. They also used to defend and protect the deen using the eloquence of their speech. So there are many things writers you can do……just gotta put your mind (and your pen) to it!

  8. FearAllah, thanks for the motivation and for me…I decided when I was youger I would write a book and I would keep it under my property until my children (inshAllah) have grown and became hold enough to understand “the views of the freedom writer 🙂 ”

    Faith… thats a tough verse. Since this is my Poetic Justice…Im inclined to drop the next verse.. so here is what I would add to those lines….

    “I looked into the empytiness of her eyes and I stated, “I can’t go further”
    My life’s path had fallen from grace and into plain exotic leather
    So I took some time to bring matters together, connected under one feather
    Searching for peace and prosperity
    Love without envy
    I concluded, my next BIG step has to be marriage
    But I hear a voice within me, proclaiming “we will fly overseas”
    And that’s where we’ll find our bride to BE
    But only Allah knows so I patiently sit on the leafs fallen from weak trees
    And frezze myself between thoughts of, “if only I had one look into the book of decrees”
    “How would I have used that information to benefit me”

  9. hummm…

    “Overseas holds nothing but oceans and seas
    Brides and grooms are always wanting flee
    To arrive at a frozen land or a living pine tree

    Facing your fears is not the cure
    When the problem lies within finding what’s pure
    A daughter of a king or a peasant that seeks fur

    Brides are not found over or under a sea
    They are floating above where you last see
    Either in a vein or a stone you choose to free”

  10. Suffocated
    Cause I just dont know
    All the answers to the game
    Now Im left to fight all alone
    But God made me a man, standing fearless, looking out into the cold
    Its a Doggy Dog’s world,
    So let every man be matched with his own

    Dear Mama, if you find this note
    Dont cry cause I took your advice
    Patience is the key for me
    Thats the slogan of my life
    And if I die before I find my wife
    I told you before, her name was told to me and she’s waiting in paradise

  11. Suffocation is indeed your feeling
    When you are ought to find a healing
    While a void in the heart takes its seating
    Mastering other glands, yet it feels defeated

    Emptiness filled with blood and tears
    Desires that slaughters what we fear
    And yet it wants to plea and have a hear
    In this poison freak show we must rear

    Your mother will tear with hidden eyes
    Incapable of forgetting what once held ties
    A son that shared the placenta of her cries
    Inseparable they were as the umbilical cord strides

    The knowledge of her advices to you
    Was not new for her to see what you brew
    She knew her son would stand as one unknowing the clue
    Whether he’ll find what completes his flaws or his stew?

    But she knew you are a man that can fight his emotional cruise
    Through tough times and would even eat his swollen bruise
    “He does not need anyone!” she exclaimed to her fellow Bruce
    He only needs One that holds his life within the ultimate truce

    Be strong Abu Aqsa as your name tells it all
    Remember that someone was breathing blood and did not fall
    Let him be an inspiration to withhold your crumbling wall
    Mohamed Ameen that you are, so sit up straight and stand tall

  12. Faith, I cant believe you exposing me like THAT! 🙂
    Yes. My name is Mohamed. That is the name my mother and father agreed upon and as for Ameen, well thats not my fathers name..but rather….(lets just leave that for another day)

    Faith, I see you bring forth your best stuff. MashAllah, great job.
    I knew you had the talent but I always wondered if you had the passion to write? Now, I know YOU DO.

    My mama taught me, be kind to your sisters and grant them the last words. So Im going to take my mother’s advice and let you have the last verse.

    Bint AbdulQadir, did I scare you away? Do come back. I promise next time, I wont surprise you like that 🙂

  13. Salaam,
    Good stuff!
    I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for little while and finally decided to leave my mark.
    Am I allowed to be envious of your talent for poetry? I think not, so I’ll just say Masha Allah! Keep it coming.

    btw, why is that my name & email appears when I don’t remember typing that in?!

  14. Assalam Maryam, welcome.
    By the way, Im glad you took the opportunity to leave your mark and believe me when I say it…there is nothing to be envious about. Im not that good 😦

    Regarding your name and email, the only explanation I can give you is…your computer/laptop probably remembers you writing your name and email to prehaps sign into something else? Maybe. And Allah knows best.

    P.S. But dont worry about your identity or your email inshAllah because I promise to protect it like the trench protected Medinah during the battle of Ahzab

  15. I did not expose you! well maybe somewhat… but hey it could have been ‘in between the lines’ I dont think many would pick up on it. 😛 Sowy.

    Btw, it’s not like half of the ppl on here don’t know you….right?

    Good job?! best stuff? yeah right… you know I suck! I was just having fun. It’s been a while since I did do something I enjoyed.No one beats the poet in his valley! We all know that 😉

    I always had a passion to write. I think you don’t recall khawater (thoughts) of the mind? 😦 does ‘publishing book’ sounds familiar? heh

    But yeah, we should do it sometime again 🙂 For the sake of having fun ofcourse. I don’t want to compete with the pros.

  16. I remember when your focus was on completing “Khawater of the Mind” and it is complete? Or do you still have a few more pages? Stay motivated and keep at IT! (inshAllah and make dou’aa)

    Yeah right! Half the people on this blog dont know ME like I know the Toronto Raptors, and I KNOW the RAPTORS 🙂
    But through this blog, I get to meet a variety of people and may Allah grant all of us the best of both worlds.

    Honestly, you dont suck. And I guess you dont remember my words from “A Long Time Ago” when I told you, stay positive! Dont become your own enemy. Encourage yourself rather than, putting yourself down. Why do I suddenly feel like Dr. (Ameen) Phil?

  17. “Why do I suddenly feel like Dr. (Ameen) Phil?” Maybe cuz you are? 😛

    Staying positive is good. HOWEVER, when you are not good at something, you already know it… so whats the point? For instance, I know I suck at baseball so why should I stay postive? How does that benefit me? “Shurggs”

    Btw, I can’t believe the phil of all phills got divorced!

  18. Dr. Phil got divorced?

    OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The world is coming to an ENNNND! 😦

    Than again, everything has a beginning and everything will end. Therefore Im not surprised.

  19. ASalamu aalaykum

    Mashallah, it seems like alot went down since, Monday. I quickly browsed the blog once or twice during the week, but didn’t have time to post because of exams, plus I didn’t want to interfere with your and sis eman’s poetic exchange .

    BTW Br you didn’t scare me off however I was somewhat taken by surprise and well maybe slightly scared lol , but I guess you know people that I know as everyone more or less shares the same web of friends. Anyhow I’m not on a mission to conceal my identity or anything so it’s no big deal. About the AHC newsletter, it was something that we wanted to do for sooo long and Alhamdulilah the 1st issue is almost complete, the Imaam is currently reviewing it before it can to be published.

  20. Assalam and welcome back 🙂

    First thing is first, you know sister Eman?

    *Ameen sends out a memo to all his readers and calls for a conference call. And address them*

    Why do I get the feeling that everybody around here knows each other and I, for my part, still find myself in the dark?

    Like, WHATS really GOOD? 🙂
    But than again, inshAllah its all good.

    Bint AbdulQadir, curious to know whether any brothers from AHC contributed to the newsletter? Cause I know sometimes, being a brother myself, we hesistant to involve ourselves with projects such as this.

  21. Wa alaykum Salam…..Glad to be back 🙂
    Yeah we know each other, (although SHE’S probably wondering who‘s this girl ?) because she hasn’t figured out who I am. Are you guys like old friends, because in that case your claim (of being the only one in the dark) doesn’t stand.

    About the newsletter, well if you know AH brothers, you could guess the answer to your question, although I have to admit we didn’t make the effort to collaborate with them. But there’s one brother who approached us, wanting to contribute his poems, but due to missed deadlines we decided to include it in the next issue Bi idnillah. Do I sense a possible collabo ???

  22. Assalam and only Allah knows but if the answer reaches you before it reaches me, dont hesistate to let me in on the answer. Cause I wouldnt want to be left in the dark 😉

    Eman, sister…I cant believe you havent already figured out who “Bint AbdulQadir” is? How can it be that I figured who she is before you could sister Eman? 🙂

    Anyways Bint AbdulQadir, I need to ask in order to cure my paranoia, do you know who “brother Ameen” is? Interested to know.

    Holla back (Ma’salaam)

  23. Salaam,
    I guess I have nothing to worry about if you put it that way.
    Anyways, I have to say I find the above exchanges quite amusing. You know heblaayo, I know hebel, I know you, no! you only think you know me, etc. LOL. What’s the big mystery? And isn’t there a way you guys can PM each other in this place? 😀
    Btw, I’m assuming you’re all Somalis….if not, heblaayo=her, or that girl, hebel=that guy, or him

  24. Where are the moderators on this BLOG? *looks around and realizes, its MY blog and Im not the only moderator* Ohh, disregard that question *lowers head in shame*

    Ordering the court, I said..Ordering the court 🙂

    Ok. Fine. Im no longer paraniod inshAllah but its just that AHC use to be my masjid and I kinda know everyone I was just letting my curiousity run wild. But its all good (unless Bint AbdulQadir insists on answering my question and in that case, Im only one man and I cant hold her back 😉

    Yes. I suppose the majority of us are Somali? Or in my case *coughs* Djiboutian 🙂 ….I mean, Im Somali

  25. Woah…I leave the blog for a couple of hours only to come back with my name posted everywhere?! What is the deal? yani, whatever happened to the concealing part? 😛

    Humm, I can’t really figure Bint Abdulqadir out yet..Im sure I know you buttttttt …you gotta give me something more than just a last name please 😦 btw how did u know it was me Bint AbdulQadir?
    Hold up, is this Ibitisam?

    Update on Ameen’s conf call: Bint AQ knows Eman and Eman cannot figure out who Bint AQ is. Ameen then turns out to know who Bint AQ is before Eman and guess what? now Ameen wants to know if Bint AQ knows Ameen? Since Eman has an idea of who bint AQ might be, she knows the answer to Ameen’s question. I see a winner here 😀

  26. Ok. Slow down sister. You might confuse the 400+ viewers/readers.

    *Moderator jumps in to regain control of the Blog*

    Faith, not Ibitisam but her ……. (now you should know who Bint AQ is). New rule; no mmore exposing one another. Okay? Good.


  27. 😦

  28. You guys are jokes, Emaan your very close… Br. Ameen, I practically live at AH and the only Mohamed amen I know, probably isn’t you, so yeah Who are you, since you seem to know me and Ibti?

  29. Trust me. The Mohamed Ameen that you’re talking about isnt me 🙂 Although, I really like that man. He’s also from Djibouti correct?

    Well anyways, I wish I could answer your question but the ruling (on no more exposing one another) has come down and it wouldnt be appropriate for me to break my own rule 😦

  30. Bint AQ you can’t possibly keep me guessing like this. If you don’t want to reveal yourself here then tell me something that will remind me of you please or simply email me?

    Here are my guesses of you so far: Hani, Roda, Amirah, Faduma, Nasra, ….the list can go on……….! HELP

    btw, I don’t mind breaking the rule! 😀

    Who is ready for the biography of the one and only…….drum roll **Mohamed Ameen** ( I think I just gave you a new name on your blog hehehe)

  31. Im not a spokesperson for Bint AbdulQadir but all I can say is…She aint any of those sisters you mentioned above 😦

    And although you enjoy breaking the rules, I got to lead by example and follow my own. And around here, I make the rules…even if that means, Im the only one who follows them 🙂

    If you’re going to share my biography than play fair. Dont expose my faults like Hillary Clinton exposes Barak Obama.

  32. Oh man i dragged the entire AH crew into this … But anyways I talked to sis faith and we’re finally clear on things … So I think for the sake of this blog and its readers, we should end our Long Conv and discuss more pressing matters , despite the fact that it was the moderator himself who triggered this whole thing.

  33. When times get tough, do what we do…

    Blame the moderator(s) 🙂

    Alhamdulilah, its all good and YES, I take responsibilty. Now moving on with the issues at hand, can someone tell me why do…

  34. WHY do….. ?

    But On a serious note: I just wanted to remind you all about Saad Gaya’s Bail hearing from April 22- April 25 ….9:00 – 4:00pm in the Brampton courthouse (7755 hurontarion St)
    Inshallah try your very best to attend at lease 1out of the 4 days of the bail hearing.
    If anyone requires more info let me know inshallah.
    Barakallahu fikum

    Ps:Br. Ameen I hope you don’t mind me posting this info

  35. I dont mind at all sister.
    In fact, thanks for posting it.

  36. ASalamu Alaykum Wa rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu
    No prob……

    Check out … Qari Sh. Salah Bukhatir (brother of Ahmed Bukhatir)…Mashallah he’s like a younger version of Sudais and Shuraim

  37. SubhanAllah. The link to the youtube video of Salah Bukhatir has just become my newest favourite video on that site 🙂
    The recitation is amazing but Surah Al-Najm with the Arabic and the english translation, NOW thats taking it to the next level. MashAllah, may Allah place the love of the Quran in our hearts and never cause us to forget about our duties to Him.

  38. Ameen ya Rab.

    Salah Bukhatir is my fav qari of all times. His recitation just made memorizing the quran for me much easier. Luv em!

    He is Ahmed Bukhatir’s brother 🙂 How cool is that?

    Does he remind you of another Qari?

  39. Shuraim?

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