Where are the Role Models

I open my eyes, only to realize, where are those men who will lead me to prosperity? I slip my feet into my Air Max and set off into the cold world, in search of a role model. Instead I find corruption, envy, hate, cowards, deceivers, liars and the worst of them all, the hypocrites. After a long day of mixing with society, I find myself seated on a bench in a quiet section of the park. I look off into the sky, but suddenly Im overtaken by shyness and I return my gaze to find a piece of gum on the ground. Then and there, Poetic Justice finds me.

I Wanna Be like:


 I want to be like AbduAllah Ibn Az-Zubair,
I want to turn my back on the world like Mus’ab Ibn Umair,
I want to be honoured like Sa’d Ibn Mu’aadh,
And die like Khaalid Ibn Sa’iid

I wanna show my courage to Allah like Ibn Waleed
And remain firm to my beliefs.
I wanna defend life with dignity,
Until I meet Allah whom I believe in with certainty

I wanna marry a sister who resembles Aisha
While my character resembles that of the Messenger of Allah (saw)
And so my short stay in dunya can be filled with peace and tranquility

I ask Allah to grant me children so I can train them to be like Jabir
And posses courage like that of Jafar
And to become educated in the halal wa haraam like Mu’aadh ibn Jabal

I want to serve Islam
I wanna be a great speaker of this religion like Suhail Ibn Amr
And fight bravely like Urwah Ibn Amr
While guarding my worship of Allah like Abu Darda


7 Responses

  1. Salaam,
    Masha Allah. Again, nice one. I read this somewhere else before, I’m guessing you were the author then too….unless I’m mistaken and you just posted a poem you happen to like. In any case, it’s good.

  2. Wa salaam

    I wrote this poem sometime ago and a sister in Cali actually started to send it around and you wouldnt guess what happened next?

    I found a foward in my inbox and I opened it and I found my poem being passed around 🙂

    I think she wrote, “I found this poem written by a borther and it was his signature on the Almaghrib forums…”

    But its all good. Im hoping by mentioning all those great men’s names, someone out there will actually look into their lives and take them as a role model (inshAllah)


  3. Masha Allah! That must have been a very nice surprise. I think it was @ the Almaghrib forums that I read it. Did you post it in SOL at one point too?
    “Im hoping by mentioning all those great men’s names, someone out there will actually look into their lives and take them as a role model (inshAllah)”
    You probably won’t believe this, but I actually remember looking up some of those names when I first read this poem. Jazakallah for posting it again, I particularly like this one.

  4. Yeah, I posted it on SOL but the only reason I did that was due to “unforeseen pressure” but alhamdulilah, if you benefited from it than Ive succeed in my writing.


  5. Now thats poetic justice…

  6. Muslimah, thanks for dropping by sister.

    Its been awhile since we last saw you around here and by the way, how come you havent writen in your blog for some time now? Not good. Not good at all 😦

  7. I’ve been here.

    I have plans to revamp the blog inshaAllah. Untill then I look forward to some good posts from you and others!

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