My introduction to the world of JINN

I was probably around nine years of age and nothing stood with greater importance than staying up late. One of the few incentives my mother placed on granting us the opportunity to stay up late was attending Islamic classes on Saturday mornings. My brother’s rebelled against the condition because Saturday morning was prime time for cartoons but my mother held her ground. She gave no inch. Therefore we gathered in our bedroom and agreed that staying up late was better and more rewarding for us than watching a few hours of cartoons. So from than on, every Saturday morning, we signed a contract to attend a four hour Islamic session with children we knew little about. At first, those classes were tough and more for my brothers than any one else. It seemed like all the children had plenty of questions to ask but as for us, we couldn’t take our eyes off the clock. I remember on one occasion, my brother got so frustrated with all the “lame” questions that were being asked, he decided to speak on top of all the voices in the class. He asked, “brother, if I ask Allah for something, will He grant it to me?” and our teacher responded, “ask Him and inshAllah He’ll grant it to you”. So my brother lowered his head and whispered, “please, please Allah, make this class end” and I couldn’t hold myself from laughing so I just broke down. I was literally crying. When our mother came to pick us up, our teacher reported how we “weren’t on our best behavior” and the result, we had an early appointment with our beds. I still remember the heated debate I had with my brothers on that night. 

A few years later, I remember attending a class at that same Islamic center and my teacher introduced us to the world of Jinn. A world filled with beings I had never heard of. Sure attending public school, we’ve heard people claim they’ve witnessed their uncles get possessed or walking down the street, Im sure we’ve all seen those who converse with themselves, but JINN? What was my teacher talking about?

I remember he briefly sumed up the creation of Jinn by mentioning the story of Adam (as) and Iblees. I remember his statement, “Jinn are as real as men. They’ve been created from smokeless fire and although we can’t see them, they exist”. I jumped out of my seat and asked, “We can’t see them? Brother, what do you mean? Can they see us..?” and my teacher answered in the affirmative. I was shocked. I looked over my shoulders and paranoia grew. Suddenly my innocent classmates lost their credibility. I couldn’t trust anyone and because of some uncertain feelings that grew with strength, I remained quiet for the remainder of the class. When I got home, I chased my uncle around the house and asked 101 questions about my new knowledge. “Today, you wouldn’t believe what we learned in class…”, I said to my uncle. “Abdullah, taught us about a creation called Jinn or something? And he said, we cant see them but they can see us..? Tell me that’s not true..? How can I defend myself from something I can’t see uncle? Where do they live? What do they eat? Is Jinn, the Arabic word for aliens?” My uncle addressed my need to know with great wisdom. He observed silence. I realized to get answers, I needed to stop talking. So I continued to look at my uncle awaiting from him the answers to my many questions but he said nothing. “Abti (unlce), tell me…”, I impatiently asked. Again, my uncle looked at me with a slight smile to his face but silence poured from his lips. I was starting to lose hope that my uncle would ever answer my questions and just as I turned to walk away, my uncle called me back and asked me to sit. I thought, “why is he asking me to sit down? Are Jinns that bad?” but I obeyed his command and I seated myself humbly before him. Thinking back, I could remember fighting myself to keep quiet because I knew if I started to ask more questions, my uncle would lose his patience. He said, “there is a time for everything and there will be a time when you can handle the knowledge of Jinn but right now, all you need to know is Allah created them so don’t be afraid”. “And….but…..uncle…where do they LIVE!”, I asked trying desperately to remain silent. My uncle smiled and said, “Mohamed, I know you and your imagination will destroy you. So leave it alone and I promise when you can handle it, I will tell you everything about them…”. I walked away from my uncle disappointed. I really wanted the answers to my questions and I told myself, one way or another, I was going to satisfy my need to know. Some time later, after some deep plotting and careful planning, I got the answers to my questions. And boy was I not ready for my new knowledge. I grew SHOOK. I became sleepless and worst of all, I developed something called paranoia. After all my hard work to gain the knowledge of the Jinn, I realized, knowing about the unseen was not much fun. My uncle was right and I learned the hard way. Alhamdulilah though, I managed to survive that period of my life and looking back, I actually grew as a child. I matured really fast because I realized there was more to life than what we can see.




9 Responses

  1. I know it’s been a while since I’ve had my eyes checked, but I could have sworn that I saw a certain Ibn Abass on the forums…

    That said, I think I’m a little obsessed when it comes to the unseen and learning about that stuff. Definitely looking forward to Rays of Faith, inshaAllah!

  2. Ibn Abass?

    Maybe thats my brother from a different mother 😉
    In any case, when I found out this morning that registration was now open for Rays of Faith, I SCREAMED and after gaining control over my emotions, I paid for the class and reserved my self a spot.

    Truly, all thanks be to Allah *breaths out*

  3. Lol That was my Rx too…WALHAMDULILAH

  4. I’m glad you guys made it.

    Lets not forget to make dua’a to the Shura members that suffered many nights sleepless. Now that you are in, what do u have to offer? volunteer maybe? come on guys, we are hitting the thousands. It’s time to step up and take part in our community.

  5. Did I hear Bint AbdulQadir wants to volunteer? Hmmmm….

  6. Ofcourse, and shouldn’t she? I was wondering what made you so sure that I knew bint AQ? Where did u draw the connection?

    Also, did you register those brothers that you had for the p10? Let me know.

  7. Assalam

    Actually Bint AQ hinted that she knew you and thats how I made the connection. As for those brothers, I got 80% of them to pay but they’re kinda upset because they paid the $165 rather than getting the discount of $135.

  8. Inshallah I think helping out is the LEAST we can do

  9. Aww thats sucks. Khayre inshAllah, they’ll get the ajir. Continue to find more people if you can inshAllah. We really wanna make this experience one of the best right?

    Bint Aq, you are totally right!

    JazakumAllahu khayran

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