Almaghrib: Now or Never

I was stressed. I couldnt believe I was going to miss Rays of Faith with Waleed Basyouni and I had no one to blame but myself. It all started when I was asked to wait on some brothers who couldnt make up their minds as to why they should attend the class. While they debated within themselves, I was running out of time and my opportunity to reserve a seat was fading. When push came to shove and pressure was applied on those brothers , alhamdulilah they decided the class was “for them”. I contacted Almaghrib about their Rays of Faith and they informed me, “sorry brother, the class is sold out”. I couldnt believe it. I was so so MAD. For a week, I walked up and down the hallway in my house, asking myself “why are you so foolish? How can you miss out on this class?”. Until finally I came to the realization that the matter was no longer in my hands. I had to let the issue go and accept the fact that Allah had decreed this for me. I was pissed but I was content. Alhamdulilah I uttered to myself while seated at the kitchen table, writting down a few of the lessons I had learned from the experience.

Lesson number 1) Don’t ever delay  matters that carry much benefit even if you convince yourself, time is no longer an issue. Because time is of great essence and will forever be an issue.

Lesson number 2) Some brothers are not reliable so be smart, dont invest in them

Lesson number 3) Address Allah with all your issues even with matters as small as, “signing up for an almaghrib class”

Lesson number 4) Money is not an issue, therefore excuses shouldn’t exist

Lesson number 5) Allah selects whom He wills to admit into His pleasure and to join such ranks, I got to do my part. No excuses. Just do or die. I got to make it so move out of my way.

Despite the fact that I learned a few lessons, I was so frustrated with the idea of perhaps missing another Almaghrib class. I called the “main brother” who had convinced me to wait until we had created a power of ten group before I paid and when I finally got him on the phone, I grew silent. I had nothing to say. Instead I started to remember an ayaat from Surah Tawbah where Allah says, “If they had intended…”, which re-enforces the importance of making a good intention, “they would have made some preparation for it..” . Through the reality that poured from the ayaat, I could find no ONE to blame or hold accountable but myself. I didn’t make any preparations for the class therefore I was about to miss it. Plain and simple, if I didnt do my part, how could I expect Allah to hand it over to me without effort?  And so with a saddened voice, I informed the brother, “Yo, the class is sold out. I mean, SOLD OUT!” and the brother responded “How, the class isn’t for another month or so?”. I understood his question and his sad state of emotions but I just needed to remind him of an important fact, so I told him, “this is Majd homie and around here, almaghrib classes get SOLD out. It was our fault so lets just move on inshAllah”. He was shocked and overwhelmed with emotions. We decided to take our case to Allah and thank Him for granting us an opportunity to attend the class, afterall, we were healthy and living in the prime of our lives. We had much to be grateful for but nevertheless, deep down inside, we continued to pray  to Allah and we hoped He would open another door for us and if not, I WAS so gonna learn from my lessons to wait on others.Until one night, while I was at work, news came that registration had reopened for Rays of Faith. I jumped and screamed and in the process, scared my co-worker who fell out of his chair. He looked at me with uncertain eyes, thinking perhaps I became possessed by Jinns since I had spent the majority of the night reading about their stories. So right there and then, I logged into my almaghrib account and paid online. I couldn’t afford to waste anymore time and I wasn’t about to wait on some next brothers. Only to find out, a few hours later, almaghrib was offering a discount on the original price and I heard a quiet voice within asking, “if only you had been more patient, perhaps you could’ve taken advantage of the discount right?”. Wrong. There is a time for patience and there is a time for action and I decided, now was a time for ACTION.


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  1. I wanted to be the first to comment on my post 🙂

    Well anyways, I just wanted to mention how EXCITED I am about this coming class. Im so SOO sooo SOOOOO excited about Rays of Faith and there is a hype around the city. It kinda feels like the same type of hype that was building for Seerah but I hope, the results for this class outdue Seerah (although Seerah is my favourite topic).

    Secondly, the location for this class is what is making me look so forward to the experience. The Westin Hotel? Mann, thats like a five-star hotel. On top of that, the lakeview right behind the hotel? You got to be kidding me. SubhanAllah. I remember, the Metro Convention Center location for the LUL class and I could remember feeling so far away from the shiek. And I could only think to myself, “If I feel like the shiek is so far away from me, how about those sisters sitting at the back? How do they feel?” and when I started to ask myself questions like that, I started to appreciate my seat in the class. 🙂

    Well anyways, am I the only one hyped about this class?

  2. I’m PUMPED!! Even more than I would have otherwise been since I was also one of the many who were foolish enough to miss out on registration the first time around. Only in my instance I have no one to blame but the ‘rents, for convincing me not to pay right then and there on the last weekend of Route 114, for whatever reason. I suppose respecting your parents overrides the logic of these situations, but when I finally got the green light to pay, it happened to be sold out that same day. But alhamdulillah, everything worked out last minute 🙂

    I’m sure the location will be beautiful, but I hate large spaces like that for the simple reason that I can never find the people I’m looking for. At LUL I probably only saw my brother before class and after when we would go home, and that was only with about 700 people, so I can’t imagine what things would be like if they hit the goal of 1,000. Eh, more time for mindless wandering around with my camera and catching up on some reading.

    The idea of sitting under chandeliers in a fancy banquet hall sharing jinn stories sounds like we’re asking for it lol

  3. Salamu Alaykum
    No I think we’re all hyped…SOME more than others ….But I think I’ll be REALLY pumped when im done with these exams…. I know the location is awesome but my 1st choice would have still been a class room environment (less distractions) as for the size I too prefer smaller spaces but I will NOT complain this time around.

  4. The truth is, if a was sister I would COMPLAIN 😦
    I would hate to sit in the back but alhamdulilah may Allah reward you sisters. Well anyways, I also perfer smaller spaces, in fact, I like smaller classes. Something like hmmmmm…89 brothers and 10-15 sisters would be my ideal class (ok fine, maybe Im being a little harsh so 20-30 sisters and thats MAX 🙂 )

    InshAllah with the huge amount of brothers and sisters that are getting educated, we will be able to transfer that information and knowledge to the next generation of children to come into this world. That is success. SubhanAllah, Allah is using us to strengthen the next generation of Muslims.

    Safia, a banquet hall and Jinns? Im so GONNA be the first inshAllah to show up for that class, cause I need the best seats in the house 😉

    Bint AQ, inshAllah soon you’ll be done with your exams. Stay at it my sister and dont forget when you’re done your final exam and you lift the pen from the paper, to say “alhamdulilah and to You belongs all knowledge”

  5. Salaam,

    I’m really excited about the class too – as I am with all the Almaghrib classes! Glad to hear you guys got your tickets this time around. Alhadmulillah, I didn’t have to worry about this class being sold out, as me & a friend of mine have made it a habit to register for upcoming classes when the current class is finishing. But I’m glad they have more space, now I can work on my younger sister and her friends to sign up too. No more excuses!

    And I’m not excited about the new location as most people seem to be. I’d rather be in a classroom setting too. We took some classes at that hotel’s conf. room for the RIS’ Knowledge Retreat for 2 yrs. There were 500 or less students, and even with sisters on one side and brothers on the other side, I still felt like we were too far away from the speakers. I think it will be even more difficult to see the speakers now since seating arrangements are different with Almaghrib (as Bro.Ameen mentioned). But, Insha Allah Khayr. I am still very excited!

    ps, is it just me or does Ameen seem to have issues with the sisters? lol

    pps, do you have notes from the Seerah class? I’m really interested and even thinking about driving to the next city it’ll be held in.

    ppps, .. just kidding!


  6. Assalam Maryam,
    You know what Im gonna do from now on inshAllah? Sign up for the next almaghrib class before the end of the current one inshAllah. Thats a good habit to have mashAllah.

    P.S. I dont think I have any problems with sisters since I have sisters myself, but what I do have a problem with is hijab pins finding their way into my bedroom. Which caused me to create a sign and post it on my room door. It says, “Attention hijabis: Please leave your hijab pins outside. Thank you in advance” 🙂

  7. Lol.
    You sound like you sat or stepped on one of those pins.Ouch! I think those pins are dangerous. I heard horrible stories too (well maybe not so horrendous). One girl swallowed it by accident, another one almost got pierced in the eye with one (result of hugging a hijabi who didn’t set her pin probably). Agh, the horror.


    And as for my 2nd PPS?

  8. Ok, scratch that smiley face. It seems soo inappropriate after that comment. How do you do a shocked emoticon? lol

  9. Assalam Maryam,

    I found my Seerah notes from the class and inshAllah I can email it to you if thats ok with you?
    I glaced over the notes and they seem to be organized but I havent read through them for some time now (I know, its shameful but Ive been busy 😦 ) So Im sure alot of information are in those notes but not everything because I was away for a few sessions during some of the battles.

    Let me know if you still want them inshAllah


  10. Yes, pls send those notes. I’ll fill in the gaps when I take the class I’A.
    And maybe this is a reminder for you too, u can finally read them over. 🙂


  11. You’ve got mail.

  12. I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am. You know, we considered so many options and looked into all the University lecture halls. Not only did Allah subhanahu wata’aalaa answer our du’aas, but He gave us a five-star hotel by the lake!

    I remember Majd back in the day when we were less than 200 students and kinda miss it, but you know what? I would much rather have 1000 students being educated in aqeedah.

    consider this story about the author of “explanation of the Creed -Imam Al-Barbaharee

    …it was in this year [323H] that al-Barbaharee’s standing grew and his words carried greater weight and his sudents became apparrant and spread amongst the people, censuring the innovators. It reached the point that once when al-Barbahaaree was in the western side of the city, he sneezed, so his students replied to him and (were so many) the noise made was heard by the Khaleefah in his apartment, so he asked about what had happened so when he was informed he became afraid.

    Imangine the effect of all those students of knowlege sitting in Rays of faith, walking out with greater understanding of the authentic aqeedah. Allahu Akbar.

  13. SubhanAllah, Explanation of the Creed is my favourite Islamic book. I must of bought this book like 4 different times in the past year and a half, only to lend the book to companions and never get it back 😦 . But its cool, as long as their reading and benefiting from the book, inshAllah I’ll get rewarded; which reminds me, got to get myself another copy. What amazes me most about the author is even during his death, Allah honoured him and protected his book for over 1000 years. SubhanAllah, just thinking about how he walked the earth like I do while I sit in the comfort of my room and read the words he wrote over a 1,000 years ago gives me an eman rush.

    Muslimah, you’re right though. Although deep down inside, I would rather prefer a small class, sometimes we need to sacrifice for the better of the Ummah.

  14. As Salamu alaykum wa rahmathullah,

    Firstly I ask forgiveness if this post/comment offends you/concept of ur website. I am a muslimah who has been accepted to IlmSummti 2009 and desperate need of financial aid. Pl help me either by supporting financially /spreading the word insha Allah. Pls visit– for sadaqa -e jariya insha ALlah. Jazakumullah Khayr.

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