Be Patient, Success is Ours!

Often times, we like to complain about our situation as believers in Allah. “Oh look at the situation of the Muslims in Palestine and Iraq” we often utter, forgetting about the promise in which Allah has made to us. Remember when Allah revealed to the companions of the Messenger of Allah after they experienced a tough defeat during the battle of Uhud, when Allah said to them “So do not become weak (against your enemy) nor be sad, you will be superior (in victory), if you are indeed believers”. Allah revealed this verse to comfort the hearts of the believers during a time when their moral was low. Likewise, this same verse relates to us now as it did to the Muslims who lived over 1,400 years ago. Although it is true the Muslims around the world are for the most part, oppressed, we shouldnt overlook what is forming before our very eyes.  

In a recent article published around the world, breaking news came out of Vatican City when Islam was proclaimed to be the world’s largest religion. “For the first time in history, we are no longer at the top: Muslims have overtaken us,” Monsignor Vittorio Formenti told the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano in a recent interview. He further stated that the Catholics accounted for17.4 % of the world’s population while the Muslims were at 19.2 %. Despite the fact that a set of unfortunate events took place on September 11, 2001, Islam has continued to be the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam has caused so much worry to enter the hearts of so many people, that even Pope Benedict had often criticized the more secular Europeans for committing “a sort of moral and cultural suicide in ignoring their Christian roots”. When Pope Benedict was still a cardinal, it was quite obvious that he worried about the successful path in which Islam was upon. He once wrote, “Islam, a competitor, is gaining strength through Muslims conviction” and if I had the opportunity to run into the Pope during his trip across the United States, I probably would of casually walked up to him as the 101 Secret Service agents who surround him watched me closely and said, “Allah is the foundation of our strength for He has promised us success in this world and in the next as long as we stay true to our covenant”.  

Lets not get it twisted, Pope Benedict is not alone in his worry that Islam and the Muslims are upon success. In fact, the mere desire that the Muslim youth have towards marriage is in indication that success is coming. While society continues to portray women as sex objects, more and more Muslim youth are falling in love with the idea of getting married. Although, lets be real and admit that marriage is more difficult than what we would believe (and those of us who are married can attest to it), marriage will always be superior to being single. And if society and Shaitan continue to promote the boyfriend-girlfriend/live together for a while  lifestyle, while the hearts of the Muslim youth are attracted to marriage, that is an example of success descending upon the Muslims.

Also remember the hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah when he (may Allah have mercy on him) encouraged his Ummah to get married and have plenty of children so that he (saw) may be pleased with the size of his Ummah on the Last Day. Now take that hadeeth and examine it to our period of time. In an editorial I read from the Globe and Mail a few weeks ago, the author criticized with intellect, the path in which society has taken. A path that no longer values the institution of family and marriage is non-existent. While the Muslims (in particular, the youth) are getting married at an extremely high rate( scary for some people to admit), the rest of the youthful society has abandoned the ship.The point is, Muslim youth are getting married and having children, which in result, has boosted the population of Muslims around the world. I could remember while I was reading the editorial, I started to laugh with shame and not because the facts within the article were untrue (in fact it was very well written and honest), I was ashamed at my inability to realize the role the youths must play in order for success to reach this Ummah. And lets be real, for the youth to desensitise their souls from years of witnessing the corruptions of society, they should get married. When they get married inshAllah, Allah will bless that couple with children and the higher the percentage of youth that get married, the more Muslim children brought into this world (inshAllah). So what right? Wrong. If you could for one second open your eyes and realize, numbers in religion matters. While other religions and lets use Christianity as an example, delay having children until in their 30s or 40s, the Muslims are upon a different path. Allah has said, “And kill not your children for fear of poverty. We shall provide for them as well as for you” and through this promise of Allah, the Muslim population continues to grow. And in due time, as more and more people from other faiths accept Islam as a way of life, in addition to the large rate of Muslims getting married and having children, perhaps Islam will no longer be the fastest growing of the world but rather, the RELIGION of the world. So be patient my brothers and sisters, success will be ours.  



6 Responses

  1. Very true…I think equally as important is BELIEVING and having 100%certainty in the truth of Allah’s promise to the believer(s).

  2. True, believing is important.

    But I remember while studying the life of Umar bin Khataab, he would say during his leadership of the Muslim community, “we will judge a man based on his actions and not his words” (maybe not those exact words). That is because during the time of the Messenger of Allah (saw), revelation would descend and inform the Messenger whether a man had spoken the truth when he would declear “I am a believer” and on some occausions, the Messenger (saw) would respond, “you have spoken the truth”. But since revelation came to a stop after the death of the Messenger (saw), a man would no longer be judged based upon his words (alone) but his actions. Hence, the famous saying that goes, “actions speak louder than words” which came into existence years later (side note: I wonder who created that saying? Hmmmm)

    But anyways, all Im trying to say is..while believing is fundamental, we shouldnt forget that everyone in history has claimed something. Their claims are no different than ours except that those of us who claim to be a believer must seperate ourselves from those who hide behind their fake claims with our action. Like I tell some of my boys, “Yo bro, talk is cheap. Stop talking and just DO it” 🙂

    And Allah knows best

  3. I understand your point but when I said that one needs to fully believe and have complete certainty in Allah’s promise to the believers…..I was referring to the believers not those who claim one thing and believe or act upon another. But even for the mu’meen believing in key but it should be supported by actions…AGREED

  4. Agreed. Agreed and agreed inshAllah.

  5. i llike the message,keep the good work up.Allah will reward u.

  6. Thanks bro..

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