I am a MAN


From the beginning,

my mother held me,

and said, “Mohamed is your name and that’s what it will be.

Remain patient my son and avoid envy.

You are a man, lead your family

I took her advice and trained hard to be a marine

Converting my room into war-game scenarios practiced by the navy


Now my brothers and I have grown

and we fight bravely for our own

but if I die tonight while I stand alone

find my father and tell him I said, “Goodbye”

with a broken heart.

Surely, I’ll ask my Lord about him

and I hope He causes me to enter paradise with him.


And if you pass by my mother and you find her crying,

do me a favor and leave her in that state for the night

because tears relieve growing pains

and her emotions overtake her like stormy rain.

I know her to be strong

but she’ll breakdown when she sees my casket and realizes I’m gone


Dear Lord forgive my mother cause she made me into a man

who loves death like he loves life,

knows wrong like he knows right,

And is commited to Islam like he’s committed to being a Man


If only I had lived 1,400 years ago

I told my mother, I would have taken on a different role.

I would have been a great father by day,

And a brave soldier by night

but for now I’m trapped in my mind,

between poetic words that I write.


And one day, I’ll break away and run free

O’ Men, by the lake is where you’ll find me

Sitting amongst the brave warriors who will never compromise with their deen



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