Guest writer. Talha, Speaks his MIND.

Ameen: It is my pleasure to introduce a special guest on the blog. Everyone, please give a LOUD, Assalam alaikum to Talha. Don’t be shy, type away your thoughts Talha. This post is specially set aside for you, so SPEAK!

Talha: Well its kinda hard when your sitting so close to me.

Ameen: Oh, my bad lol. Now Talha, what urged you to want to “guest write” on the blog?

Talha: First of all, thank you for having me on, its a pleasure. Secondly, its about time like damn, how long does a brotha have to wait to write on Ameens blog. But yo, can a brotha get some more space. And by you looking over every word I type, how do you expect me to feel comfortable and let my thoughts flow?

Ameen: Ok. Ok. Fine. I’ll give you some more space but as for watching over the words you type, I have too. Around here I’m the moderator and I moderate lol. Plus, you got a creative mind and I want to make sure your creative thoughts become exposed to the blog. 

Talha: Anways, Im lost for words so do you have anything you want to talk about?

Ameen: Actually I do. I don’t know if I told you but awhile ago, when you first got traded to the other team, one of my readers wanted me to ask you to come and guest write on the blog. I think the reader wanted you to share your new feelings about life on the other side of the fence. You know what I’m talking about right?

Talha: Yo, just cause I got married it doesnt mean Im playing for the other team. Im still a man, you know? And I sympathise with the men more than I do with the women cause I’ll always know what my brotha’s are going through but with women, its like taking a discover U course and discovering new things every minute of the day.

Ameen: Anyways, lets be nice and why don’t you tell us about life on the other side?

Talha: What do you want me to tell you? That is SUCKS! Causes it doesnt. But yo, when I first got married, I told my wife that I felt like a NBA rookie who just signed a multi year contract and she said to me, “but unfortunately for you, you wont be getting paid millions in cash”, I was like DAMN! She just ruined my mood and thats when she said, “you’ll be getting your currency in good deeds”.   

Ameen: So you signed a multi year contract? How many years was the contract?

Talha: I think the little fine writing at the bottom of the contract said, “Till death due us apart” but Im going to have to double check and get back to you.

Ameen: Good luck with that inshAllah. Were there any signing bonuses though?

Talha: A few. One of them was, a warm cooked meal on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. As for the rest of the week, Im still trying to work that into the contract but it looks like conditions are holding back progress.

Ameen: What kinda of conditions?

Talha: You know, just your average NOT so every day conditions. Like for example, taking out the garbage will lead to home cook meals on Tuesdays and showing up 15 minutes early for our family meetings will reward me with dessert after the Sunday meal and a few others but thats life.

Ameen: It doesn’t seem like much fun. Anyways, our time is almost up so….

Talha: What do you mean time its almost up? YOOOOO, this is a blog!

Ameen: And I got things to do today and I cant sit here all day right? Anyways, were gonna play a game and its called, rapid fire. Basically, Im gonna ask you some short questions and I need from you SHORT answers ok inshAllah? Are you ready?

Talha: I was born ready!

Ameen: Whats the first thing that comes to mind when I say, “children”

Talha: Not ready.

Ameen: Almaghrib’s Rays of Faith

Talha: eman rush

Ameen: Favourite companion?

Talha: Abu Talha

Ameen: Your wife reminds you of what woman from the Seerah?

Talha: Jameela Bint Abdullah

Ameen: Ramadan?

Talha: InshAllah

Ameen: Grapes?

Talha: Do you have some?

Ameen: Divorce?

Talha: The Palestines vs. Jews

Ameen: Faminist? 

Talha: Please Allah, dont make my wife a faminist

Ameen: And finally, marriage?

Talha: Hard. Difficult.. Complicated. Fruitful. Filled with blessings. Ups. Some downs. Patience and lots of “keep your mouth shut” cause problems start with words and grow with words.

Ameen: There you have it folks. A few wise pointers for those of you who will take the step over into the Unknow World of *coughs*. Talha, thanks for joining us and inshAllah, maybe we can do it another time.

Talha: Yo before I go, did you see that commercial? The one where an average Joe comes out of his 2008 Sonata and attempts to walk into a resturant but before he could walk away from his car, a well dressed, rich man approaches him and says, “Thats a beautiful Sonata. I’ll give you $1 million dollars to spend one night with it?” and the man who owns the cars starts to think about it for a few seconds and than says, “Ehh…NO!”. But the joke is, the Sonata is only worth 20,000 and the rich man wants to pay $1,000,000.00 to spend ONE NIGHT with it loooooooooooooooool. Its SOOOO funnny.



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