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Character Assasination
May 30, 2008

(A brother writes in regards to the situation…)

You have always meant good, dealt honestly with friends and family, somehow, you have always been misunderstood, making you even more frustrated. You’ve always felt that ” you know them, but they dont know you” but your day in court is due, but may not be in this lifetime!Word goes around fast labling you with malicious descriptions of character, and as time goes by, the lie takes a life of its own, you have been put in a box, even people who have not met you have a prejudice against you for no fault of your own.

It takes only a single person to spread a lie, once the lie is in the air, people fish for that chartacteristic about you in all of your actions, and they view you with suspicion from the start. The more you try to fight the allegation, the more believable it becomes, suddenly, you find yourself in a Rodney Dangerfield world of no respect, no matter what.

We Muslims take a credit for every Character assasination we participate in by way of believing or passing of gossip, ” Xanta “. We may have altered lives of great people, we may have denied many people to listen to them after we have circulated false allageation or by exaggerating these allegations to poison a well.



May 23, 2008



He said, freedom is between the finger and the trigger

Between the mind and the soul,

So I asked, what is Justice

Is it avoiding payments of zakat in order to purchase the latest Lexus

Oppressing the poor, spreading corruption and acting reckless

He said, don’t be foolish

Such statements will be taken out of contents

Justice is free from false assumptions

My brotha, what’s screams of your inner notion

I sense something negative has become of your situation

(I said) O’ they stole my reputation

Like a thief in the dark night

Captured it, fashioned it

Covered the foundation with false acquisitions

Now I’m walking in the opposite direction

Pursuing my need-to-become a better servant righteous temptation….


I said, go…

You’re free…

Don’t be naïve….

I’m a figure in your life you don’t really need…


And I wish you the best

Although deep down inside, I’ve prevented my own soul rest

I know I could of protected thy like mothers guard their nest


Now time is of great essence

I got a day or two before the break of silence

Before the decree unfolds itself in my presence

My words could silence, the greatest of tyrants

But in the presence of thy, they lack to stand with balance


Dear Lord, forgive me and You never forget

Guide me and You never loose track

Keep me firm and please don’t turn my back


Set me Free!
May 16, 2008

Set me free to leave the land of immorality,
Before I burst and become a menace to society
Suicidal thoughts feed the body like the Range Rover is fed by gasoline
Confusion graspes their minds as to why many posses extreme views from world issues

Fear firm in their hearts so they keep the soldiers of Allah close in sight,
Thinking they would perhaps convert their views to action in the middle of the night
But still I fall asleep trapped in the most evil of societies

A land where the women are used as sex objects
Where modesty does not exist
And yet they want to force other Nations into democracy
Hypocrisy is their way of life.

Saddening to the heart,
Incomprehensible to the mind,
Are those Muslims men that feel no pain over the death of their brothers
Or over the rape of their sisters
Let alone the conquer their Muslim lands

They are not known to me to be men
they are in the group of women
In fact, they are the women of women’s

I’m free from their thoughts of loving security
And from being deceived by the media that feeds the souls pure lies

But I envy the fighters who fight in the brightness of the daylight
While I stand and plea to Allah in the middle of the night
Seeking permission from Him to fight

But as for today, I reach for the pen and I write
Converting the words from my heart to pearls of light

Day to Day Burden
May 15, 2008

My version of “Day to Day Burden”:

I can’t be overcome with burden,
Each and every night,
I strive to survive the evil nightmares that await me on the other side.
The reality is, it’s the truth
The Day of Recompense is what awaits me on the other side
My evil deeds bring about worry to appear in my eyes
Yet my heart is with those brothers standing on the frontline

I spend many sleepless nights
Praying, hoping, begging
But deep-down inside,
I know this is a battle that will continue
far past my lifetime.

And If I could, know I would
And if I should, than think positive of me
I couldn’t let the temptations of this world get the best of me.
Now these are not suicidal thoughts
These are words that follow each other
To illustrate the burdens of the world

The media got us confused
Tribalism got us in feuds
My desire is to stand between my brothers
as they wage against each other.

With each blood that falls on the ground
With each soul that departs to the sky
Innocent children are left behind
Widows are left to cry
And the day to day burden is surely on the rise

And If I could,
I told before, I truly would
Remove all pain from your hearts
Spread justice to ultimate heights
Practice Sharii’a to its fullest so you can enjoy your rights
So momma doesn’t have to worry about leaving her door unlocked for the night


Whats Really GOOD!
May 14, 2008

              1) Some time ago, I was sitting in the masjid awaiting the prayer when my gaze fell on a man. He was performing prayer alhamdulilah but his eyes wondered left and right while his body shifted with each glance. His attention span for the prayer was weak. Indeed, one look at him and you would conclude he was lacking that sweet connection that is gained through the prayer. Shortly afterwards, I noticed something was viberating and as I focused my attention, I realised the viberation was coming from his phone. I watched as he placed his hand into his pocket, pulled out his phone and glanced at the caller ID. So what right? Ok but what happened next shocked me. After reaching for the phone to perhaps silence the viberation, the brother looked at his phone and it must of been someone really important because he answered the call. I heard him say, “yo, can I call you back, I’m praying right now” and literally, he was in the prayer. I was like, “subhanAllah, Whats is going on these days?” The brother must of caught my response because he quickly focused his gaze on me and although moments earlier, he was glorifying the Lord of the heavens and the earth, he rushed out of the prayer hall faster than you can say, “playa, only Allah can judge you”.

                2) A few summers ago when I was vacationing in Djibouti, my neighbor, a brother whom I truly love for the sake of Allah would often spend the nights over at my house. We would stay up all night talking, sharing jokes and catching up on the major events that we missed in each others lives. One night, we both were well aware that fajr was quickly approaching and my father would soon be walking down the stairs in my house to awake us for the prayer. The thing about my father is, he is an easy-going man but when it comes to salah, he is firm and strict. My companion and I both knew that and we very much disliked for my father to walk in on us while we were awake and engaged in useless talk. Moments before the prayer, shaitan overpowered us and we fell asleep. My father walked down the stairs and although I was half-a-sleep, I could hear his footsteps descending upon my room while my subconscious focused on the door. As soon as I felt his hand touch my door nob, I sat up. He walked in and said, “Mohamed, wake Sam up and make wudo, its fajr”. I got off my bed, rushed to awake my companion as my father watched on. I said, “Yo Sam, get up, get up…” and when my companion opened his eyes, he saw my father looking at his direction and so he jumped up. We made wudo and departed for the masjid. On our way to the masjid, my companion expressed his concern of being extremely tired but I failed to process the information. When we reached the masjid, we joined the congregation. My companion stood next to me while my father was on the other side of the masjid. When the Imam made sajdah, we followed him and when he rose back up, all of us returned to our original position of prayer except for one brother. That brother was my companion who somewhere between the sajdah and getting back up, fell asleep. Everyone around me thought that something awful happened to my companion but I knew he fell asleep. I tried to tap him with my foot but my efforts went for nothing. He started to distract the people around us because they started to redirect their attention to him so I stepped on him with force but again, nothing. He was out cold. When the prayer was complete, people rushed to assist him, fearing something awful had happened to him during the prayer. I sat near by and distanced myself from him. I watched the people try to perform ‘the Djiboutian CPR’ but quickly, they came to the realization that he wasn’t injured or dead but rather, sleeping. Wisely, they left him alone and in that state. In the midst of all of this, I focused my attention on my father who despite all the commotion, sat quietly away from everyone. When the people left my companion alone, I jumped on him and shook him until he woke up. He responded with a fading voice and said, “What!” I told him, “get up”. When his senses returned to him, I said, “are you crazy bro?”

“Crazy? What did I do?”

“What did you do? You were sleeping in the prayer! Everyone thought that you were dead!…”


Courage: Something of the Past
May 4, 2008

Glad tidings be to the believers who stand firm during the hardships of the life of this world.

Glad tidings be to the men who defend life with dignity and don’t lend an ear to the blame of the blamers.

Would it be fair for me to ask, what happened to courage? Has it become something of the past? Has it disappeared into the pages of history?

Don’t we contemplate over the events of people of the past, in particular, Musa’s encounter with Bani Israel?

Remember when the Children of Israel, along with Musa, stood outside the gates of the holy land and Musa encouraged his people to fight with a promise of victory from Allah.

Allah, the Majestic and Most High, mentions the conversation between the two parties.

Allah reveals Musa’s command to his people when he said, “O my people! enter the holy land which Allah has prescribed for you and turn not on your backs for then you will turn back losers”

Keep in mind that Bani Israel requested from Musa that he invoke his Lord and seek permission to fight but when the order came down from Allah, how did they respond to Musa’s command?

Allah says, “They said: O Musa! surely there is a strong race in it, and we will on no account enter it until they go out from it, so if they go out from it, then surely we will enter”

SubhanAllah. Look at their response. They requested permission to fight. It was not only granted to them but it became a command from Allah, but their lack of courage distroyed that nation.

Not only did they refuse to fight, they said to Musa, “O Musa! we shall never enter it so long as they are in it; go therefore you and your Lord, then fight you both while we sit here (and watch)”

May Allah have mercy on Musa for indeed the Children of Israel caused him much pain. With such foolish responses from his people, Musa raised his hands towards the heaven and made a supplication against them. Musa said, “”O my Lord! I have power only over myself and my brother: so separate us from this rebellious people!”

Allah answered the dou’aa of Musa and as a punishment, Bani Israel wonder blindly in the land for 40 years. During this span, Huran (as) passed away. Musa granted permission to the angel of death to take his soul and therefore died outside the holy land without ever getting a chance to enter it with his people. Not to mention, that generation of people who refused to fight had become conquered by death and a new generation took their place.

Allah stands in no need of mankind and due to their lack of courage, they became replaced. A new generation took their place that were stronger, more obedient and possed courage.

As the scholar stated, “every event from last night will repeat itself tomorrow”. History but works in a circle.

Similarly, many men from my time, make supplications that seek their death to come while they’re in a state of sleep. They are cowards exposed through lack of silence. Surely death shall visit each and everyone of us, whether we reside in the East or in the West. While in the darkness of the night or in the open fields covered by the day light. None of us can escape such an event so why then would any seek to find death in their sleep except for the cowards. It would be more suitable for a believer in Allah to seek death while embarking upon the path of the great men of history.

Men like, AbduAllah Ibn Az-Zubair, Az-Zubair Ibn Awaam, Sa’d Ibn Mu’aadh, Mus’ab Ibn Umair, Khalid Ibn Waleed, Jabiir Ibn Abdullah, Khaalid Ibn Sa’iid, Urwah Ibn Amr, Abdullah ibn Jahash and the list can continue for pages. All of these men were firm believers of Allah and processed courage nor did they seek to find death in their sleep.

I am a follower of these men. I embark upon the same path and seek the same reward. Death has been prescribed at an appointed term, therefore courage doesn’t decreases life nor can cowardice extend it.

I’ve dedicated a page from my Poetic Justice on this subject.

It’s apparent,

I’m surrounded from every corner by cowards
Who love the glitter of this world they hide behind walls of emotion
Who accept the deceptions of Western media and take upon false notion
While our people fight to survive another day
Our women getting rapped and married off to the occupiers of our Fore Father’s land
While we live with satisfaction
Despite the fact, our brothers and sisters getting killed
Our hearts feel no pain
While on the other side,
Mothers grieve over the bodies of their innocent dead children
Its time I stand and fulfill the covenant I took
The covenant of Tawheed and standing to defend dignityWhile you sleep with peace
My heart can’t recall the last moment it fell asleep with such ease
I’m over-taken by dreams of battlefield scenes
Some fights victory is granted,
While other times,
Patience is most befitting for those who believe
My destiny got me joining gunfights in a mountain like scenery
And my heart bleeds for peace across Somalia and the Middle East





My Fear of Marriage
May 2, 2008

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I promote marriage. I encourage it and speak out against those who dedicate their efforts to discourage others from taking such a fulfilling step closer to Allah. Since the Ramadan of 2005, I’ve been heavily campaigning for marriage, jumping from one circle of brothers to another, beautifying the idea of fulfilling half the deen.

The irony of my situation lies in the mere fact that, while I promote and encourage others to take this huge step closer to Allah, I have yet to act upon my own words. There seems to be a contradiction. I preach one thing while my actions show no support.

Which reminds of a story in the life time of Imam Maliik (in some narrations, it has been mentioned that this actually happened to Al-Hasan Al-Basri). There were many slaves that were under the care of the Muslims and so the leaders of his city asked Imam Maliik to speak about the reward of freeing a slave for the sake of Allah in his Friday Khutbah. So Imam Maliik agreed to encourage the believers to free their slaves, seeking the good pleasure of Allah, in one of his near future talks.

However, weeks pasted and Imam Maliik hadn’t mentioned the benefits of freeing the slave. So after many weeks, the leaders wanted to re-approach the Imam and remind him of their agreement.

But before such a meeting could occur, the Imam stood on the pulpit and dedicated his talk to freeing the slave. After the khutbah, many Muslims were so moved by his words that they started to free their slaves and the affects of his speech became apparent. Soon afterwards, the leaders approached Imam Maliik and inquired about the delay regarding the topic. The Imam stated that he didn’t own a slave to free so he disliked encouraging others while he, himself was unable to fulfill such words. So after gathering some wealth and purchasing a slave, he set him free. There after, the Imam stood on the pulpit and encouraged others to follow his actions. Due to his sincerity and the execution of his words, the fruits of his preaching became widespread in the community.

From this story, I learned so many lessons and among them, act upon what you preach.

However, with marriage its a little complicated so let me explain.

Some time ago, I was confused as to why I preach marriage and yet become so hesitant to fulfill such a step. Night after night, I would lay in my bed and reflect over my deepest feelings and beliefs towards the subject. I wouldn’t accept such answers as, “I’m still looking for that Ideal Muslimah so until I find her, I’m doing me”. Such an answer was too politically correct and if I was to accept it as an excuse, I wouldn’t be able to get to the root of my problem regarding marriage. Months literally passed and still, I had no answers as to why I was delaying marriage. Until one night, I allowed my soul to fully open up to me and through  that process I discovered the root of my problem. It made complete sense. It was not an excuse but it was the truth.

For the record, I believe marriage to be a means of success. Moreover, it is a vital step to protecting our iman and increasing our status in the sight of Allah. In addition to those points, I am shy to mention that zina is rampant in our communities. InshAllah I intend to shad some light on the issue of zina amongst the young generation of brothers because ignoring such problems wont lead to a solution. However such a topic is sensitive so I will carefully review my ideas and facts before posting on the subject.

As I was saying before I got side tracked with my next post, my discovery as to why I have been delaying marriage is acceptable? Well before it could be acceptable, let me share the reason.

The reason I’m delaying marriage is because I’m afraid of taking a woman under my responsibility. When I say responsibility, I don’t mean for dunya reasons. As for dunya matters, I can handle that responsibility inshAllah. My fear lies in the fact that I would become responsible for her akhira as she would have a huge impact on my status before Allah. The foundation of my fear of marriage is akhira and not the life of this world. I worry that my wife under my care, will become weak and lazy towards her duties to Allah. While I stand to her side encouraging her, day and night, but my words of support don’t lead to righteous actions. Mean time, what if Allah caused my heart to grow in love and fear of Him while my wife, the woman I took as a responsibility, falls behind in her worship. Regardless whether she would be in a strong state of iman or fighting to perform her five daily prayers on time, I could never (and I mean never) leave her behind. And how could I leave her behind when I accepted her as a responsibility. When I stood in front of her father like a man and looked him in the eyes, promising him that I would forever be committed to his daughter. That I would never abandon her, whether we get tested with poverty or illness, she will always be my wife and I would be to her a protector, a provider and the companion who shall accompany her on the long journey to meet Allah.  

Through marriage, I would forever remain committed to her and for that reason, I fear my passion to fulfill a commitment will destroy me.

Does the reason I stated above make any sense? Maybe the English language doesn’t bring justice to the situation I described above.

Honestly, as for dunya, I really don’t spend too much time stressing myself over this life. And why should I burden myself with stress when my risq has already been written and the moment of my departure from this world is but recorded?

Some time ago, a sister got into contact with me and stated her interest in marriage. She was shy to take such a step initally but I comforted her with kind words. Her bravery was impressive and she reminded me of those women who used to support the Messenger of Allah (saw) during his battles and so accepted her invitation to get to know each other for marriage reasons. Thereafter the correct individuals were notified and the process began. In one of our conversations in getting to know each other, she asked me a tricky question. She said, “is there anything that you would like to tell me or ask me?” I was amazed at the question due to the fact that in college, I took a class called Interviewing and Investigations which taught me all about open-ended questions and her question was living proof of the examples my professors would describe to us. However I couldn’t recall the methods on how to escape from such questions that the professors taught us, so instead I answered it with sincerity and requested something from her. She inquired about my request and I said to her, “If it turns out that we should marry and only Allah knows, could you do me a favor?” She responded, “sure, what is it that you request?” I said, “If we get married, I promise you one thing and I ask of you one-thing”. So I continued, “I promise you that I will forever be committed to you. I will assist you and support you. Regardless of prosperity or adversity, I will be your companion in this world and in the next”

Now that was the promise I made her but such a promise needs a condition. So I continued and stated my request. I said to her, “I ask you for one thing in return. I ask for your assistance in my entrance into Junnah”

In other words, I would strive and pull down the greatest mountains with my bare hands if need be, in exchange, all I wanted from her was to be reminded of Allah and some encouragement to DO MORE  righteous acts, in order for my worship to reach that next level. In the end, I fear I’ll end up married to a sister who is so occupied with this world, it would not only destroy her, but also our children.

And Allah knows best