My Fear of Marriage

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I promote marriage. I encourage it and speak out against those who dedicate their efforts to discourage others from taking such a fulfilling step closer to Allah. Since the Ramadan of 2005, I’ve been heavily campaigning for marriage, jumping from one circle of brothers to another, beautifying the idea of fulfilling half the deen.

The irony of my situation lies in the mere fact that, while I promote and encourage others to take this huge step closer to Allah, I have yet to act upon my own words. There seems to be a contradiction. I preach one thing while my actions show no support.

Which reminds of a story in the life time of Imam Maliik (in some narrations, it has been mentioned that this actually happened to Al-Hasan Al-Basri). There were many slaves that were under the care of the Muslims and so the leaders of his city asked Imam Maliik to speak about the reward of freeing a slave for the sake of Allah in his Friday Khutbah. So Imam Maliik agreed to encourage the believers to free their slaves, seeking the good pleasure of Allah, in one of his near future talks.

However, weeks pasted and Imam Maliik hadn’t mentioned the benefits of freeing the slave. So after many weeks, the leaders wanted to re-approach the Imam and remind him of their agreement.

But before such a meeting could occur, the Imam stood on the pulpit and dedicated his talk to freeing the slave. After the khutbah, many Muslims were so moved by his words that they started to free their slaves and the affects of his speech became apparent. Soon afterwards, the leaders approached Imam Maliik and inquired about the delay regarding the topic. The Imam stated that he didn’t own a slave to free so he disliked encouraging others while he, himself was unable to fulfill such words. So after gathering some wealth and purchasing a slave, he set him free. There after, the Imam stood on the pulpit and encouraged others to follow his actions. Due to his sincerity and the execution of his words, the fruits of his preaching became widespread in the community.

From this story, I learned so many lessons and among them, act upon what you preach.

However, with marriage its a little complicated so let me explain.

Some time ago, I was confused as to why I preach marriage and yet become so hesitant to fulfill such a step. Night after night, I would lay in my bed and reflect over my deepest feelings and beliefs towards the subject. I wouldn’t accept such answers as, “I’m still looking for that Ideal Muslimah so until I find her, I’m doing me”. Such an answer was too politically correct and if I was to accept it as an excuse, I wouldn’t be able to get to the root of my problem regarding marriage. Months literally passed and still, I had no answers as to why I was delaying marriage. Until one night, I allowed my soul to fully open up to me and through  that process I discovered the root of my problem. It made complete sense. It was not an excuse but it was the truth.

For the record, I believe marriage to be a means of success. Moreover, it is a vital step to protecting our iman and increasing our status in the sight of Allah. In addition to those points, I am shy to mention that zina is rampant in our communities. InshAllah I intend to shad some light on the issue of zina amongst the young generation of brothers because ignoring such problems wont lead to a solution. However such a topic is sensitive so I will carefully review my ideas and facts before posting on the subject.

As I was saying before I got side tracked with my next post, my discovery as to why I have been delaying marriage is acceptable? Well before it could be acceptable, let me share the reason.

The reason I’m delaying marriage is because I’m afraid of taking a woman under my responsibility. When I say responsibility, I don’t mean for dunya reasons. As for dunya matters, I can handle that responsibility inshAllah. My fear lies in the fact that I would become responsible for her akhira as she would have a huge impact on my status before Allah. The foundation of my fear of marriage is akhira and not the life of this world. I worry that my wife under my care, will become weak and lazy towards her duties to Allah. While I stand to her side encouraging her, day and night, but my words of support don’t lead to righteous actions. Mean time, what if Allah caused my heart to grow in love and fear of Him while my wife, the woman I took as a responsibility, falls behind in her worship. Regardless whether she would be in a strong state of iman or fighting to perform her five daily prayers on time, I could never (and I mean never) leave her behind. And how could I leave her behind when I accepted her as a responsibility. When I stood in front of her father like a man and looked him in the eyes, promising him that I would forever be committed to his daughter. That I would never abandon her, whether we get tested with poverty or illness, she will always be my wife and I would be to her a protector, a provider and the companion who shall accompany her on the long journey to meet Allah.  

Through marriage, I would forever remain committed to her and for that reason, I fear my passion to fulfill a commitment will destroy me.

Does the reason I stated above make any sense? Maybe the English language doesn’t bring justice to the situation I described above.

Honestly, as for dunya, I really don’t spend too much time stressing myself over this life. And why should I burden myself with stress when my risq has already been written and the moment of my departure from this world is but recorded?

Some time ago, a sister got into contact with me and stated her interest in marriage. She was shy to take such a step initally but I comforted her with kind words. Her bravery was impressive and she reminded me of those women who used to support the Messenger of Allah (saw) during his battles and so accepted her invitation to get to know each other for marriage reasons. Thereafter the correct individuals were notified and the process began. In one of our conversations in getting to know each other, she asked me a tricky question. She said, “is there anything that you would like to tell me or ask me?” I was amazed at the question due to the fact that in college, I took a class called Interviewing and Investigations which taught me all about open-ended questions and her question was living proof of the examples my professors would describe to us. However I couldn’t recall the methods on how to escape from such questions that the professors taught us, so instead I answered it with sincerity and requested something from her. She inquired about my request and I said to her, “If it turns out that we should marry and only Allah knows, could you do me a favor?” She responded, “sure, what is it that you request?” I said, “If we get married, I promise you one thing and I ask of you one-thing”. So I continued, “I promise you that I will forever be committed to you. I will assist you and support you. Regardless of prosperity or adversity, I will be your companion in this world and in the next”

Now that was the promise I made her but such a promise needs a condition. So I continued and stated my request. I said to her, “I ask you for one thing in return. I ask for your assistance in my entrance into Junnah”

In other words, I would strive and pull down the greatest mountains with my bare hands if need be, in exchange, all I wanted from her was to be reminded of Allah and some encouragement to DO MORE  righteous acts, in order for my worship to reach that next level. In the end, I fear I’ll end up married to a sister who is so occupied with this world, it would not only destroy her, but also our children.

And Allah knows best


18 Responses

  1. hmmmm marriage fever and fear. Mashallah.

    Having being given the exact same (more or less) reason for refusing my marriage proposal. After thinking about it for many months, I think I understand, I have also come to believe that if this is not your biggest fear, you are not ready for marriage. Many people worry about money, life, house and the things that will fill that house. I have come to understand that in the bigger scale of things this is not important or even relevant.

    However I think this fear will always be present, there will never come a time or a person that will take this fear away, same way when you decide to have kids inshallah, this same fear (especially as a mother) will the one thing that terrifies you. Will I raise my kids in the right or the right way?, Will they recite the Quaran or listen to MJ?, will I instill in them the fear of Allah to stay up half the night in prayer or will they waste half the night in front of the TV and games?. Will they cry with shame when they sin or will they laugh and play and forget Allah’s duty? What if I fail?

    In saying that, I also believe firmly that Allah will not burden anyone with anything which they cannot handle, furthermore, Allah guides and aids to progress and stay on the right path, no matter how hard you try, how far your reach and how much you teach them (your kids or wife) at the end, the matter is in Allah’s hands. So ask him.

    My advise therefore is marry someone, who knows their faults, who knows the rout to forgiveness, Who knows and understands Allahs mercy. And who is understands that they will enter heaven only via the mercy of Allah and not by their own actions. Then pray to Allah to guide you, your wife and your kids and keep you in his protection and his mercy. Lastly marry someone who is heading in the same direction as you Islamicly, someone who wants to improve and strive to be better at all times, never marry someone who is happy with their current state. Marry someone who worries, that they may not being doing enough and is always searching for ways to improve. Marry someone who will encourage you and walk the extra mile with you to better yourself Islamicly. Marry someone, who influences you in the best way, the rest is our of your hands, so ask Allah. Put your trust in him and you will never be neglected.

    Allah knows best, and forgiveness for anything I said, which is wrong, it comes from me and the shidian, so please ignore it.


    P.s. I wrote this in a rush, so sorry!

    P.s.s. Good luck Ameen, I hope it works out for you and the sister, inshallah, I will keep you in my duca.

  2. I think Ibtisam said it better than I could have, and covered just about everything I was planning to say. I’d like to add that while your worries are understandable, to be as conscious as you are of the “what ifs” in regards to marriage make your fears… irrational, to say the least. Just think of the people who enter marriage with pleasing Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala being the last thing on their minds, the akhira not even an afterthought. The fact that you’re already in this state of mind and worry about someone distracting you from that would mean you’re conscious and aware enough to protect yourself. And once you know what you would ultimately like to achieve in a relationship and what you want in a wife, you know exactly what and who to look for. Just make sure you lower your gaze lol

  3. Assalam alaikum

    Solid advice and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    To sum up Ibtisam’s advice in one sentence, it hit me hard when she wrote, “marry someone that is heading in the same direction as you Islamically, someone who wants to improve and strive to be better” and all I can say about this advice is mashAllah. So if I took Ibtisam’s advice literally, then I’m only gonna marry someone who wants to make it to Jannah, after all, that’s what it’s all about right?

    The thing about me is, I don’t think for ONE second marriage is easy and like I mention to some of the brothas, “I don’t think marriage is as hyped up as it is made to seem” and I know this cause, a lot of the brothas who got married and were all hyped up about it, I noticed 6 months into their marriages, they were trying to cope with the aftermaths of their “puppy love” while they tried to convert that puppy love into a solid foundation of love and mercy. While some couples succeeded in their attempts, more often then not, we hear the stories about those who don’t. Either way, 90% of the brothers I meet or know, understand that marriage is something that every man needs to complete and I also hear every sister (or 98% of them) are also about the same tip, so my question is …what’s the problem? Why are young people finding it hard to get married? I think I know the answers to these questions but I would be interested to know what y’all might think.

    In any case, at the end of the day when I’m lying in my bed, By Allah, I feel a sense of comfort with the issue of marriage and that’s because, despite my soul’s lack of patience or the shaitan’s aggressive tactics to cause failure in my life, I trust Allah. I really do because I know when the time is right, He will grant me what’s best for me. Call it taqwa or eemaan or whatever you want, I just know Allah will never let me down and He never breaks His promise. As for today though, I’m just gonna continue to do ME until Allah guides me 🙂


    P.S. By the way Ibtisam, it will never work out between me and a sister as long as matters remain complicated. It’s clear that in the sunnah, marriage should be easy and if two people sincerely wish to please Allah then they should take a path that is simple right? And if things are gonna get political, then I probably won’t hang around long enough to find out what Allah has decreed for me. I’ll probably take my case to Him and complain about the situation and try to explain myself to Him.

  4. I’m a bit rushed now; so I’m just going to respond to the bit about marriage being easy. Wrong. Please show me in the sunnah where the path to marriage is easy??

    1) The greatest enemy of the heart is desire and doubt. He (the shidan) will make you doubt everything good you attempt to do, but tempt you with all the glitter and beautiful desires

    2) The Shidian happiest moment according to the hadith is when a Muslim house breaks down (i.e. Divorce) He will do everything to ensure that a Muslim home is not built or a marriage taking place. Suddenly it will be the most complicated thing in the whole world, with so many complications and obstacles in the way.

    3) It will feel like a burden, a heavy burden which you are not ready to take on. All he things that can go wrong and all the negativity will suddenly overwhelmed you. English folks call it cold-feet. 😀

    Got to go, will be back inshallah.


  5. My understanding is that it’s encouraged to make marriage easy, in the sense that there shouldn’t be all this nonsense that sometimes make a barrier between young people and fulfilling this sunnah. It could be parents who make it extremely difficult for their children to get married for whatever reason, sisters asking for more than the brother can afford, family demanding that all prospective brides/grooms for their child are doctors, engineers, whatever. So it’s the process to get married that should be as simple and easy as possible, but that’s not to say that being in an actual marriage will not present its challenges, like any other relationship.

  6. I came across this on the forums… thought you might like it.

    Uthman (ra) said, “The believer is in six types of fear:

    1. The first is that Allah the Exalted will take away his iman.
    2. The second is that the angels will write down things that will expose him on the Day of Judgment.
    3. The third is that Satan will render his actions void.
    4. The fourth is that the Angel of Death will take his soul when he is in a state of heedlessness.
    5. The fifth is that the dunya will delude him and make him work for other than the Hereafter.
    6. The sixth is that his family and children will preoccupy him such that he neglects the remembrance of Allah the Exalted.

  7. Subhanallah.. Ibitism

    I cant help but agree with you… brother after brother i guess its truly cold feet mixed with doubt and Wallahu Alam whatever else.
    I am not sure what some sisters and brothers issues these days but what i know is if we are truly ready Allah SWT will bring the right person to us. I for one tell then need to figure out if i should get married before i graduate in 2 yrs and what Exactly am looking for.
    The words of Sh. Yaser Birjas is still echoing in my ears… he said to me and a few other sister… I AM ADVICING YOU GUYS TO GET MARRIED BEFORE YOU ARE DONE WITH SCHOOL.. HE SAID ITS SEEMS AS IF IT WILL BE GETTING HARDER FOR SISTER W/ BA’S AND MASTERS ETC. TO FIND A BROTHER WHO WILL EXCEPT THEM ETC. WHEN THEY ARE LIKE THEIR “CO WORKERS”. I found it bit awkward and a little worried.. but after pondering over it that night.. Sisters after sisters agreed and said they are going through exactly what he said.
    So, after blabbing here.. i realized sooner is better then later (that is if its written for me to get married soon).
    One problem fixed.. a couple more to go.

    May Allah Make It Easier For All of Us

  8. Assalam to all and Kheir, welcome to the blog.

    Ibtisam, when I said marriage is easy due to the sunnah, all I was trying to portray is how the society of Muhammad (saw) viewed and went about getting married. Its quite funny when I hear brothers or sisters saying things like, “sisters shouldn’t go up to brothers and propose because that’s not apart of the sunnah” when it is authentically reported by Bukhari on the authority of Sahl bin Sa’d that a woman came to the Messenger of Allah (saw) and offered herself to him (in marriage). When she had stood for a long time (without receiving an answer) a man got up and said: Messenger of Allah! Marry her to me if you have no need of her. He asked the man if he had anything to give her as dower (marriage gift), and when he replied that he had nothing but the lower garment he was wearing, the Prophet said: Look for something, even though it be an iron ring. Then when the man had searched and found nothing, Allah’s Messenger asked him whether he new anything of the Qur’an. When the man replied that he knew Surah so and so and Surah so and so, Allah’s Messenger said: Go away, I give her to you in marriage. Teach her some of the Qur’an.
    From this hadeeth, scholars have abstracted from it many lessons and for one, it is clear that the whole concept of a woman “going after what she wants” is acceptable and supported by the sunnah because the Messenger of Allah (saw) didn’t correct the woman nor did he (saw) tell her to go back home, infact, marriage was so easy back in those days that a man from that gathering just stood up and said, “marry her to me if you don’t have any need with her”. Thats it. Thats how simple it was and subhanAllah, the difference between our society and theirs is like the distance between the heavens and the earth or even further. The point I was just trying to make when I said, marriage is easy in accordance to the sunnah is how MARRIAGE should be sought and the reasons for marriage are simple (to improve your standing with Allah [of course there may be others reasons but those reasons shouldn’t be the foundation of the marriage]). Of course though, once a couple get married, there will always be problems or issues but just like every other stage in life, a person will get tested because Allah says, ” Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, “We believe”, and that they will not be tested…” ( Al Ankaboot verse 1). By the way, if Shaitan’s happiest moment is when a couple gets divorced then that would make his worst (or one his worst moments) to see a Muslim couple get married for the sake of Allah right? To see Shaitan disappointed would be nice 🙂 but to shaitan’s credit, he has worked hard to keep this issue and some others fogged up in our eyes and so I ask Allah to guide us to whats best for our dunya and akhira Aameen.

    Safia, assalam. Thanks for posting Uthmaan’s words (indeed he was among the best from this Ummah). About your comment, its true that some parents make it difficult for their children, in particular, their daughters more then their sons but I think the problem starts with lack of communication between the young people and their parents. Didnt I kinda talk about this issue in my blog called “I Wanna Marry you but its your Fault”? But you know for me, the past year and some change, I’ve gained so much experience with this whole issue of marriage. I’ve heard so many stories about peoples struggles to get married, feel free to compare me to Barak Obama who also hears on a regular basis about families fighting the POWERHOUSE banks because their about to get kicked out of their homes or the average Joe’s story about his struggles with raising gas prices. After all of that, Barak and myself have benefitted from people’s stories by turning their struggles into our “DONT FOLLOW THAT PATH” lessons. But unlike Mr. Obama, Ive actually experienced for myself what some of peers are complaning about which makes me more understanding of their situation. Honestly, after all the ups and downs, I’ve learned one important factor or should I say, guideline? Although I knew this point before I started to go through the whole process, I didn’t fully understand the importance of it but alhamdulilah now I DO. That’s what is important right? It reminds me of some words that someone dear to me said. He told me, “it’s better that you learned your lesson late than to not have ever learned it at all”.

    Kheir, its sad for me to confirm but the truth is, many brothers are hesitant about marrying a woman who “is on top of her game”. In other words, “who is educated and established” and the reasons very based upon the brothers mental state but the foundation remains the same. I’ve probably spoken to maybe 300-400 different brothers about this particular topic and in conclusion, all I could say about the whole issue is, brothers simply perfer to marry someone who is still in school and is younger BUT BUT and BUT don’t take my words literally please. I’m just reporting back to you some of my findings and I’m sure there are many good brothers out there that don’t really mind the GO GET it SISTA but you’ll just have to look and find those type of brothas 🙂 (may Allah be with you)

    Ma’salaam and aameen to all your dou’ass

  9. [many brothers are hesitant about marrying a woman who “is on top of her game”. In other words, “who is educated and established” and the reasons very based upon the brothers mental state}

    You know when someone is in such denial and they want to block it all out… i am in that state now! 😦
    Subhanallah.. what can you say about that! Is it mainly because they arent educated and established themselves or their ego is bruised because they are not the main money maker in the family?
    What could i possible say to one of my friends whos a in the marketing department @ HP? Sorry sis you just smart to get married now.. QUIT your job!
    I am a firm believer that as the believing woman we should be too independent (or act) but letting your husband be the head of the household and feel that he has so responsiblities in taking care of you is very important for a healthy marriage. But you shouldnt also marry a man who wouldnt except you as a CEO as well. Muhammad SAW married Khadija RA, and in her time she might as well been a CEO. Subhanallah… its like we keep on going backwards! Am i over exaggerating?

  10. Over exaggerating? I don’t think so. However when you look at an issue (even if it be the worst of the issues) then try to look at the BIGGER picture rather than focusing your thoughts on a minor issue. In other words, the mere fact that we understand that some brothers have develop this type of mindset is a good sign because to address any issue, we need to acknowledge it. Now that we’ve acknowledged the problem (or soon to become a serious problem) how can we solve it? Well since I’m a brother than maybe I can share with you some of the thoughts that run through our minds as men and leaders of the next generation. First thing is first, every man wants to take care of his family and be the head of the house. I know the idea of two incomes makes situations appear easy and life a little less stressful but what you need to understand is, men don’t really have an issue with women working or making income for the family but the problem starts when the marriage is in the starting stages. Remember in my last post I mentioned how brothers would rather prefer to marry someone who is STILL in school? Which means, those brothers are intending to marry a sister who is educated and eventually would find a job and start working but they don’t necessarily want to be with someone who is at the same level as they are. Does that make any sense? For example, a brother graduate’s from a college or university and now wants to get married. Alhamdulilah he has some options (although the method to go about it might seem complicated) and after taking some time for himself, he realizes he wants to marry someone who is still in school. The wisdom (according to him) behind marrying someone who is still in school can be summed up in three points. A) the brother would be one step ahead of his potential spouse which would make him feel secure with the idea that he is the provider for the family (at least for the time being) B) he would feel like she is need of him and therefore he could strive to assist her in her studies and c) by the time she graduates and finds a job, he has established himself as the provider for the family and would feel comfortable with the idea of his wife working and saving for herself. For the record, not every brothers thinks like this but Im just stating the general facts about the situation. SubhanAllah, what amazes me the most is the fact that this trend has become so well known that our dear Shiek Yasir Birjas has taken the time to advise the women to get married while they are still in school. SubhanAllah, I don’t know if I should feel ashamed for not taking a more aggressive stances with brothers who DON’T want to marry women who are “established” or if I should feel shy about the whole situation?

  11. Quote/By Allah, I feel a sense of comfort with the issue of marriage and that’s because, despite my soul’s lack of patience or the shaitan’s aggressive tactics to cause failure in my life, I trust Allah. I really do because I know when the time is right, He will grant me what’s best for me. Call it taqwa or eemaan or whatever you want, I just know Allah will never let me down and He never breaks His promise./Quote

    couldn’t have said it better myself…

  12. JazakhAllah Kheir Brother,
    Alhamdulilah, with what you have written i have a better understanding of the male mind! 🙂 It is tough nowadays its not like back in the day where the only job of a woman would be to stay at home and take care of the family (which i am all up for) But now two incomes is almost a must.. especially here in the states. Its just unfortunate thats all.

    Subahanallah thats a beautiful quote! I just have to mention this, i dont believe that Allah SWT will not let me down when it comes to the issue of marriage, I KNOW Allah SWT will bring a spouse into my life that i couldnt even dream of if i tried. But its just funny looking into the non muslim world seeing that they are pushed to finish their education and then they get married after and now (even though i dont mind at all, and even a willing participant) The shaykh advising us in that manner was from left field. I have been waiting for someone to tell me to get married before i am done with school, i just didnt know their was an urgency LOL. It still doesnt matter, when its my time to get married Allah SWT has something special in mind for me inshallah. 🙂

    Wallahu Alam

  13. Assalamualaikum akhee ameen.

    Hope ur good inshallah.

    Akhee in this world man is a target of arrows that come to him successively,some pass him by,some fall short,some fall to his right and others to his left and some stike him…

    My simple n small advice is that marry someone who has manners of wise and humility of poor.

  14. Hamid, Salaam bro..
    Long time indeed and alhamdulilah Im doing good. I also hope you’re doing good and that you’re in the best of health and eemaan inshAllah.

    I will take your advise inshAllah and when my time comes, I will remember your words and seek for an individual that resembles what you described.
    By the way bro, I love your use of analogy to describe important points.

  15. Aaah, the ever more notorious topic! What is it, an AlMaghrib bug perhaps?

    I think you’ve put forth very legitimate concerns about the issue which some of us certainly share with you; however, I find most young people today would not ponder twice about this as they find themselves under various pressures, if they were presented with the opportunity. So I really commend young men who think thoroughly through this life altering transition and exercise due caution before they delve into such a serious lifetime commitment.

    Fear is only a natural and expected component of any potential change of this magnitude; howerver, it becomes slightly disconcerning as in the case of certain ppl (ahem :D) who continue to refuse, and refuse, till they become confused, for they’re no longer certain their justification for objection is reasonable and within the bounds of righteousness…but saying no has been the answer they’ve been accustomed to and their comfort zone. If you were to ask them if their refusal is due to fear, they’d give you a dozen sophisticated and self-conving answers that claim othewise, but the truth remains: it’s only FEAR.

    The point I am trying to make is (which is very unbecoming of me actually), if you think you’re mature enough, you have the means, and you come across someone with a similar outlook on life, then pursue it and tawakal cala Allah. Somalis say, ‘Nin gu kaa weyn garasho kaa weyn’; so take it from me and don’t allow fear to overwhelm you I’A.

  16. Sakeenah, why my sister, why?
    Why you got to label me under the young brothers category when in fact, Im 24 and Im grown. You know in some parts of the world, 24 year olds collect pensions. Well actually, its not technically a pension but you get my point right? Good! Moving on…

    Almaghrib bug? What’s an Almaghrib bug? Please explain..(Im obviously trying to distance myself from Almaghrib and any bug that is shared by their students)

    In regards to the individual you mentioned above in your post, you know, the individual who continued to refuse proposals until that person evenually became confused? I wonder what became of that person? Has that person’s mentality changed after having come to the conculsion that their reasoning for continued rejections of proposals was due to nothing more than fear for marriage? Interested to know what became of such an individual…

    P.S. When I examine my own situation and I really think about it, I think (correction, I know) Im mature enough to get hitched and I also think I have the means to get married but as for the final part of the equation; you know, the one that requires finding that ideal person who will not nag a brotha but will rather incourage him to strive for more, well what can I say..? Allah knows best.

    PPS. Today I discovered something new in regards to a cure for my own fear of marriage. The cure is in relations to aspects found in the lives of a few Prophets (namely, Nuh and Lut) and just reflecting over their lives, I realized “hey, an interesting point many of us over look when it comes to the marriage life of Nuh and Lut is…” (it was SO deep I had to run and write it down! I couldnt afford the let this point escape me. Perhaps in the near future if Allah wills, I will share it with my readers but as for now, I really want to take a break from writing about marriage related issues for obvious reasons lol)

    And to Allah is our return

  17. Okeey. I apologize – no offense was intended with any of my assertions, really!


  18. No need to apologize. No really, no need my sister.

    Do stick around inshAllah… 🙂

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