Whats Really GOOD!

              1) Some time ago, I was sitting in the masjid awaiting the prayer when my gaze fell on a man. He was performing prayer alhamdulilah but his eyes wondered left and right while his body shifted with each glance. His attention span for the prayer was weak. Indeed, one look at him and you would conclude he was lacking that sweet connection that is gained through the prayer. Shortly afterwards, I noticed something was viberating and as I focused my attention, I realised the viberation was coming from his phone. I watched as he placed his hand into his pocket, pulled out his phone and glanced at the caller ID. So what right? Ok but what happened next shocked me. After reaching for the phone to perhaps silence the viberation, the brother looked at his phone and it must of been someone really important because he answered the call. I heard him say, “yo, can I call you back, I’m praying right now” and literally, he was in the prayer. I was like, “subhanAllah, Whats is going on these days?” The brother must of caught my response because he quickly focused his gaze on me and although moments earlier, he was glorifying the Lord of the heavens and the earth, he rushed out of the prayer hall faster than you can say, “playa, only Allah can judge you”.

                2) A few summers ago when I was vacationing in Djibouti, my neighbor, a brother whom I truly love for the sake of Allah would often spend the nights over at my house. We would stay up all night talking, sharing jokes and catching up on the major events that we missed in each others lives. One night, we both were well aware that fajr was quickly approaching and my father would soon be walking down the stairs in my house to awake us for the prayer. The thing about my father is, he is an easy-going man but when it comes to salah, he is firm and strict. My companion and I both knew that and we very much disliked for my father to walk in on us while we were awake and engaged in useless talk. Moments before the prayer, shaitan overpowered us and we fell asleep. My father walked down the stairs and although I was half-a-sleep, I could hear his footsteps descending upon my room while my subconscious focused on the door. As soon as I felt his hand touch my door nob, I sat up. He walked in and said, “Mohamed, wake Sam up and make wudo, its fajr”. I got off my bed, rushed to awake my companion as my father watched on. I said, “Yo Sam, get up, get up…” and when my companion opened his eyes, he saw my father looking at his direction and so he jumped up. We made wudo and departed for the masjid. On our way to the masjid, my companion expressed his concern of being extremely tired but I failed to process the information. When we reached the masjid, we joined the congregation. My companion stood next to me while my father was on the other side of the masjid. When the Imam made sajdah, we followed him and when he rose back up, all of us returned to our original position of prayer except for one brother. That brother was my companion who somewhere between the sajdah and getting back up, fell asleep. Everyone around me thought that something awful happened to my companion but I knew he fell asleep. I tried to tap him with my foot but my efforts went for nothing. He started to distract the people around us because they started to redirect their attention to him so I stepped on him with force but again, nothing. He was out cold. When the prayer was complete, people rushed to assist him, fearing something awful had happened to him during the prayer. I sat near by and distanced myself from him. I watched the people try to perform ‘the Djiboutian CPR’ but quickly, they came to the realization that he wasn’t injured or dead but rather, sleeping. Wisely, they left him alone and in that state. In the midst of all of this, I focused my attention on my father who despite all the commotion, sat quietly away from everyone. When the people left my companion alone, I jumped on him and shook him until he woke up. He responded with a fading voice and said, “What!” I told him, “get up”. When his senses returned to him, I said, “are you crazy bro?”

“Crazy? What did I do?”

“What did you do? You were sleeping in the prayer! Everyone thought that you were dead!…”



2 Responses

  1. lol. This reminds me of my big brother. He went to make wudu and got ready to pray fajr. He said Takbeeratul Tahereem he started to mumble for 5 mins and then there was silence. After 15 more mins of silence we see him falling flat right on his face. Thank god the floor was carpeted 🙂 It was a kodak moment, wish I had a camcorder. I would’ve sent it to AFV 😀

  2. AFV, you still watch that?
    Mann, you so classic!
    May Allah have mercy on your soul…

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