Day to Day Burden

My version of “Day to Day Burden”:

I can’t be overcome with burden,
Each and every night,
I strive to survive the evil nightmares that await me on the other side.
The reality is, it’s the truth
The Day of Recompense is what awaits me on the other side
My evil deeds bring about worry to appear in my eyes
Yet my heart is with those brothers standing on the frontline

I spend many sleepless nights
Praying, hoping, begging
But deep-down inside,
I know this is a battle that will continue
far past my lifetime.

And If I could, know I would
And if I should, than think positive of me
I couldn’t let the temptations of this world get the best of me.
Now these are not suicidal thoughts
These are words that follow each other
To illustrate the burdens of the world

The media got us confused
Tribalism got us in feuds
My desire is to stand between my brothers
as they wage against each other.

With each blood that falls on the ground
With each soul that departs to the sky
Innocent children are left behind
Widows are left to cry
And the day to day burden is surely on the rise

And If I could,
I told before, I truly would
Remove all pain from your hearts
Spread justice to ultimate heights
Practice Sharii’a to its fullest so you can enjoy your rights
So momma doesn’t have to worry about leaving her door unlocked for the night



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