Set me Free!

Set me free to leave the land of immorality,
Before I burst and become a menace to society
Suicidal thoughts feed the body like the Range Rover is fed by gasoline
Confusion graspes their minds as to why many posses extreme views from world issues

Fear firm in their hearts so they keep the soldiers of Allah close in sight,
Thinking they would perhaps convert their views to action in the middle of the night
But still I fall asleep trapped in the most evil of societies

A land where the women are used as sex objects
Where modesty does not exist
And yet they want to force other Nations into democracy
Hypocrisy is their way of life.

Saddening to the heart,
Incomprehensible to the mind,
Are those Muslims men that feel no pain over the death of their brothers
Or over the rape of their sisters
Let alone the conquer their Muslim lands

They are not known to me to be men
they are in the group of women
In fact, they are the women of women’s

I’m free from their thoughts of loving security
And from being deceived by the media that feeds the souls pure lies

But I envy the fighters who fight in the brightness of the daylight
While I stand and plea to Allah in the middle of the night
Seeking permission from Him to fight

But as for today, I reach for the pen and I write
Converting the words from my heart to pearls of light


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