He said, freedom is between the finger and the trigger

Between the mind and the soul,

So I asked, what is Justice

Is it avoiding payments of zakat in order to purchase the latest Lexus

Oppressing the poor, spreading corruption and acting reckless

He said, don’t be foolish

Such statements will be taken out of contents

Justice is free from false assumptions

My brotha, what’s screams of your inner notion

I sense something negative has become of your situation

(I said) O’ they stole my reputation

Like a thief in the dark night

Captured it, fashioned it

Covered the foundation with false acquisitions

Now I’m walking in the opposite direction

Pursuing my need-to-become a better servant righteous temptation….


I said, go…

You’re free…

Don’t be naïve….

I’m a figure in your life you don’t really need…


And I wish you the best

Although deep down inside, I’ve prevented my own soul rest

I know I could of protected thy like mothers guard their nest


Now time is of great essence

I got a day or two before the break of silence

Before the decree unfolds itself in my presence

My words could silence, the greatest of tyrants

But in the presence of thy, they lack to stand with balance


Dear Lord, forgive me and You never forget

Guide me and You never loose track

Keep me firm and please don’t turn my back



4 Responses

  1. I see someone is an Amir Sulaiman fan

  2. I is.. lol

    Well, I just borrowed one of his lines to get me started but the rest…
    That is all justice 🙂

  3. I booked that too LOL. But to be fair, you said “he said” 🙂

  4. I intended for y’all to actually book it.

    Now what kind of human would I be if I didnt give credit where credit was due..?

    Anyways, Amir Sulaiman drops verses that are tight and when Im stuck with my poetry, I hit up Youtube to check out his work and use that as a means to get me rolling… *Opps, why you sharing your secrets with the public playa? lol*

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