18 Seconds

64-64 with 18 seconds left in the game. My team calls a timeout and quickly they huddle together in order to draw out the perfect game winning play. I stand amongst them quiet with my gaze starring off into the empty court. I sought to find my first love; her name, Spalding. We met about 14 years ago and it was love at first sight. A connection that could build bridges between committed enemies and the foundation for my love of Spalding was built upon trust and passion. I needed her. I wanted her. I patrolled the empty court with my gaze seeking to find her whereabouts. I found her in the hands of a foreign man and I became outraged. I grew angry, for when I love someone, I seek to protect them and keep them close to myself.


In the silence of the moment, despite the loud cheers of fans and the rough voice of team-mate who drowned the voices of others, I looked towards my love and spoke to her in our language. I asked, “my love, are you betraying our contract even as I stand in your presence?”. Quickly she sought refuge from my acquisitions and reaffirmed for me her commitment to our treaty. She said, “come for me” and I responded, “in a few seconds, I will be with you”. I redirected my focus on my team-mates and I asked for my Spalding. I told them, “it is I who will bring you victory. O my team-mates, don’t you worry”. We ended the huddle and retook our positions on the court. I kept my gaze on Spalding and she asked, “will you not allow me to find security in the comfort of your hands?” I reassured her in due time my love, we will be together. My team-mate in bounded Spalding and she found her place of desire; my hands. I wrapped my palms and fingers around her and held her close to my chest. I wanted her to hear the acceleration of my heart beat at that exact moment when she found her castle known as my chest. I asked, “baby can I have this dance..?” and she said, “O my love, take me where you intend”. I put her gently on the ground, directed her through my legs going left and back through my right, as I kept my communication with her throughout the process. I shook the defender, glanced at the clock and I knew time was up against us.


Ten seconds remaining and I needed to stop dancing so I stated, “baby, I’m going to take you to the rack. Drive you home like it’s the ninth inning of the World Series.” She said, “be gentle, don’t you be rough on me. Just pull-up and release me with confidence”.


          Seven seconds left, I set my mind on a move that will clinch the game. I said, “Spalding, baby…I don’t wanna let you go but I promise I’ll be smooth with my stroke and my release point will be just right”. She said, “do what you got to do and inshAllah you will find me to be among the patient”. So I focused my attention on the basket, with my mind on the game and my heart on my Spalding, I faked left, went right and with just three seconds left on the clock, I stepped back and I released my Spalding and watched her as she found the decree of Allah.    


7 Responses

  1. Can anyone guess the outcome of the game?

  2. Brick? 🙂

  3. Even if I wanted to miss, perhaps spalding wouldnt let me 😉

  4. Assalamu alaikum,

    I believe this post is a little too much, too many ambigous descriptions that may lead to inapropriate thoughts.

  5. Ambigous?
    In all honesty, you’re looking too much into it. Just take it at face value inshAllah.

    P.S. In this post, indeed I was playing around with words but my intention was to try out a different style of writting and Allah knows best.

  6. Loool> I love this post. Perfectly written. Lovely comparison to put across the fact that it was more than just a game.

    P.s. If you was married, someone would’ve been offended, jealous and competing with your first love.

  7. But I am not married, so for today, it is just ‘I’ and spalding lol.

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