Obama for President?

          If, and I say this with due respect, you’re one of the millions of Obama supporters across the nation, reality will greet you in the form of a wake up call this November. It will hit you harder than the tornadoes that have been ripping cross the different states in recently weeks or the flooding that has destroyed parts of the Midwest. In all honesty, there is no hecking way Obama is going to win the fight for the White House. I know, or should I say, I assume your emotions are damping your abilities to come to terms with reality, but that within itself, can not be used as an excuse to deny the truth. The truth being, yes, the Americans have come along way in selecting an African American to represent a major political party in the federal elections but just as you wouldn’t expect a toddler who took his first step a moment ago, to turn around and join the National relay team, why then would you expect a civilization that has been relatively conservative throughout history, to all of a sudden, select a black man to represent them around the world? You’re being foolish? Maybe? Or perhaps someone slipped a pill known as the “Yes, we can” into your morning coffee while you focused your attention on the CNN broadcast of the latest political news for the day? I think the later suits your situation more then the former but whatever the case be, please, and I say this with semi-sincerity, don’t let your ‘hope’ to see a better American under the leadership of Obama blind you from reality.

          If you don’t believe me when I proclaim that Obama will loose the federal elections this November than you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you, its not the president of the blue and red states that runs the affairs of the American people but rather, the big oil companies and the Pharmaceutical drug lords, in addition to the lobbyist, they, my friends, are the true rulers of the laws of the so-called free states.

          You still don’t believe me..? Well, what can I say, although I’m a supporter of Mr. Obama, I couldn’t allow my messed up emotions to deny my abilities in coming to terms with the John McCain victory in November.


5 Responses

  1. Yes, Mr. Bush the 2nd, will become the next president. Shamful, I know.

  2. hmmmm

    Ameen, I’m disappointed, not because he is going to loose, because I hope he does, but because I’m sadden to think you thought he would make a difference. As a black person I felt the need to support him at first, but at what cost?. I realised that my blackness is not enough to overlook my Muslim duty. In my conscious, I would rather be beaten by a stranger who I know was gonna beat me than a brother who I had hope for. I will construct a more logical post inshallah. Got to go now.

    I hate Obama, and Mr. bush the 2nd . For the Muslims they are as bad as each other.


  3. I’d have to disagree. Obama’s focus on diplomacy will be better for the Muslim world, rather than the guy who is planning on continuing an unsuccessful war and occupation in Iraq and threatens to begin new ones with Iran and Syria. Not to mention us living here in North America are going to watch ourselves fall further into recession as a result of the economic situation in the United States. Though I can’t say I’m completely convinced or that I agree with most of his views, he has my support when you look at the alternative and what that would mean at home and for the rest of the world.

    By the way, this morning’s Gallop polls show that Obama is leading with 46% over McCain’s 43%.

  4. Some intellectual Muslim circles argue that McCain, who plans to continue the unsuccessful foreign policies of President Bush, would in fact be better off, in the long run that is to say, for the Muslims. How can that be, you ask? Simple—-since the so-called War on Terror (its the funniest war objective I’ve come across in any history book), Muslims have lost their lives, wealth, property, dignity, security, prosperity, territory, honour and the list can continue; however, the Muslims have gained one thing in return, and that is, they’ve found the road back to the deen of Allah. They’ve realized, regardless of what we are currently going through, it is not proper for us to complain about our situation when in fact, we are doing so little to change it. In addition, these trails that the Muslims who continue to loose their lives in great numbers are currently experiencing, any individual who decides to take a moment to look back into the pages of Islamic history, and in particular, how Islam came down and was viewed by the society of Mecca during the time of Muhammad (saw) would realize, these trails are a repetition of passed historical events.

    The truth is, the trails experienced by our fellow brothers and sisters, has in fact, in more then one way, awaked the generation known as the youth. More and more are committed to seeking the knowledge of their religion and any sensible man would be quick to recount the importance and impact of the famous saying, ‘knowledge is power’, that has empowered the bodies of the next generation and later transformed itself, in the hearts of the believers, to become a strong force of faith. Not to mention, in the last seven years, the United States reputation around the world has suffered much and will continue to suffer as long as McCain continues the failed current administration’s foreign policies.

    But if Obama takes over, then there is a worry that he could possibly, as the next American president, restore some of the respect lost in the last seven years, to a Nation that has seen the value of its currency fall faster than the stocks of 1929 Great Depression (ok, maybe not that fast, but you get by point).

    P.S. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I support Obama but I can not…you know..

  5. well Obama was elected throwing all your theory and genuine concerns into the garbage bin, but do not be in dismay, many people were genuinely surprised at how easily Obama won

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