Preview of my Article for the ROF Newsletter

       For weeks, I didn’t have any desire to write. I battled within myself to write Safia, the Boss-Lady, an email explaining my lack of passion to write for this coming edition of the Qmajd newsletter. I wanted to write her a carefully worded email that would sugar code my excuses in a way that she probably, more likely than not, wouldn’t be able to notice. But before I could start such an email, an idea came to me (alhamdulilah, because I couldn’t deal with Safia’sresponse). An idea that suggested I take a previously written article from my blog, keep the foundation of the post, but add to its overall meaning and BANG! I would have myself a newsletter submission. So for days, I flipped through the many articles that I had the privilege of writing and I focused my attention one particular article. I took the foundation of that article, inserted some jokes between the lines, changed the wording, wrote the article with carefully selected words and KAA BOOM! I’m done. I have myself a newsletter submission and even more, no need to write the Boss-Lady an email. By the way, if any of you know Safia, dont inform her that I was minutes away from writing her an email that would suggest,  ‘I, mentally broke my writing arm and I could no longer fulfill my duty in submitting a piece for the ROF newsletter’. Don’t tell her that because that is no longer the case. And if it does happen to slip from your tongue while you’re careless, know that I will FIND YOU! And you don’t want be to find you. Maybe you do. I dont know, do you?

     So here is a preview of what I intend to submit for the ROF newsletter (inshAllah): 

It will be called, “Meet me in Jannah”


     I returned my attention to counting the bricks when all of a sudden, I heard some noise coming from the distance. I looked to my right and I saw a beautiful woman working in the field. I rushed to my guide and I asked, “Is that Haneefah? Better yet, I’ll go over there and introduce myself, after all, I am her husband”. I started to walk with confidence in her direction and when I had approached the beautiful young woman, I said, “Assalam alaikum”, she responded, “wa alaikum assalam”. I continued, “why are you working so hard, O’wife of mine?” Surprisingly, she was startled by my words and I started second guessing my approach to the beautiful woman. I started to wonder, is this not the correct manner to approach your wife in paradise? Did I speak with careless words? I looked back at my guide, who was designated to assist me but he was no where to be found.  I remained silent and awaited the response from Haneefah. Moments later, she said,“I am not Haneefah”, and continued, “ I am Layla, your maid-girl”. I thought to myself, a maid? No waaaay! She is too beautiful to be a maid. If only my homeboys from the life of the world could see such a maid girl, how many of them would be content with her as company for eternity? Every single one of them and I was certain of such an answer. “You are my servant?”, I asked. “No way! That can not be. Listen, I’m thinking, I want to promote you from a maid-girl to a wifey so let me go and talk to my guide and see what we can do. Sit tight. I can’t make any promises but I will be back insh’Allah”, I concluded. She focused her merciful eyes on my every move and stated before my departure, “do as you wish, Allah has created me to serve you and I gain my pleasure through your service”. Amazed by such a response, I sprinted, not walked, but sprinted back to my guide and informed him of my newest intentions. “Hey, so…hmmm, I’m thinking, after I met that woman over there, you know, Layla, by the way, she is too FINE; I’m thinking that I want to, you know, marry her, so lets make it happen. Write this down, I, Mohamed, want my first wish in Jannah to be; Layla’s transformance from a maid-girl to my eternal wifey. Did you write that down? Good. So what can we do to make this happen?”, I asked. “Help a brotha out”, I continued. My guide smiled at my request and before he could respond, I….(to be continued in the ROF newsletter inshAllah)


9 Responses

  1. Hopefully this time, I could keep my own style of writing lol.

  2. It’s good to know I’m intimidating enough for you to end up writing your article *flexes muscle*

    And yes, I’ll make sure the other editors don’t change your style of writing either lol. It sounds great so far, I’m glad someone is going to be doing a ‘glimpse of Jannah’ type article for this newsletter. Can’t wait to read it inshaAllah 🙂

  3. Intimidating..? Yeah, of course, thats what it was. 😉

    Hey, so if I loose the ‘vote for your favourite article’ contest, you know, it wasnt ALL my fault right? lool Ok fine, maybe it was partly my fault since I could of just kept my mouth shut until the day the contest ended but I guess homeboy just couldnt help but jump the gun. In any case, I still want my first or second prize gift from the Newsletter family, U heard! And the best word I could end this comment with is no other then the word ‘inshAllah’,


  4. Salaam,

    An alluring preview that was. Now, can I get a quick peak of the rest of the article as well? 😉 That is before it’s published (I know very little about almaghrib’s newsletters).

  5. Wa salaam Sakeenah (I’m still trying to get use this screen name 🙂 )

    Since you wont be around to get your copy of the ROF newsletter because of ‘personal reasons’ 🙂 , inshAllah I’ll send you something. Just comfirm your email for me okay…?

    Just send me a blank email with the title, ‘Yo Ameen, hook it UP!” lol and inshAllah I’ll do my best.

  6. loool, that made me laugh. Lookin forward to read the rest soon hopefully.

  7. Wow, i didnt even know they had a newsletter! cool stuff still…
    how do i get one??

  8. Pucca, the newsletter will be completed before the end of Aug so inshAllah once it is completed, I will forward it to you via email. Dont cha worry, you’ll have your copy inshAllah!

  9. Pedal, if you’re an Almaghrib student, then look for it at the coming class inshAllah.

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