As Time Moves..

     As time continues to move forward and not yield at my request, I continue to visit the lake and drowned myself with thoughts. I ask myself about individuals whom I’ve never met, yet, desire so much to one day meet. On the top of the list of men whom I continue to ponder over, Mu’sab bin Umair, a man from among the great men who use to walk the earth. I am somewhat disappointed with the fact that history (other then Islamic History) has forgotten his name and his sacrifice; moreover, our youth are unaware of his status with Allah.

     Nevertheless, it’s been a while since I last wrote in my Poetic Justice despite the fact that I have much to talk about as the events in my life become more interesting; yet, I find my desire to write fading. It’s not like I’ve completely stopped writing; no, that’s not the case. In fact, I continue to drop words and different styles of writing into my “Don’t You Hold Back” pages at home but even such submissions to those pages have slowed down noticeably in recent weeks and months. The way I look at it, if I’m not finding the time to write then it’s either for one of two reasons; either, I’m using that same time for something else (productive or not) or I’m allowing time to use me. In other words, a man once said to me, if you don’t take advantage of time, it will take advantage of you (I’ve also found words similar to those in a hadeeth that states, take advantage of five things before they take advantage of you and time was one of the five stated). My point is, I really need to pay more attention to how I use my time and since Ramadan is right around the corner, I better get my game face on or I’m not gonna be able to survive nor succeed with my goals for that month. But before Ramadan, I got an Almaghrib course to prepare for so..I’ll be back with some thoughts before Ramadan inshAllah; until then, if you’re from the streets, stay safe homie and if you’re a Muslim, may Allah have mercy on your soul.


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