Do you need a laugh

Allow me to introduce you to Coach Hines. He is indeed one of the funnier characters available on youtube and if you’ve never come across his clips, CHECK THEM OUT!




3 Responses

  1. Ameen.

    firstly Salam dear. Secondly THIS is not FUNNY. It is boring. 😀 Gosh they guy looks boring, and not funny at all in the first clip. Unless you want to murder people in different ways which I don’t.

    The second clip I watched a bit of it, it is better than the first, but not good enough for me. 🙂

    Did not get time to read anything else, but love you piece on Bush and Afgan!

    Salamah. 🙂

  2. Ibtisam, Salam and ca va?
    Well, I dont think murdering people is funny BUT, just the thought alone of having a teacher, who is supposed to be professional and respectful towards their students, GOING OFF, using threats to get students to obey him is FERRY funny to me 🙂 .

    But if you didnt find Coach Hines funny FINE 😦 , I’ll try to find you something else that is funny on Youtube okay inshAllah? InshAllah.

    Take care Zah

  3. As a random passerby, I was cough up in this, and ended up wasting my time watching almost every coach Hines clip on Youtube (abt 15).. what a classic figure.. the basketball game is just out-of-this-world-hilarious.

    Dunno if I should say “thank you” or pull out your medulla oblongata with the edge of my house key and then set you on fire 😉

    Nice blog, btw.. ama hang around

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