The Poet Speaks

     The poet speaks and I draw close to hear his latest words. Perhaps, I remind myself, his words may inspire me to write another page into my own works, or perhaps, his words will remain amongst mankind far after we depart and with such thoughts, I release my mind from useless thoughts. I have known of men, not personally, but whom I’ve found their poetic works on the shelves of local libraries and it always amazes me as to the reason why Allah has allowed their work to remain many decades after they’ve departed off into the next life. It is not my intention that I question the Wisdom behind such a decision from Allah (Woe to me if I were to do such a thing, and never would I do such a thing) but rather, it is only the curiosity of a man who has writen thousands of unread pages that reflects over the works of such that have managed to survive (with the permission of Allah) the storms of ‘the historical pages’. For some poets, I can attest to this fact, it is their primary goal to write material not only for you and I to read, but also for the generations to come, while for others, they write to please their own souls. The latest works from a man who is from the former of the two groups mentioned, he powerfully writes….. 

The bullets hit your hearts like the stings of a bee
You fall on your face as all you can see,

Are the Gardens so wide when you’re put in the ground
You’ve been searching for years and now you have found,

The Ultimate Prize, so sacred, so sweet
Your bargain with your Lord is finally complete,
Because you are all martyrs without fear or grief
Who gave all you had for your precious belief,
You promised Him your souls and He promised you much more
Now you can enjoy what He’s kept in store,
An endless reward for those who stood by
The covenant they made that towards death they would fly,
While graves burn the sinners and squeeze them so tight
You’re shown your places in the Garden, so spacious and bright,

On the Day when Great Terror shall steal all their words
Your souls will rest in the hearts of green birds,

Under the Great Throne with beauty beyond measure
At you ar-Rahmaan laughs, expressing His Pleasure,

Sufficient is this as a heavenly prize
But prepared for you is that never before seen by the eyes,

On your head is placed a crown, one jewel of which is worth
More than all of the jewels contained in this Earth,

You are brought to a gathering with companions so beautiful
The Prophets, the righteous and those who were truthful,

Al-Firdaws, where those of the Right Hand shall meet
Where the soil is white musk, so smooth and so sweet,

You scoop up a handful and throw it in the air
You are relaxed by the rivers flowing everywhere,

Water, milk and honey gushing forth non-stop
So thick and delicious you want to devour each drop,

You drink so much you almost end up falling
Into the flowing current, then you hear voices calling,

You turn and behold! The voices are singing
Coming from Maidens so fair and enchanting,

These are the Hoorees with round and firm chests
Pure untouched virgins, they’re better than the best,

Seventy-two in all, with large eyes of dark hue
Each one created especially for you,

They call out your name asking where you are
But to their disappointment, from the battles you are far,

Your heart is intoxicated by the pleasures of this life
Fear (of death) has wounded your manhood like a sharp knife,

A knife sharpened by the callers to Hell’s every door
Who pulled the sword from your hand and threw it to the floor,

And given you women, children and money instead
Convincing you ‘this is better than ending up dead,’

Lo,the Martyrs are alive, rejoicing and provided for!
When asked what they desire, they will answer no more!

So be from the cream of this heavenly crop!
Shake off your fear and let your doubts drop!

Pick up the sword and grab your horse’s reins tight!
Throw off your armor and jump into the fight!

Make your path be none other than Islaam’s high peak
Whose mountain is climbled by making death what you seek!





3 Responses

  1. I didnt write the poem but mashAllah, it was well writen 🙂

  2. Mashallah what an illustrative and well written piece.

  3. real nice that.

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