Reminiscing or daydreaming?

     Reminiscing or was I daydreaming? Was I reflecting back to what had occurred in the past or was I creating new mental facts? Was I allowing my memory to connect back to my conscious like rivers connecting to open seas or was I really guilty of over flowing the banks that hold my imagination intact, and had I finally allowed my mind to run wild on me? Perhaps the later is more appropriate and whatever the case be, it all reminds me as to how I met her. How, a day amongst the days which have come and gone, my gaze fell upon her gaze and my soul, which had kept to itself, jumped from our strict boundaries to meet her soul leading to soul touching soul. It was a meeting of two different worlds, the past and the future, the living and the dead, a meeting that took place but according to history, it hasn’t but it has and only the blindness of history had prevented it from recording its actual existence. Place much value into my words as I declare, the meeting was as real as living life or breathing in the fresh fall air. Such a meeting between the two formerly trapped souls had caused the world, which previously appeared to be an evil place for its harboring of evil of criminals and souls, to appear to be a place for eternal peace, somewhat like the heavens which Allah has described in countless verses in the Quran.    
     I call my meeting her a complete coincidence but when I visited my teacher, or should I call him my poetic reciter; upon revealing to him the events of what took place, how I came to find the individual I have been searching for – for some time, he turned down my “it was a complete coincidence” claim inexchange for his, ‘it was qadar wa qada’. Qadar wa Qada? Of course it was Qadar wa Qada and as my gaze met her gaze, words became pearls. Silence upon silence. The world froze and the birds that had been flying freely, landed immediately upon tree branches and all watched very closely as to what would happen next. She spoke and you wouldn’t believe what she said – she said….





8 Responses

  1. well, darn it, what did she say?!!

  2. She said, “Boy wake up, this is a dream”! 🙂

  3. i’ve gone ahead and finished the story in my head…your ending just wasnt doing it.

  4. Your kidding?!?!?!
    You should at least finish this dream for us… dang talk about suspense!!

    Now back to pretending to study for my midterm :S

  5. typical…and it was all a dream, lol. Really nicely written though.
    It reminds me of primary school where we ended everything with ‘…and it was all a dream’.

  6. Salaams.

    This is one of those typical pieces of writing where the pen runs wild on the paper. As I was writing this piece, I had no control, and I watched words form on the paper and I was like, “WHOA! This is not cool” lol

    But as you mentioned Rummage, it was all a dream.

  7. …haven’t you heard the soft whispers of the wind? Did you not smell the rich summer scent of the olive tree? Did you not feel my eyes gazing at you from a distance? Are you aware that my presence never truly…tr…existed?

    (voice in the distance)



    Great Post. Great Blog.


  8. Thanks Cawminsoon, and welcome to the blog.

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