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I Have My Own Dream
November 19, 2008

I have a Dream:


     It happened a few decades before I came into existence and therefore, unfortunately I wasn’t amongst the hundreds of thousands of people who gathered to witness Dr. Martin Luther King deliver his famous “I Have a Dream” speech but that does not mean I don’t have my own dream. In fact, I think my dream could be considered the Dream of all dreams because my dream is a dream in which I am certain hundreds of thousands of others have also dreamt that very same dream. I dream of a Greater Somalia.


     A Somalia that is not limited to regions which are distinguished from other regions by different flags hanging from different areas within the same land nor a Somalia that is divided by tribal tensions which have grasped the latest of our generations by their throats, preventing unity even amongst our children. I dream of a Somalia that would become the shinning example for the world to follow; a Nation that would be known for its justice and good standing and furthermore, a nation who would stand as one to fight against the oppressors from the world. I dream of a Nation who would risk its own existence for one of its citizens because the wrong done to one citizen leads to the collapse of the foundation built upon justice. And most importantly, I dream of a nation who would rule its people not based on laws that change over time and need constant reform but a law that would enjoin on its citizens the rulings and commandments of the Most High because such rulings do not prosper one group over another rather, they are laws that are divine and just. My dream for a greater Somalia may seem unrealistic to many while others foolishly compare our people to the Americans with such statements as, “if the Americans can elect an African American as their president, we Somalis can come together for a greater cause”, and to such a statement I respond, DON’T ever compare me nor my people to the Americans! I mean, EVER ever ever ever! Secondly, if the Americans hadn’t elected an African America as their leader would that mean, the Somalis would not be able to unite for a greater cause? No, and therefore such a statement carries little to no value. Now my dream for a greater Somali did not end with the above mentioned points, so back to my dream…


     I have dreamt for such a long time for a Somalia that would provide security to all its citizens and grant rights to move about in the land with freedom and safety to all its foreign visitors. A nation who would invests in their children so that their children would grow to become the leaders for the next generation of mankind. I dream of a nation filled with courageous men and respected women. A nation that would be the home to true soldiers and one of these soldiers would be equivalent to a thousand members from the US Special Forces. And one of our soldiers would not be equivalent to a thousand of their men because of his physic or his wealth but due to his courage and his love for justice. The difference between the two soldiers would be, when the Somali soldiers march forward to enjoin good and to do away with injustice, a Somali soldier needs not the assistance of an F16 flying above nor the security of a Helicopter Gunship and why would he need such assistance when he is defending justice and is not the leading supporter for corruption and the face of oppression? I dream of a Somalia that provides health care and a strong education system not to mention, addresses the issues of homeland poverty. I dream of a nation that does not forget its sister Nations at the very first taste of prosperity. And finally, I dream of a Somalia that our great grandparents worked so hard to establish for us and would also cause them to become proud of our contributions towards building a state that recognizes peace and unity, love and justice.