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Question from a Reader
December 17, 2008

Question: “Does it seem strange to you that you will not be able to marvel at what will occur on that Day because of how terrible that day will be?”

     It’s a really interesting question and honestly, as was insisted, I took a few hours and pondered over it. At first I was sort of confused at what angle  my opinions should be derived from, but then I kept re-reading the example about the angels descending and the doors of Jannah opening and then it hit me: it’s very difficult to picture the Day of Judgment and mainly because its a terrible day. Have you ever pondered over the fact that your grave will pop open and generally speaking, humans do not like to be left alone but on that Day, everyone will stand for his own. Again, words cant illustrates the horror nor can the descriptions from our books bring about a level of reality regarding the Day of Judgment that would be acceptable to our creative minds and imagination. Nevertheless, we continue to be engaged in an inner fight to convert the words of the Quran and its descriptions of the Day of Judgment into real life examples using our imaginations and if you ask me, such an action defeats the purpose of absorbing the knowledge of the Last Day and converting that information into a higher level of taqwa. A level of taqwa that would allow you to consistently live with firm faith that there will come a day in which the servant must answer to his King. A King who created the heavens and the earth and did not create the creation without a purpose. 

     Does it seem strange to me that I am not capable of picturing what will occur on that Day because of how terrible and horrified the events of that Day shall be? No, I don’t find it strange. I do not find it strange because Allah, with His wisdom and knowledge, created us with minds that can not over succeeded its maximum potential of understanding the pureness of the unseen. In my opinion, there are things that Allah wanted us to know (ie, the stories of past, the messengers and their names, etc) and then there were matters in which Allah mentioned to us but revealed little knowledge regarding (ie, the soul, etc), and another category of issues in which Allah increased our knowledge and faith, and that category was intended to serve as a reminder of what shall come and be, but with the knowledge Allah sent down, the restrictions within our minds to picture such events were not released (ie, events such as the Last Day, understanding the concept of an eternal life, etc). How can I expect myself to be able to marvel the occurrence of events such as the Last Day when I cant seem to understand the existence of the world of Jinn, even though I have been told of their existence and much more? The point is, rather than over burdening my mind and heart, I accept the Last Day and its reality and furthermore, it is a Day in which many souls shall loose hope and the once upon a time expensive sincere tear, shall be worthless.

     Of course there are times when I sit back and think to myself, why would my mother and father who love me just as they love themselves and maybe even more, turn their backs on me (on that Day)? Later that same day, when I would visit my mother and find her engaged in some worldly acts, I would look into her eyes and I would notice her love for me and I could only conclude, the only reason my mother would turn her back on me would be under grave circumstances and thus, the Last Day is a type of day in which I will never be able to fully comprehend until I experience the trails of that Day for myself. I pray and wish to survive such trails so that I may enter Jannah and be able to look back and ponder over that Day with a better understanding and a higher level of gratitude.  But until that Day, I only have the verses of the Quran and the hadeeth of our Messenger (peace be upon him) in which I shall review hoping it will prepare me for such a grave Day.