In Remembrance of Gaza

     If words can change the world then the burdens of the society would’ve already been placed to rest. And if Allah intended to give the world to the liars and the arrogant folks, then the remnants of Ad would be found in our museums but that is not the way of life nor did Allah create the creation to hand it over to those who over value their standing with Him. My grandfather would often repeat, “patience is the hallway towards the doors of success” and I would never second guess the wisdom of my grandfather but one must ask, what about too much patience? Is there such a thing?

     In recent days, I’ve been over burden with the struggles of life and the consist battles with shaitan, losing some battles, winning others but with the latest events coming out of Gaza, my heart is in great pain. A level of pain that no lover has ever experienced, no matter whom he loved or what era he lived through. It is shameful, as I watch the numbers of civilians killed by the Zionist regime grow; the men,  who’ve been given the responsibility through Allah to rule over the affairs of the Muslims, turn their backs on the situation involving the people of Gaza, one must wonder, are the Arab leaders more fearful of Allah or are they afraid of meeting death at the hands of those who’ve refused Islam? The answer, although very apparent to the naked eye, is still very much unknown to the hearts of men. Until of course, on the very Last Day, the answer to such a question will be made public to us by Allah, and until that day I suggest we treat the leaders of the Arab and Muslim world as the clowns they are, and if not that, then we should grant them attitudes of disrespect, for respect is earned and they have earned none of it. Believe it or not, I’m a very optimistic person but even my optimism has limits and this time, the Arab leaders have crossed that line. I’m not surprised at the aggression of Israel, for they are known to do what they are doing but what if I told you, despite the murderous behaviour by the Zionist towards my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who have lost their lives, I continue to remind myself, after every hardship comes ease and after today’s over aggression by Israel, tomorrow, the Muslims around the globe will come to know, their leaders deserve no respect and should not be supported. I see a movement coming in the horizon but the question is, do you?  A movement in which the general masses of Muslims will shout at the top of their lungs, enough is enough.  But as for today, I call for patience and tomorrow we shall witness the movement many call, “the changing of tides”.

I have compiled a few verses of poetry bringing to light the burden which has overtaken my heart in recent days.


(Gaza – You are in my thoughts. I loved you yesterday, and I love you today. To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return)


Bombs bombs bombs,

falling from the sky,

one follows the other throughout the night.

Hand after hand, raised to the sky

as the tears flow begging Allah to send His mercy and His light.


I read a letter from my brother in Palestine

He spoke of the day he witnessed his own mother die,

he remained composed and didn’t want to cry,

but his words ripped from my soul, every bit of light

As I actively watched their situation streamed live

Until I concluded, death is indeed better then life


In Gaza,

mothers of innocent children continue to die

our sisters lift their abaayas and flee for their lives

as the orphans sit in seclusion wiping the tears from their lonely eyes,

after their fathers have met death and perhaps their memories will fade from their sight.

But another generation will rise to defend the cause on this very night

chanting with pride,

“victory today and tomorrow we shall enter paradise”

but how many days shall the clouds of death overtake the people of Palestine


Just the other night,

my ancestor presented himself to me in a dream,

he asked, what has become of Palestine

In shame, I remained silent because I didn’t want to lie

He grabbed me by the collar and said, “wont you stand up for what’s right”

I responded to his question and said,

Its not from my nature to swear but to the situation I say, f**k this!

O’ my uncle, I am certain life without dignity isn’t worth shit!

And excuse my profanity, wont you grant my burdened soul permission to sit?

He turned to me and said,

“O’ child, if only the people of the past could see your state,

disgraced would be placed at the end of all your last names”




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