Random Thoughts (Part 2)

1) I got a serious issue with doctors. Dont get me wrong, I think their great in trying to save people’s lives and unlike the Firemens of our society (which I strongly believe, we can do without), I appreciate their profession. But on the other hand, I dont like the arrogance I’ve witnessed from many doctors. To bring matters on a more personal level, I haven’t visited a doctor for a couple of years now and before that, I went over 7 years without coming face to face with one. I’ve been relatively healthy my entire life (alhamdulilah) but during my last visit to a doctor (which by the way, was forced upon me by my employer), I walked into his office and said, “don’t take this personal but, I know my body better then you’ll ever know it so lets keep the words to a minimum and sign this piece of paper so I can get out of your way, sir”.  And just in case your interested in knowing how that appointment went, lets just say, I wont be seeing him again.

2) I went to a Safari this passed summer and I came face to face with a grown male lion. That monster they call, the king of the jungle, was as big as our Ford Escape. I sat quietly in the car, minding my own business, looking at the wild beast through the windows and suddenly I noticed, the lion’s eyes screaming for ever ounce of my blood (or at least, that’s what my paranoia mentioned). What’s the lion’s problem right? Right. And my mother didn’t raise no punk so I starred back into his eyes and that ignorant beast wouldn’t look away. And that was right around the time I shifted my body towards his direction and gave him one of those, “is there a  problem” facial expressions but he went unmoved. I was certain, at that moment, he was mocking me and I was no punk so I decided, it would probably be more appropriate for me to open the car door and see what his issue with me was; after all, he kept looking at me with a look of disrespect. And just as I was about to open the car door, an alarm in my body went off and that was when I realized, there may be a problem if I continued with my intentions to open the door. Shortly afterwards, I heard a voice coming from within me, reminding me, just in case I didnt already know, I was about to open the door to a grown lion and no matter where your from or your level of education, that was a NO NO! And if that didn’t deter me, there was a sign, marked with big red letter stating, “Danger: Do not open your windows or doors – you will be eaten!” and after reading that sign, I decided, it was within the best interest of everyone in the car, including myself, to keep ALL the doors and windows locked and sealed.

3) I just hate it when people write ‘saw’ at the end of our beloved Messenger’s name. Is it too much to ask, to take a few extra seconds out of your day and complete the sentence. If not for any other reason, how about respect. Peace be upon him is our duty to state and write at the end of Muhammad’s name (peace be upon him).

4) Everyone has goals. The only thing differentiating the people and their goals are, some are realistic and others aren’t. Some have stated, my ultimate goal in life is to become happy and yet, they lack to understand the true definition of happiness. I realized my goal and it is simple: I want to be the greatest father to have ever walked the surface of this earth. And just the other day, when I had seated myself and had committed to my planning stages of how I could accomplish that goal, a companion, who was present as I had dosed off into a different universe, mentioned a few words that brought reality back into my life. He said, “you cant possibly be a great father to your children if you’re over looking what is required from you in becoming a great husband”. His words , have since been melted onto the doors of my conscious and I cant stop but ask myself, could he be right?

5) What is the big fuss about 2009? According to every legitimate calendar I’ve seen in the masjid, it’s actually the year 1430. And the year 1430 has big things in store for me inshAllah. I cant speak for anyone else but, all I’ve been thinking about is, can this year be the year of my death? If so, please forgive me for what I’ve done to you and assalam alaikum. See you on the other side?

6) Talking about starting a new year, last year, I put a lot of millage on my body. In other words, I’ve over worked my body and didnt provide it with the proper rest. Not to mention, I cant seem to understand this word many folks often use: ‘unhealthy’. Apparently, and it was a surprise to me more then anyone else, there are meals and food consumptions that are considered very ‘unhealthy’. Question: According to WHO? The doctors? I’m sorry but, I’ve already told the doctor, I know my body better then he does.

7) Have you heard of the NBA All-Star Game? It’s a showdown of all the world’s best basketball players who come together for one night, to display their God given ability in-front of millions of millions of people, worldwide. That said, I heard of a story, of one Muslim man who gave his deposit for hajj 2009 to his local masjid and upon hearing that all the seats to his favourite athletic occasion were nearly sold out (and by ‘athletic occasion’, I mean, NBA All-Star Game), he rushed to his masjid, asked the administration for his $1,500 back and upon receiving it, forwarded that money to Ticketmaster, and believe it or not, he’ll be present this coming All-Star Game in Phoenix (inshAllah). It’s a really sad situation when an individual takes money out of his Hajj deposit account at the masjid and rushes to purchase an NBA All-Star Game ticket.

8 ) Facebook is really wasting my time. But having access to all my friends and many more people, not to mention, groups and discussions, got me revisiting the site often. I wish though, I could do away with it. And who knows, maybe sooner rather then later, I’ll retire my account for good.

9) My neighbor calls me ‘Ansari’ and after hearing her label me with this title, I raised my hands to the sky and thanked Allah for giving me such a beautiful nickname.

10) On the topic of nicknames, I met a woman, over a year ago, who is known as Al-Ankaaboot (The Spider). I always assumed it was because of her relationship with the Surah Al-Ankaboot but when I asked her, she said, when she was younger, a man who was in love with her wrote a poem describing her and he titled it, Al-Ankaboot. How is stuck all those years, I dont know!

11) I’m in love and with who, you would be surprised. She’s the most wonderful female to walk the surface of this earth. She is beautiful, warm hearted and she smiles all the time. She is young and filled with limitless energy. And most of all, my heart is in a state of comfort, for I have access to her 24/7. She is my beautiful, 2 year old niece. Her parents named her Jannah, but to me I call her the light of my heart. In addition to being in complete love with her, every Friday, we share hours and hours of quality time and not to long ago, we had a session called Reading Friday, in which she picked up a book and had the opportunity to read it to me. It was perfect. Her reading skills need to improve but as long as I stay committed to her, she will succeed inshAllah. I am to her a father figure, her best friend and more importantly, a protector and an individual who loves her with all his heart. I often dont captured special moments on camera but on this occasion, I was ready and down below, I present it to you.


And one more picture of my beautiful Jannah:



3 Responses

  1. your niece is beautiful, mashallah. The relationship you have with her sounds very admirable indeed. Makes me think, actually. In all honesty, I don’t think I share the bond described with my niece.
    OK, correction, my 5 nieces, or my 7 nephews, for that matter. It is so hard to share that sort of connection with a nephew and a niece who were born before I could run properly.
    And, if not for that reason, it may be simply down to the number of them I have. Mashallah, I think another one is due this year. That’s what happens when you have a big family and when you’re the youngest.
    But, that’s no excuse. It’s so strange, I often feel jealous/guilty at the excitement and experiences friends and family share when they talk of the relationships with nephews and nieces. I think to myself, do I have that? What’s all the fuss? I mean, when I go on holiday, my brother doesn’t let me go anywhere without my nephew with me, its quite amusing actually. He’s there, by my side, wherever I go outside.
    But, may Allah reward you for igniting a tad bit of inspiration to go and maybe improve on the relationship I share with the little ones.

  2. I hope and pray the best for you in the upcoming year inshaallah.

    Your neice looks beautiful mashaallah. May Allah increase her in beauty and intelligence. May she be among the greatest contributers on earth and be raised among the greatest on the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

    My first neice was born just a few months ago. Hidaayah! I can not wait till the day I get to hold her and talk to her! ( If Allah let me live long enough).

  3. Salaams,

    Rummage, I’m happy that I was able to ignite inspiration into your heart and inshAllah your many nephews and nieces will bring your heart much joy inshAllah. Make dou’aa for them and stay commited to them, inshAllah one day Allah will bless you with children of your own and perhaps these nephews and nieces will play a major role in the lives of your own kids and Allah knows best.

    Muslimah, its been a while since we last saw you! Hope all is well inshAllah.
    My niece, what can I say about her..? She is the comfort of my eyes and the light of my heart. But often times, although I love her beyond words can describe, I feel scared for myself (and future wifey lol) because I know if I love Jannah that much, how much will I love my own kids? A scary thought I tell ya! A scary thought indeed. Well anyways..Allah knows best if I’ll be blessed with children of my own and until that day, I have Jannah! What a delight she is. Please make dou’aa for her and say MASHALLAH! InshAllah. Also, please remember the Muslims of Gaza and around the globe.

    May Allah have mercy on our souls

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