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The Fall of America
March 26, 2009

    Never in history has a Nation who submitted to the notion that victory was their ‘right’, ever victorious. And it seems as I flick the channels on my television, the more I flick, the more I realize the Americans believe they can win the war in Afghanistan without paying much attention to, nor investing the proper means needed, in order to have a lagitimate shot at victory. As President Obama’sadministration focuses on tackling the economic issues at home, more and more US and NATO military service men and women return to their Motherlands in coffins draped with the flags of their country. Shameful, you would think. What surprises me more is the fact that no one from the media nor the public is asking serious questions. As US soldiers fight on the well experienced lands of Afghanistan against men who would rather die for their cause then to turn their backs; the Americans are more concerned about job growth and AIG, and all of this seems bazaar, taking into consideration the American Military is marching towards defeat. The public shouts at the top of their lungs, screaming and demanding answers as to why AIG executives received millions in bonuses, and all of this in the midst of soldiers dying at the hands of insurgents? No. Rather their deaths, for the most part, are a result of IEDs. So why are so many Americans more concerned about job growth and the situation pertaining to their banks, when in fact their Nations’ secuirty is at risk? It would seem to an individual, who has been given the gift of common sense that security outweighs prosperity. But after witnessing eight years and counting of US failed policies, a little common sense is probably too much to ask. Now it makes some sense: what do you call a group of leaders who are corrupt and on the brink of stupidity? I replied, Saudis? But apparently the correct answer was Americans.

     Just the other day, as I was minding my own business at a local coffee shop, taking time out of my day in completing a book called  “Marching Toward Hell: American and Islam after Iraq” by Micheal Scheuer, an individual approached and inquired about the contents within the book. Thereafter, the innocent conversation turned into a debate regarding America and Nato’s involvement in Afghanistan. And in the midst of our conversation, as we exchanged ‘intellectual slap in the face’ comments, I asked him for his opinion regarding the comments by a Fox employee who blasted Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan and at that, the gentleman said, “what do Americans know! They’ll loose in Afghanistan like the Russians lost!” Will they really be defeated? In my opinion, and after reading Micheal Scheuer’s book, surely they will. And the defeat of the Americans, the only superpower remaining in the world, will come at the hands of the “rag and tag” Mujahideen in Afghanistan. A defeat that will surprise the world save a few. And their defeat will be a direct result of an arrogant military force, despite the soldiers who fight on the battlefields in Afghanistan having learned the hard way- in order to survive one must abandon the mentality of the wild-hot shooting- cowboy from western films, the American Generals stationed in Washingston and their governing elites have yet to abandon the Cold War mentality that Mr. Scheuer continues to speak out against. Nevertheless, when a nation is marching towards defeat, sooner rather than later, the two must meet. 

     The biggest losers in this conflict, when the matter is said and done, will be the weak tyrants that rule the Muslim World. If God had granted those leaders some common sense, the Saudi ruling family would realize, after the Americans withdraw from Afghanistan as the Soviets withdrew, the Mujahideen will redirect their focus on their government. The Mujahideen, at that point, would be filled with confidence, after having defeated the only superpower left in the world and moreover, the Mujahideen would be motivated to overturn the governments that rule the Muslim Lands, starting in Saudi Arabia. And how do these tyrants expect to survive such a war with the Mujahideen after having witnessed the collapse of America, their former protectors? On the contrary, not only would they have little to no chance in standing up to fight, and to make matters worse, many more individuals from their countries would line themselves behind the “freedom fighter” in taking down their respected governments. And in the midst of all of this, after the Americans are defeated and the Saudis can no longer stand to fight the Mujahideen, the world will begin to look a lot different. The Mujahideen, with the help of the Saudi people, would overtake the Saudi governing body and in turn, after becoming the newest rulers of the Muslim World, they would halt all oil exported to America. In effect, leading to a further collapse of an America that we once knew. The only question remaining…can all of this be avoided? I don’t know…you tell me?


They Will Never Understand!
March 24, 2009

They asked me to describe myself and I for my part remained silent. They asked what my goals were based upon and again, no response for my end. They insisted I speak to them, but as I looked in their direction, I found little benefit in communicating my struggles. They asked, “do you fear us?” and at that, although I wanted to remain silent, I couldn’t! “If I can see it, chances are I probably don’t fear it!”, I informed them. Surprised and eager to get more out of me, they continued to fire similar questions in my direction and as their questions grew in complexion, I summed up all their inquires with one statement.

“If you must know”, I began, “and surely I find your questions to be many, I’ll do you one favor but dont ask me for another after this day!” Hanging to my everyword, these Chrisitian preachers watched the words flow out of my mouth and into their ears. “I am, through poetic verses the following but I worry even if I recite verses to you, you may not understand the meaning behind my words!” I stated. 

“I am…

Trapped in an inescapable dimension,

between thoughts that overpower the soul in succession!

During a period of global recession,

I yield to the Lord of the worlds seeking intercession!

Will I succeed or will I fail,

Only God knows…”

Crossing Paths with a Jewish Man
March 10, 2009

Dear Poetic Justice,

     In many pages, I’ve discussed with you the lessons pertaining to Bani Israel and often times, after reading their actions in the Quran, I would often ponder to myself, can they have done anything worse? But a few verses or surahs later, Allah would educate the reader through another action of theirs and again, I would be overtaken by confusion as to why they chose to do what they had done? Until Allah completed their story by mentioning what Musa asked his people when he said, “why do you harm me?”. Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, was the greatest Prophet from Bani Israel and yet his people continuously hurt him through their words and actions. Can you imagine, being sent to a people in which you love for them peace and security but who remain consistent in their refusal to obey you, although they know you are the best from amongst them?  

     Just the other day, I came to the actual realization of what I’ve been reading in the books of history pertaining to arrogance. Allah, with His Wisdom, caused my path to cross paths with a Jewish learned man. Below I narrate to you the story of the Jewish man, I met a few days ago.

     As I entered the train, I sat across a Jewish man, who from the naked eye seemed to be very devote to his religion. He appeared, to want to be identified by society as a Jew living amongst a mixed breed. I recognized him for who we was, and as he occupied himself with his religious text, I focused my attention on the Quranic memorization application that I had installed into my phone. I glanced up, took a swift look around the train, and then returned my focus to the words of Allah. Shortly afterwards, I noticed the Jewish man who was previously dedicated to his updated version of the Torah, stand up, and for some odd reason, I expected him to exit the train but as I kept my view locked onto his every movement, rather then following through on what I had expected from him, he relocated himself to the seat next to myself. Upon sitting himself down, he starred into the screen on my phone and I, not being shy to conceal my focus of attention, tilted the screen to grant him a better view. He found, I was reading the words of my Lord, the beautiful Quran. Anticipating a conversation based around religious text, I removed the ear piece from my left ear in order to draw him closer to the debate but surprisingly, he didn’t take the bait. I remained patient until I could no longer let the opportunity to ask the Jew about his text escape me. “Excuse me”, I introduced myself. “Is that a religious text you are holding”, I asked. “Yes”, he replied with a shy tone. “And is that text the Torah, or a different version of the original Torah?”. Confused and caught off guard by my follow up question, he starred away, as his face revealed his new found worry. Unsure of how I, a young man with little to no apparent knowledge developed the courage to speak to him,  the Jewish man asked, “how do you know that word?”. Which word was he talking about? But before the moment could escape me, I replied with confidence, “the Torah? I know about the Torah and the history of Musa and the children of Israel very well”.  “How”, wrapped in confusion he asked. “Well, I know about their stories and about the Torah through the Quran.” “The Quran? I’ve never read it”, he stated with pride and arrogance. At that moment, I realized why Allah degraded the Children of Israel. He, this poor man, intimated by my questioning, had the nerve to boost himself with pride? Shameful, I thought to myself. The meeting of this Jewish learned man came with some benefit; for one, it gave that man the reassurance that the youth from the Muslims are courageous and confident enough to speak to the likes of a learned Jewish man. If this man did not know before our meeting, I’m sure after our encounter, he will know the young men from Islam are not shy to engage in a conversation regarding faith because we have the Quran and our confidence is not based around our heritage but rather, the words of Allah. Personally, I was not worried about his knowledge, and why so? Allah had explained their history through multiple verses and I dedicated much of my time in studying their mistakes. Secondly, it reminded me of the fatal reaction which is the  result of pride. It brought to light the awareness that arrogrance could destroy the greatest of  nations, if they so choose to cling to it, as was the case with the Children of Israel from past generations. I would narrate the rest of the story about the Jewish man but I find little benefit in the concluding parts of the story.

The Longing of the Heart
March 3, 2009

 ….I long for the summer sun, the fresh fall air and the smiles on the faces of the righteous folks. I long for a summer vacation that will never end, kind words that fall onto the ears of those who don’t return the favor with better words. I long for Ramadan, again, I long for Ramadan. I long for nights that are filled with eemaan, followed by days that bring ease and more eemaan – eemaan upon eemaan. I long for Allah, His Messenger and a life away from the sinners. I long for a life without time, a soul-mate who upon looking into my eyes can read my every thought, would be able to understand my deepest secret, and I fear she may hold me accountable for such thoughts. I long to find my wife in Jannah, a woman who would be foreign to me. I long for my love, the baby belonging to my sister, her name Baby Jannah. I long to see her grow to become a beautiful, righteous woman. I long deeper for her. O’ my Lord, raise Jannah to be righteous, and place her among the pious. I long for my relatives who’ve lived much of their lives in our Motherland. I long to find the eyes of my father and the heart of my mother. I long to enter Jannah, although I know I don’t deserve it.