The Longing of the Heart

 ….I long for the summer sun, the fresh fall air and the smiles on the faces of the righteous folks. I long for a summer vacation that will never end, kind words that fall onto the ears of those who don’t return the favor with better words. I long for Ramadan, again, I long for Ramadan. I long for nights that are filled with eemaan, followed by days that bring ease and more eemaan – eemaan upon eemaan. I long for Allah, His Messenger and a life away from the sinners. I long for a life without time, a soul-mate who upon looking into my eyes can read my every thought, would be able to understand my deepest secret, and I fear she may hold me accountable for such thoughts. I long to find my wife in Jannah, a woman who would be foreign to me. I long for my love, the baby belonging to my sister, her name Baby Jannah. I long to see her grow to become a beautiful, righteous woman. I long deeper for her. O’ my Lord, raise Jannah to be righteous, and place her among the pious. I long for my relatives who’ve lived much of their lives in our Motherland. I long to find the eyes of my father and the heart of my mother. I long to enter Jannah, although I know I don’t deserve it.


2 Responses

  1. Masha’allah that was beautiful!

    May Allaah bless you with all that and more ameen

  2. Masha’allaah brother.

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