Crossing Paths with a Jewish Man

Dear Poetic Justice,

     In many pages, I’ve discussed with you the lessons pertaining to Bani Israel and often times, after reading their actions in the Quran, I would often ponder to myself, can they have done anything worse? But a few verses or surahs later, Allah would educate the reader through another action of theirs and again, I would be overtaken by confusion as to why they chose to do what they had done? Until Allah completed their story by mentioning what Musa asked his people when he said, “why do you harm me?”. Musa, may Allah be pleased with him, was the greatest Prophet from Bani Israel and yet his people continuously hurt him through their words and actions. Can you imagine, being sent to a people in which you love for them peace and security but who remain consistent in their refusal to obey you, although they know you are the best from amongst them?  

     Just the other day, I came to the actual realization of what I’ve been reading in the books of history pertaining to arrogance. Allah, with His Wisdom, caused my path to cross paths with a Jewish learned man. Below I narrate to you the story of the Jewish man, I met a few days ago.

     As I entered the train, I sat across a Jewish man, who from the naked eye seemed to be very devote to his religion. He appeared, to want to be identified by society as a Jew living amongst a mixed breed. I recognized him for who we was, and as he occupied himself with his religious text, I focused my attention on the Quranic memorization application that I had installed into my phone. I glanced up, took a swift look around the train, and then returned my focus to the words of Allah. Shortly afterwards, I noticed the Jewish man who was previously dedicated to his updated version of the Torah, stand up, and for some odd reason, I expected him to exit the train but as I kept my view locked onto his every movement, rather then following through on what I had expected from him, he relocated himself to the seat next to myself. Upon sitting himself down, he starred into the screen on my phone and I, not being shy to conceal my focus of attention, tilted the screen to grant him a better view. He found, I was reading the words of my Lord, the beautiful Quran. Anticipating a conversation based around religious text, I removed the ear piece from my left ear in order to draw him closer to the debate but surprisingly, he didn’t take the bait. I remained patient until I could no longer let the opportunity to ask the Jew about his text escape me. “Excuse me”, I introduced myself. “Is that a religious text you are holding”, I asked. “Yes”, he replied with a shy tone. “And is that text the Torah, or a different version of the original Torah?”. Confused and caught off guard by my follow up question, he starred away, as his face revealed his new found worry. Unsure of how I, a young man with little to no apparent knowledge developed the courage to speak to him,  the Jewish man asked, “how do you know that word?”. Which word was he talking about? But before the moment could escape me, I replied with confidence, “the Torah? I know about the Torah and the history of Musa and the children of Israel very well”.  “How”, wrapped in confusion he asked. “Well, I know about their stories and about the Torah through the Quran.” “The Quran? I’ve never read it”, he stated with pride and arrogance. At that moment, I realized why Allah degraded the Children of Israel. He, this poor man, intimated by my questioning, had the nerve to boost himself with pride? Shameful, I thought to myself. The meeting of this Jewish learned man came with some benefit; for one, it gave that man the reassurance that the youth from the Muslims are courageous and confident enough to speak to the likes of a learned Jewish man. If this man did not know before our meeting, I’m sure after our encounter, he will know the young men from Islam are not shy to engage in a conversation regarding faith because we have the Quran and our confidence is not based around our heritage but rather, the words of Allah. Personally, I was not worried about his knowledge, and why so? Allah had explained their history through multiple verses and I dedicated much of my time in studying their mistakes. Secondly, it reminded me of the fatal reaction which is the  result of pride. It brought to light the awareness that arrogrance could destroy the greatest of  nations, if they so choose to cling to it, as was the case with the Children of Israel from past generations. I would narrate the rest of the story about the Jewish man but I find little benefit in the concluding parts of the story.


5 Responses

  1. aaaaah, you had to go and do that, not finish it, that is.
    As you said, the ending would hold no substance of benefit, which I respect (with a pinch of salt). You narrate so well, mashallah. I hope it is going to good use.

    Children of Israel, huh, if only they knew our Rabb provided us with a manual full of their tales (and mistakes) , it may deflate the grand image they have of themselves. May Allah guide them and the rest of humanity also.

    wassalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakathu.

  2. Good use? Sure, insha’Allah.

    Little do they know we , the Muslims, know big chunks of their history and our knowledge is based upon the truth of the Quran. And can you imagine this Jewish man had the nerve to act like I didn’t have the right to speak about their books or their history! Thats ok because I’m only here to learn from their mistakes.

    Rummage, good to see you back on Poetic Justice.

  3. I’m suffering from blogging withdrawal symptoms…….so, I depend on other bloggers writing away…..

  4. And I depend on the likes of bloggers like yourself to blog away so..what to do! When the bloggers of the world are under withdrawal symptoms? hmmm.

  5. As-salaam wa-alaikum!

    How could you do that… not finish the narration. We all want to know about the complete encounter…please!

    Brother, I came across your blog by chance.. and must say.. it has been an amazing visit. You write great… keep the good work coming.

    May Allah Bless.

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