They Will Never Understand!

They asked me to describe myself and I for my part remained silent. They asked what my goals were based upon and again, no response for my end. They insisted I speak to them, but as I looked in their direction, I found little benefit in communicating my struggles. They asked, “do you fear us?” and at that, although I wanted to remain silent, I couldn’t! “If I can see it, chances are I probably don’t fear it!”, I informed them. Surprised and eager to get more out of me, they continued to fire similar questions in my direction and as their questions grew in complexion, I summed up all their inquires with one statement.

“If you must know”, I began, “and surely I find your questions to be many, I’ll do you one favor but dont ask me for another after this day!” Hanging to my everyword, these Chrisitian preachers watched the words flow out of my mouth and into their ears. “I am, through poetic verses the following but I worry even if I recite verses to you, you may not understand the meaning behind my words!” I stated. 

“I am…

Trapped in an inescapable dimension,

between thoughts that overpower the soul in succession!

During a period of global recession,

I yield to the Lord of the worlds seeking intercession!

Will I succeed or will I fail,

Only God knows…”


6 Responses

  1. Did this actually happen?
    The incident with the preachers, I mean.

  2. Our paths did cross and as they started talking about their ‘principals, I dazed off into a different world. I started, mentally that is, writing this piece. And I think they got the point that I was not interested because my mind returned to my body, I dont remember seeing them at all. In fact, I dont remember much after that! All I remember is, they were no longer in front of me, and I had pen in my hands, writing away in my Poetic Justice. This was just a part of what I wrote that day.

  3. oh , I understand now. Between reality and escapism (as it is for me). I get it now.
    Well, if it hadn’t been for the preachers, those verses wouldn’t have come to be, so thank them for that, at least.
    …Those preachers, funny characters. They normally knock on our doors early Saturday mornings. Still don’t get the message. It’s 3aadi though because my brother has a lovely time explaining the beauty of Tawheed to them, that aspect they’re always tripping over.

  4. when the words of poetry float through the mind they give no warning. They invade and evade, and then they disappear into thin air. Then a struggle persues, capturing the words in essence and in meaning..for a moment, just a moment, you find your self in true beauty, before the bricks of reality tumble in….

  5. ..and suddenly everything returns so being dull! And the poetic invasion brings memories of salvation through words.

    But alhamdulilah with the good, we take the bad. And with the good times, we accept the rough moments. And for some of us, poetry falls under the “good times” and when that moment fades, we accept life without poetic verses.

  6. and in the end poetic justic prevails..

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