The Fall of America

    Never in history has a Nation who submitted to the notion that victory was their ‘right’, ever victorious. And it seems as I flick the channels on my television, the more I flick, the more I realize the Americans believe they can win the war in Afghanistan without paying much attention to, nor investing the proper means needed, in order to have a lagitimate shot at victory. As President Obama’sadministration focuses on tackling the economic issues at home, more and more US and NATO military service men and women return to their Motherlands in coffins draped with the flags of their country. Shameful, you would think. What surprises me more is the fact that no one from the media nor the public is asking serious questions. As US soldiers fight on the well experienced lands of Afghanistan against men who would rather die for their cause then to turn their backs; the Americans are more concerned about job growth and AIG, and all of this seems bazaar, taking into consideration the American Military is marching towards defeat. The public shouts at the top of their lungs, screaming and demanding answers as to why AIG executives received millions in bonuses, and all of this in the midst of soldiers dying at the hands of insurgents? No. Rather their deaths, for the most part, are a result of IEDs. So why are so many Americans more concerned about job growth and the situation pertaining to their banks, when in fact their Nations’ secuirty is at risk? It would seem to an individual, who has been given the gift of common sense that security outweighs prosperity. But after witnessing eight years and counting of US failed policies, a little common sense is probably too much to ask. Now it makes some sense: what do you call a group of leaders who are corrupt and on the brink of stupidity? I replied, Saudis? But apparently the correct answer was Americans.

     Just the other day, as I was minding my own business at a local coffee shop, taking time out of my day in completing a book called  “Marching Toward Hell: American and Islam after Iraq” by Micheal Scheuer, an individual approached and inquired about the contents within the book. Thereafter, the innocent conversation turned into a debate regarding America and Nato’s involvement in Afghanistan. And in the midst of our conversation, as we exchanged ‘intellectual slap in the face’ comments, I asked him for his opinion regarding the comments by a Fox employee who blasted Canada’s efforts in Afghanistan and at that, the gentleman said, “what do Americans know! They’ll loose in Afghanistan like the Russians lost!” Will they really be defeated? In my opinion, and after reading Micheal Scheuer’s book, surely they will. And the defeat of the Americans, the only superpower remaining in the world, will come at the hands of the “rag and tag” Mujahideen in Afghanistan. A defeat that will surprise the world save a few. And their defeat will be a direct result of an arrogant military force, despite the soldiers who fight on the battlefields in Afghanistan having learned the hard way- in order to survive one must abandon the mentality of the wild-hot shooting- cowboy from western films, the American Generals stationed in Washingston and their governing elites have yet to abandon the Cold War mentality that Mr. Scheuer continues to speak out against. Nevertheless, when a nation is marching towards defeat, sooner rather than later, the two must meet. 

     The biggest losers in this conflict, when the matter is said and done, will be the weak tyrants that rule the Muslim World. If God had granted those leaders some common sense, the Saudi ruling family would realize, after the Americans withdraw from Afghanistan as the Soviets withdrew, the Mujahideen will redirect their focus on their government. The Mujahideen, at that point, would be filled with confidence, after having defeated the only superpower left in the world and moreover, the Mujahideen would be motivated to overturn the governments that rule the Muslim Lands, starting in Saudi Arabia. And how do these tyrants expect to survive such a war with the Mujahideen after having witnessed the collapse of America, their former protectors? On the contrary, not only would they have little to no chance in standing up to fight, and to make matters worse, many more individuals from their countries would line themselves behind the “freedom fighter” in taking down their respected governments. And in the midst of all of this, after the Americans are defeated and the Saudis can no longer stand to fight the Mujahideen, the world will begin to look a lot different. The Mujahideen, with the help of the Saudi people, would overtake the Saudi governing body and in turn, after becoming the newest rulers of the Muslim World, they would halt all oil exported to America. In effect, leading to a further collapse of an America that we once knew. The only question remaining…can all of this be avoided? I don’t know…you tell me?


6 Responses

  1. i have to think on this one…get my political thinking caps on….give me a while.

  2. My instincts tell me no, it can’t be avoided. Why so? Because, the parties involved are too far into the process and web of events you so well defined above to halt and refocus their efforts in achieving their targets. Whatever that is, I don’t know, it keeps on changing now and again, last I knew they were fighting a ‘war on terror’. Unless of course, a radical solution is sought and honestly, I feel that would call for a certain amount of compromise from both sides, one which none of the groups involved are willing to take as both are so set upon their ways. The Mujahideen are ardently passionate about their reasons for fight and the same can be said for the Americans although the former would not care if it meant facing death to get at what they so badly want.

    As for the point on who will be the losers at the end of all this, you’re so right. The irony is so clear. The leaders who sought refuge in the West will only see it hit them straight in the face again and they didn’t even forecast it. One may say it is a blessing in disguise, you know, an opportunity for the leaders of the Islamic world to be forced to change. I mean that circumstances oblige them to change and not the whole ‘let’s overthrow our government’. However bad they are, they’re still our rulers and we should pray that Allah guides them and not wish for their destruction.

    Had the same question been asked half a century agoconcerning the USSR , maybe people may have denied it , completely. But, I suppose only time will tell. Interesting choice of discussion this, it got me thinking, and I haven’t thought politics for a long time.


  3. You call it politics and in many ways it is, but I like to think of it as our future: events that are bound to happen and change the world we once knew, or at least, change the world our children will be a part of.

    When I wrote this piece, I was trying to fair in my assessments pertaining to the situation in Afghanistan but to tell you the truth, the Americans are dealing with something they often call “A Perfect Storm”. In other words, events that occur against their favor which will result in a failed conclusion (or what we Muslims like to accept as the decree of Allah). And instead of taking responsibility for their hasty actions, they would rather submit to ignorance, and to continue to underestimate the “Rag and Tag” Muslims they continue to fight. In short, they will fall in defeat, and I’ve never been more certain of a situation in my entire life (and even my confidence wont prevent me for saying insha’Allah). But just like much of the world outside of America, many people dont care if the Americans are defeated so lets move on to what is of greater interest to the Islamic World: what will the Muslim leaders do when they realize, opps! I think the Mujahids are coming for us? They’ll probably run and hide right?

    Rummage, sometimes people, after years of goverance and exposure to power, will refuse to change! Best example, the leaders of Mecca, who refused to follow Muhammad (peace be upon him), although they knew he was truthful and of high character, and their refusal was a result of their arrogance. Arrogance, in one way or another, pervented them for becoming followers after they were exposed to leadership. Likewise, I dont think the Arabs (for example) are willing nor ready to change, or at least we have nothing to indicate their entertaining the possibility of ‘change’. Let’s face it, it not the hardest thing to predict: the Americans will fall and the Mujahids will turn their attention to your government! And yet, they act like its rocket science. But like you said, only time will tell.

  4. The question is: how much time do you got?

  5. I hope Allah makes it happen in my lifetime. I know it’s slightly selfish thinkinh. Real change, a progressive change to the days of old. I know it’s stirring now , alhamdullilah. But, I mean, enough of the stirring, I want to see the fruits of these peoples’ labour. The only other wish I have regarding all this is that I make a contribution to the change. I can’t imagine sitting on the sidelines.
    May Allah help the Ummah of our Prophet, peace be upon him.

  6. Rummage, in basketball they say, “are you a bench player or starting material?”..and I think you fall under the later. Try your best in pleasing Allah, that is greatest contribution you can make to the Ummah.

    May Allah be pleased with you and the rest of us (Aameen)

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