Hooyo and Papa!

     If you could see my mother when she notices me walk into the room, you would quickly notice her eyes light up. Her face shines with happiness and I swear by Allah, I’ve never, not yesterday nor today, seen anyone look at me with such merciful eyes. And because of her mercy for me, I hate to disappoint her in any way. I love her so much and none of the words in the English language can illustrate the depth of my love for her. She is an amazing woman who often reminds me of Allah. I remember when I use to live at home and during some dark parts of the night when my siblings and I would be engaged in conversations, and while the rest of society were in the comfort of their beds, I would see my mother engaged in some act of worship. And once, during the later parts of re-memorable night, as I laid paranoid in my bed, I heard some noise coming from a different section of the house. And being the curious soul I am, I rose out of my bed and started my investigation of who and what was the causing that particular noise. And as I slowly made my way towards the source of noise, I heard some light crying coming from the dinning room. That night, I saw my mother standing in front of Allah, humble and aware of her Creator, pouring to Him her heart’s pain. I watched her stand and as I listened to her recite the ayaats of the Quran to Him who revealed them, and when she had completed her prayer I came from behind her and wrapped her with my arms, holding her tight, granting her a safety zone to cry in. I’ve never seen my mother cry to the extent she did on that night and although I would never want to see her cry again because I attribute tears to pain; I understood such tears were for Allah and I would pleased if she cried often to her Lord. That was several years ago and since that emotional night, my mother and I have grown so much closer. We share a very down to earth relationship and on many occasions I fire left and right, releasing my share of jokes hoping to make her smile. Sometimes I challenge her to a game of basketball knowing the fact that she’s never played a single match in her entire life, and in return she counters that challenge with one of her own – facts based upon the history of Somali poetry which I know very little about.

     Naturally I’m a happy person and now that I’m away from home, whenever my mother feels down and needs a lift, or if she’s just low on jokes, she picks up the phone and gives me a call. And just the other day she called me and in the midst of our conversation she asked, “what did you eat all day..?” and I was like nothing much although I’m craving for secret dish and right then and there, we spent close to two hours on the phone as she walked me through the steps needed in preparing her secret dish. May Allah be pleased with our parents.

     As for my father, what can I say about him? He is the foundation of my love, the vain that pumps blood into my heart and the center of my soul. And although he is located on the other side of the water, his remembrance serves as fuel for my cold lonely days. And when I think of the Jannah Allah has promised the believers, and if I should enter it, I always envision walking through the gates of paradise holding my wife with my right hand and my father with my left hand as I watch my mother walk in front of me. Perhaps one day my envision may become reality.


11 Responses

  1. I had to write this piece because as I looked over the topics I’ve covered to this day, I couldnt find one dedicated to my parents – how sad is that? Alhamdulilah that is no longer the case 🙂

  2. Salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatu

    Good pick , we should appreciate our parents, just a bit more.

  3. no , its not longer the case. I suppose no amount of praise and thanks are due with regards to our parents but at least we can try with words, which you have done. Pray that Allah answers all your prayers, for He is the one who hears and answers all prayers.

    wassalam alaykum.

  4. Nice post! I’m going to add your blog to my blog list if you don’t mind..

  5. Sure insha’Allah.

  6. SalamAlikum 🙂

    This is by far the most heart warming piece I read. I wish, I wish, I wish my parents and I were as close. I wish I crew up with them, I wish, for I spent two days with my mother and 5days with my father. I wish I see them while they are still young and alive get to bond with them. I feel very sad for me, and so so happy for you! Mashallah

    • Is this the same ibti I knew a lifetime ago. Girl I hope you reunited with your parents by now. This touched me deeply. Sol was a fun place, and I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I posted there. Stay blessed.

      • SOL? Hmm. I think I might finally know who this might be. Welcome back.

  7. Wa salaams alaikum Ibtisam!

    Don’t feel sad – truth be told, I’ve sent years and years away from both my parents and it is within Allah’s wisdom and knowledge as to why some children are kept from their parents for such long periods of time. We just have to remember to make dou’aa for our parents – whether they are alive or passed on, whether we have the blessed opportunity to live with them, or they are miles away from our place of living! Nevertheless they are our parents and may Allah be pleased with them all (now say Aameen!).

    And inshAllah one day when you become a parent, you will know that void you experieced in your heart after being away from your parents from many years – and maybe you can turn that into a motivation factor in order to become the best parent known to the creation of the earth! You can do it – in fact, we all can become great parents inshAllah! And great parents raise righteous children and inshAllah our children will become the leaders of future generations.

    Until another time,

    Take care!

  8. Assalam aleykum wr wb
    Got a question if u dont mind me askin??? U used the term Hooyo which us somali people use it for mother do u happen to be somali brother? just curious U dont have to answer if u dont wanna.
    salam& peace

  9. Wa salaams. On this Poetic Justice you can ask questions as you wish inshAllah. And Yes, I am Somali!

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