What is poetry? For ages it has been defined differently however in essence, it is the longing of the soul for freedom – through words! At times, the break through to freedom comes at the voice of one individual and other times, it is earned through the work of two! History recalls the events of poets who gathered near the sea banks of a far away land and while in their gatherings, such poets exchanged memories of extreme joy and heart breaks. And once there was a poet amongst them who created a poem, placed the foundation of his words into a bottle, placed the bottle into the sea, released the bottle – asking the sea to deliver his words to the individual whom his Lord had decreed for him. The sea, angry often a times, obeyed the orders of such a poet. After months of travel, the poem reached a woman on the other side of the water and when she opened the bottle, she found the words of her poet. Below are the very words he sent her on that day…

Powered by a force unseen,
moving souls – separated towards the Lord’s decree,
Once individuals alone, perhaps together they’ll be set free,
to pursue Allah’s great pleasure and enter into His mercy!

In the midst of silence,
and the darkness of night,
two souls far apart speak..!
In a foreign language that flows towards a fading light!
And time freezes,
suddenly everything feels just right.
Hearts beat,
at a on and off beat,
while the trees submit their sights to watch the decree,
and the angels stand to record
the actions of two individuals who’ve placed their case before their Lord!


6 Responses

  1. i entered the valley of poets and felt like a weed among roses… ameen this is a beautiful piece.i’ve always felt the caged bird sings the sweetest song.same with poetry.may ALLAH keep your happy always ma’asalam

  2. I really liked this alot, infact really nice blog too mashAllah

  3. Welcome to the blog – the both of you.

    I hope you visit often and I will be sure to visit both your blogs. Keep writing, and may Allah be happy with you both.

  4. hmm i don’t have a blog at least not one that i know of.i wondered what happened to pressure but its been awhile since you last posted..and shukran for the beautiful dua

  5. that was beautifully written…. that introduction before it was amazing also.

  6. Rummage, welcome back. I’m glad you liked it. Wa’salaams.

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