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I’m Back…!
June 18, 2009

It’s been a while since I last posted and truth be told, I missed my blog. But you know how life becomes as the days come and go, not allowing the necessary time to accomplish all the tasks of that day. To my readers, thank you for your support and comments. And to those readers who encourage me to keep writing through private emails, may Allah be pleased with you.

Some of you might be wondering, where have you been Ameen? What has kept me so busy? Any new updates to report from you life? And all of these questions are legitimate and deserve to be answered. But before I can answer such questions, I must flip those exact questions back onto you and seek your answers before forwarding you mine – it is only good manners that causes me to do such a thing (ok fine! Maybe not exactly good manners, more like, maybe I’m just trying to escape those questions? Maybe.)

Now that I’m back  on my blog for the time being I must announce that soon, perhaps sooner rather than later, I will be completing this edition of Poetic Justice. And also I must confess my intentions to start another – more intense – more private blog. At the moment I am seeking potential titles for this blog and perhaps some readers will stumble onto the next blog as they found this Poetic Justice. As for the rest of the readers, the Internet captures the four corners of the globe and perhaps we will meet on a different site ( the Anwar Awlaki site? His blog – check it out y’all 🙂 )

But for now I shall depart from you, leaving to your sight a poem I recently wrote


(And for some reason I picture the child below reading to y’all this poem lol)




In memory of flower
Whose remembrance I recall like the world’s most powerful towers
Who built the foundation of my heart’s structure
only to loose flower in the midst of horrible weather

Emotionally triggered,
I figured,
similar to a game winning jumper,
at the buzzer,
If only I could lean in closer,
stroke for flower,
Poetic words that resemble a Kobe floater;
And if I could somehow execute such a jumper
I would enjoy the return of flower!

How high is the degree of shame
For the one who over values his fame
which caused him to call all the wrong plays
thus landing him as a victim to the pressures of the game
when all that was intended was to allow flower to live its name

Now on the run from emotional trife life
As the one who lobbies the soul to grant more time
and convince the mind not to overstep that dangerous line
of thoughts whom the poets consider as severe as crimes

O’ it’s too late!
The mind has been penetrated, don’t wait!
Pull the poetic trigger, don’t hate!
Release me to be free and ask questions on a later date
for Shaitan is determined to influence my eternal fate!